dallas something that's good for standing on. 980907
Paul You haven't got a leg to stand on!
You're a snake!
ceorl yin to lightning's yang 990423
jazaug I need to feel my roots go down into the soil - to reach in and just be held in that certainty and understanding that security doesn't have to mean suffocation. 990428
daxle your rubber boots won't ground you 990506
OTK beef
amy sleep on the ground 991016
Verdulum Solid ground, gives way
Despite of my light steps.
Trees, they bend and sway,
As if they need to rest.
Brad Ground beef is icky. It's a pretty sneaky thing, what they do with that meat... 000308
calliope sometimes the ground seems so happy to meet me as it rushes up and i go down 000429
typhoid i wonder if it will be my friend? 000429
sven ground hog soda ash hominy rail.

splitting the atom with a wood-chipper, i turned to martha and sneered, "they'll never know about guido!"
all my dreams have come true.

dear chris,
bell sessions always remember, lovebugs! 020329
devalis stand yours. 020823
liedown crazy it stares at me 030525
Somebody that I used to know I feel no ground now. No absolute. No where to run to. Nowhere to turn. I feel no home, whatever that may be. That place where my friends say they turn when they are in need. Ground; you mean that place I walked as a child? Within walls, caverns, safety net? What was that? Even if I could remember, no such place exists now. 061013
what's it to you?
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