vicious Here's something to think about
Where would we be without nasty habits,
Makes me want to scream and shout
Life would be so dull without nasty habits,
All those naughty little things that we don't discuss publicly

Tell me your secrets, tell me your name,

Does it please you to employ little girls or little boys
Do you like to romp and play by yourself when they're away
Nasty affair what do I care
Do you peek at magazines filled with doggies and leather queens

*tsk tsk*

Tell me your secrets that no one should hear
Whisper them softly into my ear I won't tell, I won't tell

People act so proper when they're going 'bout their business
Cup of coffee, friendly conversation, till they get home,
lock the door and shut the curtains
Make sure that the neighbors are without suspicion
No one will know

Nasty habits I must condone
No one knows what I do when I'm all alone
Nasty habits I'm so ashamed

Nasty habits here to stay now they'll never go away
Try and stop you'll have to pay
Nasty habits are here to stay

Nasty habits I must condone
No one knows what I do when I'm all alone
Nasty habits I'm so ashamed
But we must not let that stop our little game
Nasty habits are so much fun

Nasty habits here to stay now they'll never go away
Try and stop you'll have to pay
Nasty habits are here to stay
Vangelis LIVE 000620
Aaron something we all should do less of. 000805
keeper i tell you all the time not to do anything youll regret, and here i am almost begging you to

could i be anymore hipocritical or whorish?
Chrity go to:
jesse tell them all she wont be back
cause she needed a change
turned away from her fears
she's been falling down
tell them all shes gunna be
just listen to me
cause she needed the friends
because she will always be
cause she will always know me...
listless i always have a lot of things to say. or at least, i think i do. we'll be talking about something relevant, endlessly. i make up all the dialogs in my head, i know just what she's going to say, and i have my answers all planned up. and then i get to be with her and it all just vanishes. all i can do is look deep into her eyes and hold her and breath her sweet scent. wishing i could just sink into her and hide in some dark corner within her dreams. never having to wake up again. then i realize that our time is over. and it will not last forever (just until she takes a closer look at me).

and i never really get to tell her how much i love her.
~gez~ i need to tell claire i feel so bad for her. i think joe is being 'ravin' but then again i cannot tell claire. why does she even like him, is it becuase she is desperate (sorry all) or is there something about him i do not know. i cannot deside what to do, somebody give me a sign 020929
endless desire whisper and i won't speak again.
i'll hold your secret in my pocket
and we can giggle endlessly down the halls.
her royal higness the quirk ive been thinking more and more about that recently
im wondering what kind of answer they would give
he met me with confusion, anger, and alienation
he didn't care about me
i think they would be more supportive
but i'm still hesitant
i don't think i will
rubber_gecko also i have a spooky trusure map and why is my user name on this site?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 041023
who? recently, i met a new storyteller. a very interesting know. if you look or perhaps are even aware of it, you might find one of these people every 10 years or so.
and something, headspace, clicks.
*bows* thanks for the term, misstree and wiley.
i'd have to say, though, it's something new to me, being able to read someone that well.
a new drinking buddy, besides.
however, im not sure if i should actively pick the brain for both knowledge and insight, or let things go as freely as they should. things will happen as they will.
who? as a random afterthought:

jordie tell me your lies.
tell me your truths.
tell me bout rainbows arched over your roof.

tell me your secrets.
tell my your dreams.
tell me from where your happiness beams.

tell me your frights.
tell me your pleasure.
tell me why you go to desperate measures.

tell me your faiths.
tell me your cares.
don't hide now, just tell me, pull up a chair.
x twisted x "don't tell me they're letting more fucking models in now."
"no... they're just pretty."
what's it to you?
who go