eagle not mine, and definitely not you're 980831
dallas mine, all mine! 980919
Darren you're your you are 990208
poser your a moron and don't no know grammar neither 991122
Q didn't get any of your blathes after "direct" until now! they were terribly delayed. thank you for them, so much! 000105
girl . 000327
amy this curve is your smile and this cross is your heart and this line is your path... 000409
god iron path.
ask the ages.
mr. niceguy
the niceguy.
((opiate_womb)) your skin makes me cry..... 010627
damaged i can feel your nails going underneath my skin, cutting and tearing at my flesh. it stings the way phonecalls from you would.
Somehow i feel like i want to let you inside me, but i cant get inside you.
Mahayana [your]aquiline senescence
implores me 2 generalize
within the relms
of a starfishs lifelong [hallucinations]of gelatin pools and of actuaries
[floating]upon the rhine

Brandy Eve of desires, lightning, and fire
On a high wire, please set me free.
Damnation, temptation, burning sensations,
A new revalation, please set me free.
All of the hatred, putrid and vulgar,
Melts into nothing when I see your face.
Everything I've ever known
Falls into place.
hannie your brows, the sweat the that clung to me like spore.. your everlasting melancoly that drove, me insane 021025
hannie your brows, the sweat the that clung to me like spores. your everlasting melancoly that drove, me insane 021025
guy on shrooms so then i says to him i says
really not just a drag queen
without the blizzard intact
saying what you doin all yall
enough bright eyes
so you wanna be a porn star
niska eyes sparkle when they smile with you. 030301
Toxic_Kisses your (to show ownership)

as in
our cup

as aposed to
witch is a shorted version of
you are

as in
you are cute!!
blather spell check it should be you're....

spell check....
orangine your hands tented the sheets
transparent and wisped
and then nothing else
until weeks later
in the dust of your porch
i left small plastic farm animals
from grocery store quarter machines
hand-written letters with sarcastic "haha"s, 4 XOs and 6 PSes
brushing my name
on your dirty porch swing
crossing it off
and writing yours instead
chris oh yes pull down your pantys i feel your pussy in my fingers now love you chris 040324
Ivory One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use the word 'your' in place of 'you're.' That pisses me off to no end.

"Your mean."

What about my mean?

...headdesk... That is so fucking aggravating. People with bad grammar piss me off a lot.
SuperBrain9000 Your dumb and have no face 060718
RoaulDuke sometimes i use bad grammar on purpose not to piss anyone off, mostly because i am lazy. i tend not to capitalize my i's. am i really worthy of the capital i? oh yeah, your quite nit picky. Do you have ocd? I had more i wanted to say but lost track of it.

dingdong where did you get ya name from?
ya mother?
4u your eyes
your skin
your mouth
your hands
your kiss
your embrace
your love
your motivation
your words
your wit
your tongue
your explicit
your body
your movement
our movement
more than bodies
feeling eachother
Ryakoth your dreams
your personality
your perception
your charisma
your logic
your passion
your will

and the game apples to apples ftw
ergo Oh! so there is a you?
Thought we were over that.
Alas, ego rules.
what's it to you?
who go