jennifer there is a curious paradox
that no one can explain
who understands the secret
of the reaping of the grain
who understands why spring is born
out of winters laboring pain
or why we all must die a bit
before we grown again
I do not know the answer
I merely know it's true
I hurt them for that reason
and myself a little bit too
ClairE whoknows and i seem to be the ones kicking off the month.

party time!

december is festive and unpacking boxes of holly just so at the end we can pack up everything.

snow is here
and you notice little brown birds
and deer.
ClairE And paste!, too! 011201
whoknows yeay!
christmas!... wait, i got my biggest present for thanksgiving this year. oh well... christmas is still fucking cool.
ClairE I like the way the sun is warm on my wrist.

I won't particularly like the way water is raining off the roof and past my window.

And I do not like the snow. Or cold.
Not when I have to actually go out in it.
Becky very very cold here. I hate it... I'd rather there was no snow at least..... go figure.. 011210
kitten on drugs makes me sad...

you know why...

this would've been the month...

if it weren't for may...
girl_jane burr

A Long December...good song
elimeny its cold outside
but in here it always snows
because the coldness transforms
tears to snowflakes
its almost pretty

do you think about me?

Not that i think about you.
Because I don't.
I don't fucking care about you.
I never will again.
You can burn in hell, you fucking BASTARD.
For what you did to me.

And so I bounce.
And half the time I'm flying in the air.
And you cant fly, so you arent there.
But there are those moments when i slam into the ground.
and the higher i fly, the harder i hit.

You haven't won you know.
And don't say this isnt a competition.
Because it is, and you know that.
The game isn't over
Until you come back to me
so i can grind your face into the concrete with the extreme force of my bare feet.

Do you know what hate is?
I thought I was completely over this.
But I'm really not.
Because it's not over
Until i can wring every drop of black blood out of your heart
like you did mine.
and then say
"im sorry, i dont know what i was doing, im just so stupid, i dont know why you put up with me"

ooops, im sorry, did i steal your line?

and oh boy, do you EVER have the best lines.

Hah! It surprises even me how much better a person i am than you let me believe. And i suppose it's not healthy to blame everything on you, but why the hell not? You aren't worth the energy of forgiving.

I used to think I loved you.
I was that desperate.
I could smash your head so gracefully;
others would think it was just a dance.

I could dance around you, and laugh.
Because i am a goddess.
and you are a mortal, because you will die away from my thougths.
But i will live on, you know you will never forget me.

And every December, when its cold and i cry snowflakes, the anger and the pain you put me through is lighter, like the tiny cotton balls. It doesn't hurt anymore. It's pretty.

Love humiliates you.
Hatred embraces you.
morphine. hangs on my back like death 021211
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
jane they_all_leave_by_december 021212
the hogfather my sisters birthday. 021218
megan pretty month. so clean. 021228
xle please end 021228
jane the end of december

the end of december
doesn't come when you want it
it doesn't come at the command of the human race
"please, please, end! a
new year is
december never gives you what you want
december keeps you waiting until you think you're about to die, and then makes you wait some more
"that's for me to know and for you to find out.."
you're a bitch, december

but you keep them coming back for more
eagerly wishing the morrow ah, distinctly i remember, it was in the bleak december and each seperate dying ember wrought it's ghost upon the floor..... 040106
superleni ;and one turned yet, as she trembled,
bore her eyes inthrough my soul
whispered screams in glazing timbre,
freezing frames in crimson coal
;my existence she dismembered
left its tattered chords atrail
flacid rags in time's wind ripping
to forever's torn white sail
superleni ;and one turned yet, as she trembled,
bore her eyes inthrough my soul
whispered screams in glazing timbre,
freezing frames in crimson coal
;my existence she dismembered
left its tattered chords atrail
flacid rags in time's wind ripping
to forever's torn white sail
jane until they leave again 040620
naive artist I assume that it's a cold month, but it isn't here. Christmas with palm trees is the norm, and its always too hot to carol. 040620
pete she's a december baby. it was wierd being the oldest, if only by two months and then three months.

i remember when the snow used to be above my head by christmas, that is when it was piled up on the side of the road. walking over the crisp snow you had to be careful or you would fall through to your waste. I was shorter then, younger then, but why is winter starting in december now instead of in november? i still remember that cross country meet, we ran in snow suits. it was horrible!
Forming Mind It's another long december,
endless days, endless thoughts.
Snow covering rooftops,
like the way thoughts drown my tongue.
I float on through the drifts,
sliding down hilltops,
skating down highways,
going everywhere.
But getting nowhere.
Maybe next year will be better than this.
Atleast it marks the final period.
And time's card of past is put into play.
monee i've spent almost all of this december in my bedroom 041226
no reason i never used to have a problem with it
i guess it depends where and when you are
no reason december keeps you doing a lot
december keeps you from doing a lot
what's it to you?
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