allie scare tactics may work 990501
dean-bean Some days I am scared of everything. All the people. All the animals.
Responsibility. Everything.
Sometimes I am not scared of anything.
My parents. My professors. Life.
Today is the first, not the seccond.
valis i used to work at a haunted house (best in florida and i'll puke green shit on anyone who sez otherwise) and i found that the folks who scared easiest
were generally the happiest on the way out.

some people will take their andrenaline in any flavor.
emily i like scaring people 040203
i was idealistic once Why am I so scared. It seems that I have tricked myself into thinking that I am brave. The sad truth is that I can't do anything. Worse yet, I know why. I used to be brave, but slowly and surely this pathetically vain and egotistical world we unfortunately inhabit has ripped all the courage from my soul, one humiliation at a time.

So I sit here a broken man, battered and beaten yet too afraid even to pass silently into the void. The only word I have left is Why...
Herbie the Houseplant I am the opposite of that... all my life, I was a scaredy-cat. Full of doubt and hesitation. I played basketball but was no good at actual games because I got psyched out, even though I wasn't a bad player. Then after I became a christian, I was still scaredy. But I read a lot of old testament stuff every day, about guys like David and Jeremiah and Jehu son of Nimshi who used to eat bears and lions for breakfast, so to speak. I remember each day I would dread getting up for school, because I knew I would go and have no friends and mess up and be a general idiot all day. But then every day when I got up I would say, "God is in me. I'm glad I got up today." So then I wasn't afraid anymore. Actually random people would come and say hello to me, people who never even cared that I existed before. It was weird. Lots of things changed once I realized that the people at school were actually nice after all and i was afraid of nothing. my change in attitude also helped me through a debilitating disease I had in college for six years, but now am healed from. Now I'm not even afraid to talk to random people about God's love because I learned that mostly they are actually nice and have interesting things to say, which is the opposite of what most people think they will do. 060924
Herbie the Houseplant well actually I have had a lot of humiliations too, which is why I was a scaredy cat. But I learned that I'd rather be myself and be a fool than be someone else and be cool. Pride's ultimate mask is fear. 060924
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