zipster my intestines are twisting rounf my neck and choking me... 000123
marjorie Add a "c" and you have scarred. Scarred and Scared. And in between you find..
peace of mind.
Or hopes sublime.
All in due time.
You are not mine.
And I have run out of time.
Enough of this silly rhyme.
timeless no time to be scared 000711
grendel shitless 000711
skiblu every time I hear you cry 000724
j_blue never done it before.

it makes me nervous.

dont know what to think.

trying to avoid it.

dont know for how long i can though.
j_blue you find out today.

i wonder if you think i should after you, if everythings ok.

i know i should if it isnt.

i hate that bad feeling in the bottom of my stomach.

itll be all right, wont it?
god yes 001212


understand I remember the time that was before now.
It was feeled with fear. I remeber as if it were last friday... and in time it will be. I can't remember how, but I remeber that it must have taken a very long time.
yeah i don't remember, actually. no. i remember the one ahead... and it did take a long time, and that made it a little less real, or at least not as relevant, it was less important than the other thing. 010226
Erin Does it scare him when I tell him he is beautiful 010827
distorted tendencies ..of humanity. 010827
baby satan i'm terrified of kentucky fried chicken. that stuff scares the shit out of me. 010827
rain that's what i am...
and of so many things...
being alone. starting over. letting my feelings take control. letting the truth sink in. realizing i was lying to myself all along. to cry.
that's what i am...
Hebrew Conquistador few things are worth being scared of.

the anticipation is always worse than the actual event.
that girl Me,The person I lie to
Me,The person inside
Me,The person I hate
Me,The person Who lives
Me,The person who cries
Me,The person whos scared
Me,The person who wishes
Me,Im the one...
Mateo I love "that girl". 020301
yummyC logan scared the shit outta me.
i scared...
phil My Poor Cat
everyday he shivers
as my feet step closer
underneath he quivers
when I ask him what's a matter
he never delivers

my other cat, the one who's fatter
eats like nothing else matters
we feed him a little
and he just keeps getting fatter
I wish I knew what was the matter

but I have three cats
the last one's not fat
the last one's not frightened
he never wails or spats
he's so enlightened
the last one listens
and consoles the other two
I wish I could hear him
it would console me too
ClairE I didn't know why I was scared to come back

and then I remembered
when I remembered
that my name had been seen everywhere.

Scared of confrontation.
Scared to fail.
Scared that even failure is too much of an achievement for me.

Sometimes it really truly matters that nothing matters.
god confrontation? failure? forget about it. 020530
phil everything is a failure.
right god?
cheer-up-emo-kid Just the other day I felt - I had you by a string
Just the other day I felt - we could be everything
But now when I see you, you're somebody else
With somebody's eyes

And your skin is like porcelain
Yeah your skin is like porcelain

I don't know what I'm sayin'
Well, I don't know if you're there
In the words you are fadin
Do you even care-- yeah
erinicolejax Scared?
Of you?
Of me?
Of forever.
Fine me that way.
Because I will wait.
A lonely life time
for you.
phil pain is easier than words 020718
fuck I've revealed a lot on blather, more than I would like certain people to know.

And now somebody knows who I am, somebody in real life, and they lifted something I wrote, and emailed it to someone, and fucking changed the words around into something I didn't write. But what if they do it again? There are things that don't need the words changed around. Shit. Shit. Shit.

I'm so fucking scared that I could lose his trust.

silent storm I'm afraid of death.
[but not my own]
*silent screams You've plucked me out of my warm, comforting safe reality and placed me in the middle of my last gasping breath, and expect me to function normally. You've ripped off every shred of clothing left upon me, just to be exposed to a girl who is trembling in fear of her own thoughts. 021206
. .. 021212
x close your eyes and run 021212
my little secret I was so scared. I'm not any more, but it's not any better (knowing i was right to be scared). And I was right. Scared of you and what it would mean. Scared that it would mean something to me and nothing to you. Scared that I would lose you forever. I was scared to be right, but I'm not scared any more...

