emma some quality about girl rock that i am hoping to define makes me feel so bloody good. women amaze me every single day. 990327
riot hard and heavy
or elsewise.
jules what happened to rock? didn't it die around 95? who is putting out good rock music anymore? i know the punk scene still has its good parts but where is good rock n' roll? yeah, that's right, I like it a lot! if someone can tell me where I can find good rock music (not punk) I will start listening to it again.
bryson If you want a good halfway point between rock and punk, try Guitar Wolf. 000128
marjorie I left you
Between a Rock and a hard place
hoping that you would never be able to follow
and if you did
you would get tired
and give up.
i always win
Brad Rock music has taken a turn for the worst. there is no art in this music anymore (or was there ever?) it's merely people deluding themselves into thinking there is. Well some groups actually manage to pull some art out of it, but most of the time it's kind of lame. Call me an elitist 000309
BoofPixie elitist. 000309
the rock you your role-

know it
dye crescent fresh!! 000707
guitar_freak 80s music, now THAT is music. 001102
the spork as long as we're not talking Winger Warrant or Poison or most of the other acts on that "Monster Ballads" CD my sister-in-law bought a while back 001102
weird yips! ouch! the p-word! what am i gonna do now?? 001229
Thyartshallshant Good rock 'n roll bands?
Hmmmm *thinking*...

Incubus... very orignal. Different.

Filter... very... um, filter-y?

System of a Down. Fuck genocide! (maybe more than a little harder than a quote-unquote "rock 'n roll" band, but there so damn good, i dont care.)

*thinking harder*...

Yeah, thats the best i can do. That's my imput, but who else has some good rock 'n roll bands?
Agent008 ROCK ON! (obviously) 010118
yoink it was number 1 tonight. will it go on this way? i shared it with her, but her thanks was all too deprived of vigor and the vibrant lust i was looking for. 010426
nanny my grandmother had a rock garden, and so did my mom. there is a rock, called the watermellon rock, and it is almost equivilant to a family heir loom. i only dread when i will be given the watermellon rock for my own non existant rock garden. 011110
ilovepatsajak You could just dance to a rock 'n ' roll station
and it was alright.
Phoenix-K rock music has lost it's sincerity. someone needs to bring it back. how sad we can't seem to name any really good rock bands. i've lost hope. 020101
ClairE Trio:

Claire: I love this song.

Jason: Me too.

Collie: This is pretty cool.

Jason: I don't get this hip_hop crap.

Collie: Man, when you have a party, what are you going to put on? People don't dance to this.

[Jason and Claire think about the fact that they don't party.]

Claire: When did it become wrong to like guitar?
Jenna Try Will_Hoge!
very rock n'roll
two guitars, bass guitar, drums, and a damn_sexy lead singer!
F. Sebastian Boursier paper, scissors. 020324
Rotten77 need I say more? 030417
JMC try rap assholes 030615
_ Rock is cool but U_guys_rock kicks your ass!!! 031122
pansy You were my rock
That turned out to be sand
You were my strength
That made me weak again
You caused me bleeding [and I cannot stop it]
I do not feel safe with you anymore
sameolme Rock my brain in the armpit of Josephine
Rock my brain in the armpit of Josephine

all together now....ROCK MY BRAIN IN THE ARMPIT OF JOSEPHINE....I can't heeeere you.
jules said" what happened to rock? didn't it die around 95 "

I think it was Kurt Cobain's death and the Internet's birth that played a role here.
pete pete means rock or stone, and that is what i am. my own support, and that for others. i am found in this earth, and am grounded there. i can move in the pockets of others or as situations push me. i can also break off and evolve from setimentary to ignious to metamorphic.. i am pete and pete is me 040308
Jess Geology rocks! 040609
m21k Game_theory 050324
me my first girlfriend, upon breaking up with her, told me i was a rock.

at the time i dismissed it.

damn. she was right.
otto pilate ...and a hard place await for me
between the devil and the deep blue sea
Everything I ever did right or wrong
Hid out of sight where I belong

jordie Incubus
Mars Volta
Guns n' Roses
Yeah Yeah Yeah's
Velvet Underground
Jim Stuck between you and a hard place 060606
krea i rock!!!!! 070208
tomastomas Nevermind the ore-docks and their rusty cliffs. We are one in the rock. Our shoes have become boats. Our love like steak sauce. 080803
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