or should I change Importance. The high king hands down his decree called destiny. And the messengers and the noble men dictate to the peasants their now written fates. But fate is but a piece of paper written by an aging man. Scrolls rot and age. And old men die. 021014
... Who? Me? Importance is odd. Importance can be a mutual thing, but in lots of cases, what is important to one person is unimportant to another. 021014
green eyed gwen i don't mean to interupt anything but how exactly does this all work? im a little lost...i dont even know how anyone will find this...but if you do, can you explain what this site is about? 031229
green eyed gwen it seems i am figuring it out on my own with or without anyones help. maybe no one has seen this. 031230
misstree welcome_to_blather is a good place to start. it's relatively intuitive once you get a little bit of a grip on it. 031230
no reason supposedly similar people, but such different values 060212
HidingOnTheWall of being earnest 060212
. What's_the_'Point'?

It's more than 1000_'full_sized_commemorative_coffins',with Zero_Margin_of_Error...
Yo its the verbal assult weapon with words uncanny Yo, it's the verbal assult weapon with words uncanny
You can fool me but I cannot fuck with rudy gulliani
Press the panic button, shit it's the schizophranic, can it
I can kill it from the west coast to the atlantic
Nowadays it seems it's hard to maintain
Can't take the stress, yes god, I'm going insane
If you can fill my veins say "yes"
If you can feel the pain say "stress"
Pharoahe, I possess the skills to bring it to yor chest
With lyrics and manifestation for the entire nation
With his excellency prince standing next to me
And especially extra p on the sp
12 zero zero, I stand tall and be a hero
In times of stress, the pharoahe won't fess
what's it to you?
who go