thenestor A lot of folks hear. Not too many really listen. Or maybe a lot of people listen but not too many really hear. I can't remember which one is right. I must not have been listening very well. 981120
s if you weren't interested in what i have to say why did you ask in the first place? 990501
Quintessensual Be skeptical about things you know only by hearing them from others. 991203
valis not too many places you can go anymore for total, non-artificial silence. 991208
deb listen... can you hear it?

someone is breaking

just now

ladybird yes but someone is singing too, remember-

"There are torturers in the world, but there are also musicians."
or something like that
Wicket Still it makes me shiver
Still I cannot breathe
Still I can’t stop crying
Over what I see

It is deeper than crying
It runs deeper than pain
It feels hopeless to pray
Maybe in vain

What were they thinking
What were their fears
What were their hopes
While drowning in tears

God, where have you been
God, what have you done
God, can’t you help
God, are you gone...?
D y a n n e I know you hear me but do you truely hear me 020813
Eva been thinking about me. pressure to call. but my body aches to hear you talk. wondering also with weight in my heart. i begin to sob at night and you comes to my rescue. i realized i did not want to lose. 021123
blagggggg oh my god. if only you knew what i've been hearing,

i fucking hate you
pipedream whispers are yummy 030308
trixie late at night you can almost hear the world turning. 030430
theswitchbladefairy don't listen 030518
Mia Don't Speak!

~Sorry, couldn't resist. What were you saying?
iseepurplemonkeys if u can hear just be happy u rnt deaf 040127
ethereal hear.
feel the difference?


you hear.
j the mo hear.
do we really hear?
you know about that line where if a tree falls in a forest but no one is around to hear it.. then does it make a noise at all?
maybe we hear so much that the brain makes these noises for itself
but then, here. how do we know our brains are telling us that we're somplace that we're not?
oh brains. go home.
this is officially j the mo's first first blather.. as least that's what my brain says.. DAMN IT
_alone & lost_ When i think of you....
do you hear me?
When I think of your face, your lips, your eyes....
do you see me too?
When I cry for you....
are you sad?

_alone & lost_ When your eyes talk to me, i know exactly what you want to say.
But when i shout for you, you still don't hear me.

i'll be waiting for you.
_alone & lost_ and if you ever read this, please don't be mad at me.... idk why you are.... i just got in the middle of everything at the party.... im so sorry.... 040608
ninecat The purest sound of all is silence. 041205
anythingbutcryptic i dont think there exists pure silence, in my life. maybe somewhere far far away, but not here.

even, at home,
the wind
the buzz of the fridge
the neighours
the birds
the traffic
the dogs.. et al
what's it to you?
who go