MollyGoLightly "How many pens are broken, how many ink bottles consumed, to write about things that have never happened."
--The Talmud
al my life
my love
my happiness
my friend
my console
my confidant
my thoughts
my feelings
my words
my life
kim i wish i could sit in my house in the mountains and just write and be happy.

but i don't have a house in the mountains.
silentbob a lot of times i look back at stuff i've blathered on here and im ashamed. a lot of it is shit. just pointless meaningless lame shit. i wish i could take it back. 001002
if you could have the power to 'take it back', then we'd have to give that power to everybody, including god.
And then where would we be?
klairchen *ahem* 001002
grendel borrowing a line from Ian Curtis, i can say tht i'm ashamed of the things i've been put through and ashamed of the person i am

but nothing that i've said or written
twiggie if i could do everything over on blather i'd write my email address everytime so i could have all of my names on the same #&*$(@^ page. sigh. 001226
chanaka ah yes twiggy!! shit! fuck! go back....email on....everything. i am scattered throughout words (ironically)
but to write is to pour your soul on paper. love it
kx21 write no evil... 001228
like rain. to camp, to class with you. to learn, to understand the dynamics of punctuation and the importance of dialogue and the kind words of teachers and when it is all over, you are still penning excrement. 010511
rollins If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light
If I lose paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls
I will write always
I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you
rollins If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light. If I lose paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls. I will write always. I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you. 020404
rollins eight months is too long 020404
eddie writing is never too long a time less the pen never runs dry 020812
florescent light to write..to write...

the sunset of the soul

so you go out and buy the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory DvD for your depressed boyfriend who you never really liked anyway but it's better than being alone, till you find yourself driving in your cottoncandy colored Neon peering through your rearview mirror at the sun setting making you ponder how writing feels like the sunset
where day and night meet and
where peacefulness and bliss
disillusionment and mystery
bitterness and rape
meet in a windy breezy splash of toe-curling satisfaction against fuzzy blankets of enlightenment.

And all is content.
orbst What else is there to do? 021003
Bizzar I love to write.
I love to post on blather.
I guess its almost a therapy to just let my thoughts flow, and knowing that at least someone will read them. Even if that someone is a stranger.

I thank anyone who reads my posts. This site is becoming my sanity.
joda A letter to your president, and tell him to force China to free Tibet.

Right about now, he could be saving the world, but chooses to use his power to destroy it.

Souless Wanderer the words flow from my heart to the page. My feeling pour out. My hopes, my dreams, my fears, my thoughts, my pain. Everything is truth. Reality at its most real. No deceptions, no lies, no covering up my dark side. I am free. No limitations, no inhibitations, its my heart, my soul. My life. Every aspect comes forth with no pretty words to dilute the harshness, no coverups to reinforce my charade. It's raw, it hurts. But it heals. It shows me for what i really am. No misconceptions, no ommissions, no trying to be someone im not. Everyday i face the world, i put on my mask of deceptions and become what is acceptable. But when i write there are no illusions. when i write i am forced to look into my soul and see ME. See me for what i really am. 031121
Lemon_Soda Shame is excepting that someone else's version of YOUR universe is better than the one YOU made.

I write about that all the time...
ferret sometimes it seem sas though i am a mere empty page, with somebody else's story written all over my heart. 031121
lab rat i always write but not on blather, sometimes
i email people and drop lines here or there
today i feel i have totally gone WACK-O
i would never want everything on the same sheet of paper, don't be silly guys if you were meant to know then E.R. would be more than happy to share
Lisa I just recognized that this word has been ignored here so far.. very weird, since it all is about writing.. 040707
Spare Change I want to write you a novel, a sonnet, a play, a small group of letters to mark down this day. I want to compose you an elegy... in memory of us... in memory of me. I want to write a poem with rythm and rhyme... scribble a tribute, pen you a shrine. I want to set down in ink, if not stone... the things I remember and all that I've known. An epic, a pamphlet... a balled loose leaf sheet... a pen and a small space to write are all I need. I want to compose the letters in line, measuring meaning out one last time. 040707
cpgurrl i like ur poem. see blathering_poetically. 040718
mikes this is a freestyle, not verbal but written. all these words are original and definitely not bitten. i am commiting to this page and pen, full or empty respectfully is when i will stop, so now watch me bow, read me aloud, me words are proud. sometimes i stand in my body awkwardly. are you looking at me? though you can't see, only hear as i put meaning in your ear. now listen up dear, because you are likely to like this. like a lion lying in lichen. a little alliteration is a progressive poetic creation. no hesitation. 040912
no reason it feels good to write again 070109
scott mac. i can think sometimes, sometimes i can ignore the fact that as much as i retaliate and write the words which will make up my future, i am doing nothing but ensuring my place here. Can you hear me. Can you hear me. Can you hear me. 090118
hsg is blather copyrighted? are my words(?) secure? 090119
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