beat as opposed to weak
"basically, everything
i ain't got." Hmph..
and very SOLID

....i know
Kaskarkaminski as a rock 000806
Kaskarkaminski soild (but not for me) 000806
The0s hello!!! 010605
Billia thick through and through
not bendable
not huggable


from a distance.
littleidiot very, very, very decieving word. 021112
shivers i like the sound of the word solid, but when written it looks so shaky, like its going to fall over... 030605
jane gas to liquid: condensation
liquid to solid: freezing
solid to liquid: melting
liquid to gas: evaporation

solid to gas: sublime
lucky Be a solid person. 040812
witchesrequiem I think I love historic things b/c it is something that is solid. At least part of it is still here .... unlike 99 percent of things we touch everyday including ourselves. 040813
what's it to you?
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