DannyH If you could see
the clouds of luck
that float around the pool room
and gather in strings to the one
who knows, believes, assumes
he can control a ball with a stick
you'd laugh and laugh and laugh.
m.j.k. Mention this to me
Mention something, mention anything

... and watch the weather change.
micky jo I never ever ever did a thing about the weather
'cause the weather never ever did a thing for me
Peter So gray, the ghosts are spots of cheer. 040206
westc weather, weather everywhere, still I'm a misfit from California. R.I. sucks, V.A. sucks, M.D. sucks, and yes I've been drinking, but we all know that there's got to be something better 040504
monee pineapple_express washed most of the snow away it's back to patches of reddish brown ground interspaced with disappearing white splotches of old snow i'm sure the snow will return though most winters december is covered in several feet of white sometimes christmas is chest-deep 041218
devilbunny Wednesday will be mild, with highs around 65 degrees and a slight chance of morning showers. 061110
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