Bill gets better with wine. 991205
valis don't be afraid of it. but make sure youve got something to do when you get there. 991208
merrimill it seems to me that whatever age i am gets ridiculed and teased the most. the references are everywhere. it's so annoying.
right now it's the age when '...boys snicker' as i just read and 'screaming fans' abound like lice.
just wanna squish 'em, dontcha?
you know we're not all like that
somebody a measure of time, as definite as the number attached or as ambiguous without 000417
MollyCule 7 - the age of reason.
13 - you are now a man.
16 - you can now drive.
18 - cigarettes and presidents.
19 - what the hell is 19 good for?
20 - congrats, you survived your teens.
21 - wish i was.
Tiffa Age? Not I.
I am too old to age.
Alter? Not I.
The lines of time mayn't touch me.
Love? Not I.
I am in all, vainity unexpressed.
Flesh, bone, blood? Not I.
Nay - you say me naught...
I am but a specter to your mind...
datura 14. is not good for anything either.
except i can watch loveline without joe lieberman and the tv ratings gods getting mad at me.
pat sajak 15... 1985... the year when nothing happened. 001202
nemo 15 as well 010621
ClairE ain't nothing but a g_thang. 020102
TK Odd how when I was younger all I wanted to be was older after all you got more freedom (I never really much thought about the more responsibility bit) and also adults seemed to be the only ppl who understood me
And while I'm not yet a legal adult some how I wish I went so "old" I feel now that their is some much in witch I should of accomplished by now and that I'm just suddenly running out of time to accomplish all the other things I wanted to do suddenly age scares me and I just wish time would stand still so that I can get every thing done on time!!
kerry I WILL NEVER AGE!!!!

i will conquer the world.
distorted tendencies Is nothing to stand in the way of having a happy life. 020919
squint lets not talk about this ever again.

unless i want to justify one of my childish actions sometime.
amy we're so pink in the morning
with pumping fists and wailing gestures
and then we're the green of youth
and we stutter and falter and fail
and we're blue and bright
and red and vibrant
and so purple with fury
and it's dusk and we're grey.
no use for a name what is with this age thing? he wont date me, no im too young. our ages are too different. why does age have to matter? its only how long you have been on this earth, it shouldnt be the deciding factor for everything. love knows no age. once we die we'll both be the same age, zero. why cant you just date me. i'll never meet another guy like you. your the best guy i have ever met in my whole life. i can't stop thinking about you. why do i have to be so young? why do i always get the bad luck? i hate this so much. i feel like ive found the person that i have been looking for all my life but it doesnt matter. you wont ever love me like i love you. 021223
lucas fleggus funny isn't it, as a teenager, you're always old when it comes to housework and responsibilities and blame, and young when it comes to priveliges and importance and independance.
Funny that.
Jackie McCracken Have you ever been to the-Waterparkinglot?"MMMMMMM that's wet feel it"? Don't give in to the old side luke........may the farce be with you!!! 030605
endless desire i will never grow old!
im off to never never land!
"All you need is faith and trust... and a little bit of pixie dust!" -Peter Pan

but in all seriousness, it drives me nuts that age can matter so much. because you know, if it wasn't the religion thing, bri, it'd be the age. that seems to matter so much to everyone. when it doesn't. i just really don't think it does.
End Starter Age is in everyone's mind. Time does not really exist it is something we made up to keep up. It's funny how much it matter's to some and not at all to other's. I for one do not care! 030606
endless desire "mom, there were stupid rumors like that before. people are dumb. they say i've kissed matt or nick or anyone. its gay"
"how old is matt?"
"how old is nick?"
"im ok with that. how old is brian?"
"you see, i am not ok with that"
"its only a few years mom"
"a few important years"

god, age is not that important.
been told everything and wont believe it until it because we're young.

those few years are important.

i'm told everything will change, and i will feel like a jackass for not listening to those wiser.

but the truth? we must find it for ourselves. no one's advice or warning can make us see a damn thing.

we must come upon these realizations in our own time to better understand who we are and who we choose to be.
no reason does or doesn't or does matter 080128
hsg Advanced glycation end products 080812
tired tourist In Long Term Relationships,
After The Lust Cools Down a Little,
Background Expieriences Are The Stuff That Ties Us Together. If The Age Differential Is Too Great Ther Tends To Be A Cultural Divide Present.
Musical Tastes, Political Perspectives Ect.
The Same Things That Parents And Teens Come Up Against. The Young Haven't Been Through Enough Crap To Settle Into The Enui Of Maturity, And The Mature Can't Keep Pace With The Energy Of Youthful Optimism.
Cross Generational Relationships DO WORK Occasionaly, But I Fear That It Is The Ecception, Not The Norm.
past it's rare that i ever feel so young as i am this weekend.
it's also rare that i'm not taken seriously because of my age/academic level (or, in this case, lack there of). i shouldn't need a fucking phd to have my question seriously entertained.
but that is one guy, of about sixty.
the rest are generally pretty good.
still, it's pretty odd standing in a ball room with a bar, the youngest and least-well-dressed of the dozen of folk mingling.
i need some other grad students to show up soon.
In_Bloom No Reason has it nailed!
Age does or doesn't or does matter
nemo now i'm 24 091121
what's it to you?
who go