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me i got up at 430am to watch the sun rise over the ocean. i like doing that sometimes. people think its strange that i would get up at such an odd hour, but i think its only because they never do it

i got to the beach at 445am or so. the pre dawn sky was lit with vibrant blues and greens. the pre dawn colors are my favorite colors of all time. i was so excited i sprinted down the half mile or so to the rocky outcropping.

i stood on the top of the farthest rock from shore that i could reach. the water was glassy blu green all around me, and the land behind me was an interesting shade of blue. but i stood on that rock for a good hour, just watching.

this slash of red appeared in the colors. as time passsed it moved closer to the horizon, and i was right in assumign that when the red touched the water the sun would rise.

i saw the sun rise. i mean, from thge beginning. the EXACT moment when the sun first peaked over the horizon. just this flicker of deep orange. than another, then the top of the sun appeared.

if you hold your finger over the sun and keep it there you can see that the sun moves above and to the left of your finger, not straight up.

the sun reached halfway. it was like someone turned on a light. water turned red, the rocks turned orange. i could feel the warmth washing over me. i had to smile.

the sun was fully risen now, and everything was a shade of orange and gold. it was beautiful. a great pillar of light shone over the water.

by now the sun was the most intense shade of pure yellow i have ever seen. it was so deep and pure, i wanted to reach out and touch it. too bad the sun is 93 million miles away.

i turned and walked back along the beach to the car, still checking back over my shoulder at the sun, which seemed to follow me, and i would have gladly let it into my car had it followed me further. but the sun is kinda far away.

best morning i've had in a long time.
Tenra Rise and stand though you have not the strenght to fight.

Rise and be counted as a man.

Rise and find freedom.
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