deb even when it's warm outside
i'm still shivering here
within the padded walls
of my own heart
after finding it empty
once again
and there the dry tears come
mareberry i didn't have to hear the words. i just knew. i remember that cold finger running down my spine and the collapse of everything i once thought was real. she was gone. like a dream that ended far too soon, she left me alone in the cold night. crying. shivering. drowning in endless regret. 991216
Meg A tingle. Not cold but there is no word to describe what it is so cold will do. A bristle of fine hairs and a shudder of the senses all together. Feelings of death, or life, of love and loss. Sometimes just when the body needs it.

Scared and shaking I sit in the car. There's nothing out there but trees and perhaps the odd rabbit or fox. But there is something other in the wood. Something lies in the darkness and makes me scream at the slightest noise. When the light comes up, it;s not there any more and I can go about my business without so much as a shiver.
smarmy epileptic music jarringly peaceful 001128
chanaka they asked me why i was shivering convulsively
it's just my emotions trying to escape
the physical silent scream
Rhin I am shivering because I am soul-sick!
I am shivering because I fucked up!
in the pines where the sun never shines i will shiver
the whole night through
huddie ledbetter take my blanket. 001128
frozen snow in march makes me shiver. gray skies are smothering the skeleton trees. the staccato raindrops and irregular drizzle make me tingle underneath my skin and for some reason i'm scared that the wind will rip us to pieces. summer is a feeling that is drifting just out of sight. or maybe out of reach. but i can't see blue skies even when i close my eyes. 010330
like rain. oh, my beautiful one, there is no amount great enough, there is no time too soon!

when i lay down, when i close my eyes, when the world's whispers mean nothing in my mind... you are there...
again_unnoticed_romeo i shiver everynight, it isn't cold in my room at all, more of an oven, so i turn on my fan and that isn't cold, i shiver from lonliness that affects every man, woman, and child and strangly everything in the world, why don't i have anything to just kiss me and tell me i love you? 010518
carden don't you shiver? shiver, shiver

i'll always be waiting for you
so you know how much i need ya
but you never see me do you?
silentbob i shivered with pleasure eating pizza late at night while listening to the beatles 010518
cali j I shivered as I speeded down the highway with the windows down as I blasted the stereo. Why? Cause I like the windows down and the air rushing past fast.....and I like to mess my hair up....I'm such a rebel. 010523
Casey I shivered for a long period of time when I realized that I am alone in this world. That I am alienated. And the fact that this wild berry wine cooler is ice cold. 010609
blah tantalize, tantalizing 011001
paste! the yak is bleeding on the chair.
we have lost our bandages.
certainly, there must be halogen,
and then it goes beep beep.
the repeater adam

lesbian is a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-eastern connotations for me, it's like someone says, "hi, im a lesbian" and i start smelling incense and seeing turbans and camels or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me. 010517
calypso calling The realization of reality is the worst living damnation...I shiver in remembrance of how hearts die, of how I've nearly given up on the one thing I've longed for, the one thing that's only caused me pain, the one thing everyone else seems to have, the one thing that will haunt my heart of stone and never leave me alone during my cold, lonely nights... 020111
*nat* his every touch sends shivers down my spine. I love the way he traces paterns on my skin, it sends a shiver down my spine. I lovethe way he is, him us everything, life is perfect. 020827
shivers im sitting in class.
my stomach crunches up.
a big ball grows in my throat.
some thing are just out of reach.
i think of u.
my heart races.
my shoulders tighten
i sit up straight as the chill goes down my spine
its all over
the feeling that never happened
that i will never share with you
your down the hall
i miss you
lidown when i watch you fall . Please get out of the hospital soon 030609
User24 I'm naked and shivering.. 030831
angst teen shiver
a tear rolls down
i kill a puppy

Life is an existential nightmare.

Oh, mom's calling me to dinner.
mmm... meatloaf!
Shadowfax The sound of her voice, the touch of her hand. That is what makes me shiver. The cold never could... 031211
unhinged it's a fact of nature
you can't change the weather baby
don't fret your pretty little head over it
pete embrace the shiver for all its worth
its force draws out those that lie in wait
a power flows within them,
those oh so sacred shivers,
this power can not be harnessed
but it can be stored
let the shiver run over you
and dont you shrug off now
open the shiver
and pour it out
birdmad listening to "parachutes" s_h_i_v_e_r 040310
pete it crawls up my spine, like your gentle fingers marking its path. the ice fragments and spills over, the breathe is held and the intruder is embraced as a brother. the energy, the sakti, the chi, the te, pluses and moans, trapped within my viens...

the angst works its way to my hands, making them as heavy as lead and from the tips of each finger tendrils of pure emotion are exhaled into the atmosphere, clearing the mind...
(_) so cold with throbbing
head thrashes worries spill out
earthends, ohno!hurt

terrors run up spine
inhabit limbs rush to heart
fingers shake, things fall

allherfault water
overturns becomes ice so
easy to smash her

where to hide pieces
of herself still terrified?
wannts to curl up, cry,

shiver under sheets
blankets endless 'til ceiling
feels like they're ripped off

whips in unstoppable
mind-current, nothing to hold
wish for strong anchor

to nail her down
make her calm warm up ice-skin
with loving hand's touch

until not little
useless mouse but bloomed flower
lovely, weak, alive
found it! and again. sheesh. [repeater repeated it] 070224
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