it's much worse
thespacebetween should i be afraid of a broadsword to my throught
should i worry about that little vile of poison in your cuppord
should i be scared of things that go bump in the night
should i cry just because you're gone?
elsa of things i don't want to think about 031207
celestias shadow of everything
well, not everything
but so much

growing up
staying young
letting people see me
letting my defenses down
letting myself love someone
letting someone love me
my future
being with someone
beauty (but also fascinated by it)

just leave me alone

x twisted x the hair on the back of your neck stands straight up...even at the thoughts inside your head. anything the least bit intimidating. the you know the standard shit. did i ever tell you im afraid of ketchup? 040114
djstar i'm scared of men. i'm scared that they have more power than me. 040212
misstree so scared of not being utterly in control of what my head and heart mumble about in back rooms, when things come welling up you see them straightaway but i try to hide them, try to point you in other directions but you're latched on, you want to see, and if i could just show you you could fix them, they're all transitory but i'm so scared of admitting that they're there, that i Feel against my will, that you can soothe me, that i lock them down in a panic, i stare at you wild-eyed and insist that everything's fine... i'm terrified of the day that i realize you have deeper claws into me than i allow, i panic at the thought of being hurt when you leave. you are drawing me down gentle, but i will drown myself with my thrashings. 040213
Eowithien by life.

Sad, isn't it? But thats me I suppose.
wonderful i get scared because i don't know whats chasing me 040305
wonderful im sinking furthur into my mindworld and i have lost the light that leads me out 040305
ethereal I am so scared right now. I don't know what is coming. 040412
x I have the very beginning stages of a baby inside of me. 040520
Simply horrified now You have the proverbial bun in the oven?

Or gasp have you been eating ________?

Or did aliens abduct you?

Or did you make a pact with the devil?
mshorey Lying awake at nite, and only my mther could comfort me. I would scream fr hours, imagining half awake, but still sleeping, that they were dead, or what I would do if they passed. She would sit by my bedside, until I weened off to sleep. 040912
Jen scared he would actually do it. And he did. He left me forever, yet remains immortalised within me. 040912
love & hate I'm scared of loosing what i already may have lost forever... and i'm petrified 040913
clementine when i didnt have you i didnt have you to lose. its painfully cliche. for the first time with us things are falling into place. this is what i wouldnt let myself think about- this is the fantansy. i can't already help but think about how it will end. i think this is something big for both of us. i know you care about me. and i think i am only begining to understand how much i care about you. admitting that is the scariest thing ever. but i bet you're scared too. lets hold hands. 040919
rage scared to death of the only thing i cant escape


scared to death of the only thing tragically want

losing control

scared to death of the fear, the rage,
scared to death when the thoughts leek out of my head, and im shaking, sweating, naeuseus, vomiting, and so very very cold

scared of being left alone in the dark with my thoughts

scared oof people knowing what i'm afraid of
suicidalchinadoll so so afraid..of everything right now.
flitting shadows and random office noises.
empty house noises...
why must I spend so much time alone?

god I hope this phase passes..
nighean_siofra i confess i'm a little nervous
something about it
the way it sounds
all the hints
i'm getting a little scared
i know i shouldn't be
that it's all my imagination
but really
i feel diceiving
and wrong
i haven't told the whole truth
i've done nothing but bluff
what happens when the line is crossed
and there is no turning back
will i regret it
embrace it
i don't know...

and that
is why i'm scared
JdAwG Are you as afraid as I am? 050428
. Ther's no time to be scared, belive me. You'll regret it later. But then, there's even less time for regret, so go for it without fear 050428
thed dead I'm certain I've been here before inthis time and place I don't know how I got here or why I came back but this all is so familiar

we have come to the begining and the end of the loop
me terrified of the future 050810
HidingOnTheWall Now that its out
Im so scared.
Scared she'll get over me
like all the rest.
Im not all the rest.
I dont want it
to be the end of us.
Please dont let
the secret spoil the suprise.
Im not ready to die in your mind.
her royal highness the quirk where is my life going? 060228
midnight_whispers she doesn't want things to move too quickly, i didn't want to move at all. warm and comfortable and safe beside her, brain turned off and body nearly there. she said she was scared and i said i was lazy, what i really meant was that i felt at ease and didn't want to be disturbed. but i'd rather be disturbed than cause her to be so, and so i got up and left her to her night, and stepped out into that very night and began a slow walk down the street, having just missed my bus. i was not scared in that walk, though worried of her fear, though that slowly passed as my feet carried to that major station from which a bus carried me home. and here i sit, no where near as comfortable, no where near as at ease, but she is off in this night sleeping still, and for that i am pleased. 070719
Friend of Speeegles plaplaplapla! ahahaha!!!! 071105
poorclarinetist honesty fears everything. 080802
barefoot revolutionary i am not happy. i want more for myself and my future children. i believe i deserve better than him. and this. i believe i am smarter and better than him. i feel neglected and unhappy. but i will never tell a soul because faking being happy is far better than having everyone i know shake their heads and tell me they saw it coming. 080811
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