blown cherry GIVE ME BACK MY FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!

I'm getting crushed a little bit more each day.
Smaller and smaller the pieces become.
Under the guise of helping,
they push me farther and farther into a tiny corner of my life,
as the glory I once felt diminishes and fades to a dull memory.

Where is the sunlight?
The warmth that used to beat down comfortingly on my back?

How deceptively dark this place is.
blown cherry I don't really understand anything anymore. I don't know what I would be stealing, but I do know that I have to accept this solitude, and the uncertainty of the next few weeks. 030522
deb He lags behind
as we run to school,
reaches out to hold my hand...
we reach the stairs
and field between and he says,
"I can run the field myself."

"Bye, have a good day,"
I say,
and off he goes
to disappear
in the mass
of children playing.

Bell rings,
they swirl,
older ones
dragging their feet,
off to classrooms
and days
filled with curiosity...
what's it to you?
who go