Quintessensual Ice, and other solid things. It's very complicated. 010110
mm in yoour hand 010111
Alexander Beetle Cheddar, swiss, et cetera.

. : * p s y b o r g * : . Me when Justin danced with me. If only he would do it again... 011029
paranoid martyr one of those process that reminds you the finite state of the matter + the moment.. as well as the humanity's inability to change it. 030115
jme cringed after a smash break mouthfull of mase seen as it didnt hit my eyes the red lies forward with thoughts represented in motion of a sidewalk dream making its way to the ocean washed away where the things bored and half alive pitter pattered on my brain as i was warmer inside now im piviting in a dream of realise whirlpool vibration new choice 040818
pete i won't be held responsible, she fell in love in the first place....

and a mirage of barges floating in the river where the logs once flowed down stream to the mills forms and shakes and melts away into a passing thought

we try to wash our hands of all of this, we never talk of our life and relationships
Syrope just because i dont know what to say to your compliments doesn't mean they don't melt something in my center

sometimes i think that once i've jellied, you could start reading me a random 25 pg paper on the columbia shuttle in that voice, just behind my ear, and i'd purr & get chills all the same. sometimes your voice is enough :)
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