amy fences, faces, offices, islands, expressions, politics, bathrooms, eras, energy.
walls happen, in everything that has a right to exist outside your mind (which is everything).
i have two windowless walls, and one walless window.
girl big strong quiet companions 000330
dean-bean I live between four of them. They aren't spaced very far apart. Sometimes I want to beat them down. 000330
Brad Created by Pharaoh Sanders. Constructed entirely of sound. Not only are they walls, they are red-hot, spikey, poisonous and dangerous. And wonderful. Oh, the cathartic nature of Pharaoh Sanders and his brand of avant-garde jazz. 000331
fairydust i punched the wall,
but it would not move.
i ran into it,but the sunn was too bright and would not let me through
i licked the wall but it would not surrender
i scratched it and threw myself into it, but it would not leave
i pulled and kicked and pushed and picked,but i couldn't get out, to you.
now i am broken and bruised, shuddering on the floor. and that's the story of my life.
black-dyed gel product I hate these pale blue walls. they stare at me wit their picture frame eyes. 010416
black-dyed gel product Still blue. Still hated. Gonna get a bulldozer and wipe that smirk off my house's face. 010706
casey The crimson color of the bricks connect with the now black and blue colors of my face. Now the color of my blood can no longer be distinguished from the bricks. 010706
searching safety, protection, security...i need them and i hate that i need them 020121
daxle there must be something in the atmosphere
you can't get from here to there
you can't get from there to here
~gez~ i cant escape, but do not mind. sometimes contained within the worst of places, can be the best of people 020903
shadowfalls I am the key to the lock in your house
That keeps your toys in the basement
And if you get too far inside
You'll only see my reflection

And either way you turn, I'll be there
Open up your skull, I'll be there
Climbing up the walls.
a thimble in time Walls are funny things. They can protect one from all sorts of external threats and forces, yet they can also be stifling, standing in the way of natural growth. Our generation intrinsically understands the latter, and thus we have no qualms about breaking through whatever barriers which might be placed before our crusading minds. Our national culture worships cynicism, adventurism, and youthful independence. We cry for freedom and walls of ideology crumble. We each blaze our own trails, and blockades of morality become humbled. But if we continue to rebel without looking back, we shall soon have nothing: No memories to link us with the past and no yearnings to create a future worthy of our children. At a certain point, we have to start thinking in terms of building and preserving. Otherwise we are going to be left with nothing but Budweiser commercials and empty bottles of beer. 040203
. they're covered in poop with a bike sitting in front of it with green_tires. 100227
elise If the sky falls down, we 're all blueu 121111
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