dallas a bad word in English 980913
emma "collect all seven bloody penises!" 981006
tired of the cock talk may i ask what is with the sexual drive pushing this project?
bloody is a thick red liquid that contains the things nesceary for life. water, air, and shit.
pigfry whatever about that crap!

i once had some enrichening sex with this chick, and once it was all said and dun. blood on me favorite sheets!! i wanted to bloody her nose too!!! it was sick, and mr. winky no longer wanted to play
poltergeist pigfry has as many original, interesting bloody thoughts as my hair brush.

I hope that his wee "plaything" shrivels up and bloody well dies.
Q fortunately it appears pigfry quickly lost interest in blather. he must have blown his entire intellectual wad on two visits, now more than three months ago. (for the other display of his mental vigor, see "bitch.") 000122
old hick The English exchange student had a bad first day at school. Her classmates stole her notebook. She screamed.
"Give me my bloody pad back!"
Kids can be cruel.
Even her grandchildren will hate Americans.
WoNDERGIRL oh what's the bloody point
the bloddy but er fly left anywho
moonshine Its not butter, its Parkay 000529
little boy blue And with tears of blood he cleansed the hand,
The hand that held the steel:
For only blood can wipe out blood,
And only tears can heal.
silentbob kevin bloody wilson 001225
daxle kevin motherfucking jones 001225
misstree "it was a rebirth... bloody, naked, and screaming, just like the first..."
unhinged sometimes i just get this overwhelming urge to see it....

the blood congealing all over my white t-shirt that came from the pretty engraved pictures in my wrist. the picture has been coming to mind a lot these days.
shiny* But when the oohaa & the yahoo of the horrific events pass.....the incoming transmissions only complicate the procedures. 010214
MollyCule i've come to realize that even if i do manage to stop it with pills, i'll still feel the blood every month. maybe i'll miss it, who knows. the blood has become an essential part of me, a defining thing, the blood makes me a woman, makes me desirable, makes me alive. i had a boyfriend once who was scared of it and wouldn't touch me while the blood lasted . . . he could never point out what exactly it was that he was so afraid of. he made that joke i hate in an attempt to turn it into something rational. i can almost understand it, though . . . the blood is something bigger than you. it governs my emotions for a significant part of my life. it's almost a blessing when it comes, proving no more need to worry about things unplanned and unwanted. he could never understand how i felt, dreading it and hating it at the same time. he never really understood women, me least of all. 010226
dEfToNeS when your ripe u'll bleed outta control u'll bleed outta control!! 010615
tonya potato chips and cow skulls. 010615
paste! so many optigans, so little time. 010615
god like peeing in a bottle 010615
marjorie bloody hell...
what'd you have to go and do that for?
Effingham Fish This isn't my blood. Where did it all come from? 020102
Freak is what its for 020505
Ariadani the slang term/swear word "bloody" stems from renaissance period (possibly before?) in reference to Christ's blood. such a strong oath was not taken lightly in those days, but it has degenerated as the years went on. 020505
blackbird save the bloody jews.
collect valuable prizes.
^*^Blatter^*^ Sweeny Todds Razors 031213
Fierce My soul.
It has gone beyond weary.
Who can repair the damage?
Other than him of course.
But he thinks I am prude.
I want to stay a virgin damn it.
Is that so much to ask?
Fourteen is so young, so young...
My heels are bloody and scabbed.
It's from walking in those damn boots.
I walked down a highway to see him.
All he probably wants is sex.
Just like the rest of them.

For shame...
collector bloody
Syrope i can't have an excuse EVERY day. why is it that EVERY day there's something? "sorry i was late, my NOSE was bleeding"? that's ridiculous. my nose hasn't bled in years. why today? today when my REAL excuse for staying in bed is the blood between my thighs and the aches in my back from dragging heavy things up stairs and from just plain owning a uterus.

i want a new body.
gja yeah there is something slightly umentionable about blood from the nether regions that makes people, i dunno, just wanna talk about something else. 070129
gja oh, and also, caused a big stir when used in an australian tourism advertisment just recently. the word bloody that is, not the blood per se, nether regions or otherwise. 070129
teeru i'm dying to tell you i'm dying. 080128
jio jio 100215
. up your ______ kilt 100227
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141204
what's it to you?
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