timster shut your legs theres a dodgy whiff in this room 011011
Oak Barrel I have been shut closed for a long time
sealed, melted shut by you
why have you done this?
I closed my eyes, I trusted you
now I'm lost
and you're on your way, not a lone but not with me.

I was shut for a long time. I'm opening up now, I'm open
Toxic_Kisses Shut
It doesn’t sound like a real word so much as a sound, I know what shut means but it loses it's meaning so much faster then most other words do when said over and over again, shut, why did we ever decide to use this word to describe that activity, shut shut shut shut, it rhymes w/ - well you know what it rhymes w/ bla this doesn’t sound like a word at all it sounds so much more like a sound, much the way splat or whooosh is a sound, I can't explain why but this word bothers me.
myriadmoods1023 I can't shut up! I am a bipolar, inherited the "sins" of my father.I love most when my mind is silent!!!!!! Silence"is golden", and silence leads us to the truth, and the truth shall set us free. 040217
grendel both down and out

no surprises there.
Etana what my boyfriends heart always was... 050827
fetch a chicken make poyama! ahahaha!!!! 070912
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