the two the lantern swayed
and flickered
while jack ran to the
large tree out back
only to find
his big brother
slain with an o' on his face
by the man
behind the gun
behind jack
phil today 020729
glissade My pumpkin has gone away
somehow i can't make him stay
sometimes i think i love him so
sometimes i think it's time to let go
together we can make a patch
together we can grow
looking for strength
to keep us together
wonder if we
can handle the weather
pain runs deep
trust is the vine
the vine could grow weak
the vine could wither
Gareth All Hallo's evening's light penetrates the gloom through the orange face. 040707
concha he steps in the back door and solemly announces that his pumpkin, despite being months away from harvest time, is just about done for.

it makes me sad and i don't know why.
denial and I, JACK! The Pumpkin King!

am growing very tired of the same old thing.
minnie i miss halloween 100729
what's it to you?
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