psyki and when he opened his closet door, eighty gallons of melted butter came pouring down on his head!

but there was no stuffing in the pumpkin!
Barrett "Bob, what's your favorite store?"
"Hmmf, dogs in the tree."
Norm Fucking slang is deadly. I don't like to use a certain type of slang I'll use the old stuff the new stuff the stoner stuff the boozer stuff the jock stuff the geek stuff.

the only shit I hate is british and computer slang like mate and lol or lmao
Juve if you wanna know the truth, Slang is a minor form of ebonics. So why not check out the word ebonice and get da full edumacation on it? I dare you. It'll be worht your while, especially if your on this site. And for Norm. I don't blame you man. Oh, and all that lol & lmao, dog, i feel the same way you do.

see Juve
see black_english
see nigga
see ebonics
see all that shit
jestification slang makes up many groups of symbols from many different cultures.
slang is a way for subcultures to communicate.
a way for us to know our place.
slang is beautiful to me because i wasn't always given access to the 'correct' words...because i never really wanted access to the 'correct' words.
you can have your own slang.
you can house your friends slang.
you can have neighborhood slang.....
ethnic slang.
gender slang.
upper--lower class slang.
slang can protect your illegal activities from those who wish to keep a thumb on you.
hip hop slang.
punk rock slang.
slang is beautiful because it represents expressions that go beyond the book........
emotions that may other wise remain within.......find themselves in the atmosphere for others to digest.
slang is a tool of free expression....
slang is non-constricting.
but be careful....slang can become it's own institution.
it's not about what it isn't....
but what it is.
ClairE slung 011205
kerry i also use different kinds... but certain words, they just get to me. "crunk" is one of many. 011224
cesspool junkify team anonymous: ... sheeple ....

me: tick tick tick will you be decent human beings for once tick tick tick.

Why why why

There's hope though i can see it. Maybe that's my problem to be honest. I thought i'd have "a life" .
what's it to you?
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