Shar Yes! Really! Not "rilly," you fool. 990327
daxle word used after I change my mind in mid thought 990414
valis another waste-my-time word.
a word used for confirmation that you're not currently the butt of a joke.
kari we really want to meet you. you're a fucked up dude. and we can tell you're a dude just because of the way you write. I LOVE mushrooms. Are you watching us right now big brother??? 991211
Q really
why not go with
where you seem to want to be
a b c D e f ... z
camille g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x and y? 000309
Q ok, you've interpreted mostly correctly. p probably doeasn't matter (but i'd need to be your mythical whateverdresser to know this for sure). e and fg should definitely be added to the sequence provided by other means.

with all that additional information, which i'm really surprised you seem to need, read the blathe again and as always, whether or not necessary, i am yours truly for further questions/comments/abuse/plaudits/expressionsofdisbelief/confessions/unpersuades.
Tapoli This is not a really. 000617
jb525 so who do you really think you are?
you go on with your life as if
nothing happened
nothing was ever between us
like i didn't matter.
do you really think i'm that close minded?
that i would put it away in the back of my mind
like you do?
you promised you wouldn't leave
because you were the only one
that made my life complete
that made me feel free
that made me not have a worry in the world.
it doesn't matter what you say or do
because i loved you
and i know you loved me too.
valis fakely? 010123
Chrity go to:
smoke_69 This world is really just a little a to crazy for me. I sit and think about the things that go on and it scares me you know. How people die at the snap of a finger. How soon it will be my snap and I'll have no say in the matter I'll just be gone. A memory of those that I leave behind. This world is just a little to crazy for me. 010816
god fabulous monacle, too. 020615
spades41 do you REALLY care about me? do i REALLY care about you? 021116
me stutter (you) 021205
di really. you leave and all you do is say bye. not even goodbye, or i'll miss you but just plain bye. i want to hug you but your already gone. i call your name but the words won't come. i know that i will regret it later but i dont feel brave enough to do it. to call you back and tell you how i really feel. to let you know now so that you will always know. at least i would know that you know so i wouldnt keep telling myself that i have to tell you. please come back. i turn around and start to walk away. dont look back i tell myself, it will just make it harder. i cant control myself. i turn around and run to you. you look at me like ive gone crazy. the next thing i know im talking like a maniac telling you everything i feel and have felt about you. once i finish you stare at me shocked not knowing what to say. i kiss you. you kiss me back. the moment i had been waiting for forever and it was just as great as i imagined. i never knew i could be this happy. why hadnt i done this before. i know you loved me, i really did. i was just too shy to ask. now i know and i dont have to worry anymore. we are together and happy. then one day you left and never came back. i knew you hadnt run away because all your stuff was still here. but i could feel that something was terribly wrong. i called the cops and they told me that they had found a body that had been stabbed and thrown into an alley. i hoped and hoped it wasnt you. but it was. my heart broke in two. i didnt think i could go on living anymore. you were the reason im here and now your gone, what do i do now? i know that i will never be happy again. i will wallow in my self pity for the rest of my life. thinking back on those times when i was the happiest girl in the world. i will never be that happy again. why did this have to happen to me. i wanna scream. i wanna stop this madness. please help me 021222
ali it really doesn't matter
it takes me
it breaks me
it aches me
it shakes me
and leaves me
with nothing left
but a mangled mind
and a tarnished soul
it screams in the wind
it chokes
every breath of silence
but it really doesnt matter
the great goddess A wrong word. Nothing is real. Used so many times, used wrongly all the time. What is real? What is really? 030106
joda Oh? Really?

Wow. What can I say?
Death of a Rose I am going to take a moment and reflect on that, really I am.

That was marine view.
Whitechocolatewalrus Really, you smiled my way
My heart really burst
And my mind said (hes lying)
But my face chuckled
And everything was alright
Really, it was, until never.
seven Do you really... I guess not.
Your moment of silence and the slow intake of breath before you said that you did not know. I already know your unsaid answer. would it be wrong of me to laugh in a circumstance like this?
anon. "She knew she must follow her heart, hold back her tears and let herself go. Even in anger, she wanted to be with him; even though she knew he didn't love her. Yet when he stood to leave,
her self-control shattered and she wept until there weren't any tears left. HEr gaze never left his back as he walked away and before she could stop herself, a whisper escaped her lips. 'Please stay.' But he didn't hear her, and instead walked on, unaware of the pain he caused. After all he had put her through, she knew it had been stupid of her to trust him, but still she had hoped. Now, with tears dried on her cheeks, she marveled at the fragility of love. It was so easily crushed. In a matter of weeks, he had taken her from intrigue to friendship to joy to hate to love then back to hate and now, despair. Depressed as she had never been before, she tried once more to summon the anger that had filled her. It seemed to have left all together and in it's place was only emptiness."
eric not for certain but yes for certain 040620
Syrope I had you pegged, didn't I?

You had the whole human race pegged.

neesh you just made me want to watch the film again! 050511
x twisted x really now? 050920
flowerbed on a cloud *nods* nodding is such a great gesture...^^ really really is...^^ *nods again*
suckaman really great finds me well if i could only really be something i would really be 060124
suckaman really great finds me well if i could only really be something i would really be 060124
fffffffff eh beber deffoncesesa gres fopu sofert visoponera ! freflefefina drefner poon samash teffunus etener ? 070614
. what the fwuck does dat mean ? 070614
brap really?? or are you just lying lying lying? 071026
what's it to you?
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