sleepless Never explain anything.
To explain spoils the magic,
Reveals the feelings,
Rips the heart out of the tragedy,
Eliminates the positive,
Eliminates the negative,

Just be. Being is enough.
I am being and feeling
Laughing and crying
Hurting and soothing
Ranting and raving
Dreaming and sleeping
Collapsing and rising
Shouting and whispering.
I often do all of these
All at the same moment.

Being is quite enough
For any one soul to bear.
Don't analyse, explain,
Search for a reason,
Search for a meaning.
It's all swings and roundabouts.
Just let it be you.
filia why do i think humans are going to blow themselves up because of their lack of intelligence? please explain. 000907
*silent screams Do you really want me to explain what u'll never be able to understand? Do you really want me to dive down to the depths of my soul rise with my hidden treasures? How do u convince sumone that ur insides don't consist of anything, when all u wanna do it rip down every wall thatz in the way of them seeing the real u. I hide whatz really inside becuase i feel u'll never be able to really understand it. you'll never know me as well as i don't know myself 021206
Lemon_Soda It has taken my entire life to explain everything I know.

And that will never change.
niska ...because there is so much left to uncover 030906
aodh explain the time you turned around and change-transformed into that other thing - fearing - daring....touch to nails of touch....immense suffering base of what sublime desire fulfilled fulfilling always - there´s your dream....there´s your word....say what you like...whenever you like...prove your freedom from me...away...do what you want....i´lll love you anyway 040320
Syrope it's been 4 years

it's been 6 months

it's been 2 months

it's been a week

it's been less than an hour
oldephebe Sometimes do we really need to explain the emotional truth of something that's a burning bush that's illuminating your interlocutors face? I mean what great rift is there to navigate IS there between people that have a history together? I mean what else IS IT that I can say that will assuage your uncertainty? We live laugh love and die
together every day just as we've done for every year we've been together. You've seen ALL of my moves and uncovered all if any of my so called hidden motives. Here I am. Surly, taciturn, reveling in my petty despotisms, reveling in my protracted convalescence, I ride rainbows to work every morning and cringe viscerally before I open that door. These absurd concessions we make so we don't breach codes of social propriety between people we are intimate with or work with sometimes are....they force us into a kind of insidious or complicated kind of diurnal or even hydra headed kind of medium of dealing with one another. (I could of just said murky dialectic or complications..or a dialectic of concession or a dialectic of mutual validation) I mean if we're intimate in love then let us be intimate in our anger..I mean sometimes it takes, it TAKES that kind of cathartic, revelation to free the relationship from the hidden things gnawing into the belly of its hull. My visceral anger or sorrow or consternation is yes a manifestation of the emotional pain that i/you/he/she is in. and I just want to say that I am afraid for you, afraid for us because we keep trying to apply some forensic formulaic kind of mechanism in which we distill our true beings in favor of some life stealing kind of social choreography for two people who are feral, dynamic passionate who have som much love that they can take the unvarnished truth of a thing, a single moment before it can be sublimated and rot out a relationship like an infection or something. What more palpable truth is there than this...lifting the curtain on the turmiol or terror or whatever it is that's got me on a pogo stick ricocheting off of the walls? Does everything need to be codified and attenuated distilled through some emotionally emasculating..maybe the emotional prophylactic of sensitivity training? or the rubric of validating everyones concerns before you utter one word of truth? I mean life and love is passion and anger and joy and jealousy and envy and insecurity indescribable joy... I'm not here at this moment to validate you, I think you're strong enough to deal with me just as I am in this moment of truth. I'll validate my LOVE for you after I'm done screaming or crying or running out into a cold rain swept night to purge the knot of rage building in me because you JUST DON'T GET ME sometimes. But you used to. There was a time when it didn't take so much TALKING for us to GET one another.
RIC ...that's a burning bush blaring in your face.... 041125
RIC or a dialectic of concession to mutual validation...it still sucks the life out of every word we say to one another 041125
oldephebe Yes. But soemtimes those revelations, unfiltered, untempered while they may be emotionally true could reverberate throughout the course of the relationship, creating tiny fissures that become ruptures in the deep and whispered darkness of your lovers heart until it becomes old and hardened by the percieved ingratitude of the other.
south wut it is. it is what it aint... 070117
Doar Wherefore art thou Oe?

what's it to you?
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