miniver Come here, you.
Be a happy manimal.
Seek immortality,
pee in a pan,
sweat in a sheet,
cough in your hand,
lie on your side,
bleed on a friend,
and merry meet.
Just don't eat the yellow jello.
We love you, here,
come again,
datura hospitals smell like death and make my lips chapped and my cuticles peel.
i know because i've been there.
they admitted me in june 1999 because
they said they needed to take care of me.
i took care of me
or i tried; but i didn't know how.
every time i smell disinfectant i think of the hospital, and i get chills up and down my spine.
unhinged i think the smell in hospitals is what heaven smells like...there are so many souls passing through in hospitals. so much spiritual traffic and pain and life and death. hospitals are such pretty little microcosms. i have every reason to hate them though. 001222
twiggie hospitals have never bothered me. i always look at them as this nice, warm, safe kind of place. my dad works at one, always has, and i've always loved going in. when i was 6 years old i was in the lab disecting rats. when i was 9 i was scrubbing into surgery and watching him operate. and only a little older i was helping operate. (don't worry their life was not in the hands of an 11 year old, i just held things and such). while most hate the smell of a hospital, i find it comforting.

i've seen all the sick people there, i've had people i love go in and not come out the being they once were. the only time i've been in one for myself is regular doctor's appointments. i'm sure my view would be changed if i ever had to get surgery or if i had to be in there at all for myself.

as for nursing homes and going to the dentist, *shudder*. still scare the shite out of me.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Logan I hate hospitals...I've spent too much time in them the past 5 years and only once was it for a happy occasion, thus my hatred stems. 020814
birdmad intensive_scare_unit 020814
xyz I've always loved being inside them. Maybe not after someone I know never comes out again. But until then.. 031207
falling_alone really jillian? i never knew that about you...

i had my 13th birthday party in the hospital because my sister was recovering from her seizure at the time, she spent about 3 months in the hospital...

the only good memory it holds is good cafeteria food...
highanddry eggplant parmesan, green beans and apple juice. 050726
misstree i dreamt about going back to the psych ward the night before last. first time that particular location has showed up in my dreams. hope it doesn't recur enough to be part of the landscape. 050726
jane eggplant parmesan, broccoli, & spinach 050727
highanddry eggplant parmesan, broccoli and green beans 050727
jane twice i got my ginger_ale 050727
gja Want to die young; want to live for ever. 070802
ungreat Your going, and the general gut feeling is that you're not coming back real fast. I can't believe that you're not gunna see your grandson's first halloween, possibly his first thanksgiving, and maybe even his birthday. It just bums me.out. 111024
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