unhinged i keep choking back tears
falling asleep in the thoughts
of you
only because my synapses
had been tricked
with the beautiful narcotics
he told me not to drink with
they would have been flooded
with pain
you erase the hope in me
drawing the simplest black and white
of humanity
jenna ripeness can choke. maybe-it's-the-right-time-ness can close you in. new linens on your pillow can still smother. 020924
ferret i don't need drugs, all i need is the memory of you, a simple little reminder of how f*cked up the world can be, no, i take that back, not the world, the people in it. but that's not what i'm trying to say, you didn't know it but i did, i saw the end before you even knew about it. before he even knew about, i know before he told me. anyway, back to my memory, the memory of you, it's just like a drug, it comes with everything, the momentary sickness and the long-lasting effects as well. just once i wish i could tell you just how much you made me want to puke. but that's all over now. this is the end. 030301
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