gods It's really deep. No I'm serious. I don't think I can get it out. Can you see this? That's really fucking deep in there... shit.
jade mortals slumber while gods suffer the depths to light. 980903
Danny cheer up. I know I try to. Get your rope and climb up. 990209
allie i feel inadiqute & unworthy. i am about as deep as a mud puddle. 990501
Rainer I cannot see the bottom from here...give me a torch pls. 991010
spikey-ho Sometimes depth chokes me, I get in too deep I can't breath and all my thoughts choke and die so I'm left staring into the night, screaming without sounds, thinking without thoughts and...No wait that was a dream 991214
jennifer I wanted to blather and write something deep

but I can't shape the words around the ideas like I want to
hahaha deep deep deep
ugh! heeeeelp!
*blub blub blub blub*

"Where's Charlotte?"
"I don't know. She was playing by the boat near the river."

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust"


"Goodbye Charlotte Church."

angela the panic. it's being trapped beneath water so deep you can't see the surface. how can i love you while you are suffocating me? 000331
valis i'm a little tired of idle philosophy lately. i've gone walking with friends dissecting our heads too many times over the years

and come back hungry for popcorn and beer.
Equin0x What shallow, spiritual people think they are. 000525
HolographiC licking deep into the cunt 000715
Brad I used to believe in this but i really think there's no such thing except if you're at least 68 years old. Really. Ok ok... with rare (very rare) exception. 000715
moonshine Bubblegum with a stick gets everything out if its in deep.... 000715
rache Deep. Again so many different opinions. The person who told me to go look at this said I'd like it coz it was a place where everyone can go really deep, no one really cares, and he knows I like that kinda of thing. He was right. Its great, I can babble about everything I damn well like.

I reckon he must like it too, otherwise he wouldn't have told everyone about it. But recently hes been moaning about how he hates being sentimental.

Can someone please tell me what wrong with being sentimental? Only shows your human. As we all are. It's a human trait isn't it?! Whats wrong with that?

chanaka sometimes i wish i weren't so deep...then maybe people would talk to me! 001128
scrptseer And to think we only use a portion of our brain...

I wonder what we were once like.
I imagine with anticipation
in shadow of de-evolution,
that we were indeed brilliant.
What we could express,
The love we could feel,
The colors we could see...

We are no better.
These days see lack,
empty arms,
broken trust,
all the things that make us

When will we see
that it was never "us",
And when it finally was,
mind and soul,
dust to dust.
maxwellthorne I hate trying to be deep, but it makes me feel good. 010204
The Prophet Awakes An object traveling in two directions at the same exact time can cause a man to be extremely confident. 010307
Aimee I'd like to think that i'm a really deep person, but if I think about how deep I am, does that make me shallow? 010308
mikey if more people would sit and think about themselves instead of everyone else this world would be a better place.

does that answer your question?
Chrity go to:
The Truth To think you're deep is a natural function of the human ego. To tell about how deep you are is prideful arrogance, which makes it shallow.

Creative Articulation doesn't make a person deep, nor does self-worship. True depth comes from examining your self, your existence. Each time you explore the core of your personal reality, your extend the boundaries of your depth.
marjorie he said, "you're so deep."
it made me laugh at him.
i didn't like him after that.
unhinged there are all these potentially deep words in front of me that i could potentially write all kinds of deep and meaningful things about but when they stare me in the face they are met with nothing inside my head. this place is emptying my head. and my heart. ick. it's one of those black_holes or something. 010612
Dis Sinking into dark, deep, soft and lush; so unfamiliar and so desirable, chewy and nervous, fidgety and filled with questions.

Rough-and-tumble, artificially stimulated, chemically animated; dirty shoelaces, clean dishes.

Pinch, poke, clutch, embrace, sleep.
silently_she_screams I came here looking for deep words, expressions, feelings...... words that made me think, feel, understand, ask questions.. I got all that and more... I got to hear other peoples opinions, thoughts, and feelings. finally i felt like "here is a group of people that can say wat my mind thinks but can't verbalize". I also found Shallow thoughts, people and expressions and yet, in the same way i relate to the deep thoughts, equally, i related to these shallow thoughts. 020508
tricky deep and murky
what lives beneath the surface?
what makes it thrive and what drives it on?
what shaped it and who changed it?
where does it lead and where will it go?
when will you realize that it is you?
what will it take to make my love true?
phil Still waters...just sit there, shallow and foul. 020510
phil Still waters...just sit there, shallow and foul. Easy to see through, simply dispersed by a splash, or absortion, or evaportation. Waterfalls make deep holes, through hard surfaces, shallow waters just didn't get to leave after the party was over. 020510
Invisible Butterfly i come off as such a bitch itz kinda amusing , then when i get drunk , i usually talk to ppl and let everything that i think and feel out...usually they tell me that they never knew i was such a deep person before , and i just laugh. all u ppl know about me is what i tell u...nothing else , so i dun't understand why it comes as such a surprise
i'm probably not making any sense anymore...
when darkness falls you like me i know but you just can't imagine how much i love you. the first time we met i was a shy guy afraid to make a move. you've changed me. you came into my life like an angel and gave me confidence. you are my guiding light and i look forward to seeing you again. who are you? why are you who you are? why are you being so nice to me? i could never understand. or is this an invisible attraction that some people feel once in a while? i want to be with you more and more. but if i see you once a week that's absolutely fine. because more i don't see you, the more fall in love with you. might sound weird but it's true. and this feeling is deep inside my heart. and never will it come out. because the love you gave to me i won't ever forget. 020718
Perspective_Of_Soul The question of where it shall all end shall not be answered by me.
The question of where it shall begin should be answered by each and everyone of us at some time or another.
Burrowing deep into the twisted roots of the forbidden tree of truth, we curl up there waiting for its fruit to fall.The rain soaks our encasement, our worldly coffin, making us suffocate on the very nature that has enchanted us.Given up at birth and encapsulated in the daunting world that has already grown beyond its years.From the womb to our tomb perhaps.
The light shines from within, yet our skin has died and we cannot shed it.It casts shadows on others regardless.Pointless abstract images of a time long forgotten, a person, long deceased before their heart dies as well.Perhaps because of it.
Sickness attacks our minds, stalks our thoughts sometimes taking it over, leaving us prone to the demented reality of a nightmare all too real.Our blood gets drawn as a soul attempts to cut us with the point of it all.The life force drips from us, leaving messy pools that reflect the gleamy dream of our faces imprinted on the black moonlit puddles of self disgrace.
Fingers crack as they point to the globe of infinitum that surrounds the drowning souls of those within it.
The red clouds swirl with chaotic fury and when we shut our eyes, it swirls there too.
We lie, depraved of that which was promised.The hope that there shall be a chance the climb out of this wretched burial site, the walls too jagged and personal for an attempt.The pearls of crimson unworthy to tarnish their slick imperfect perfection created by that which suffocated us below.
The drops refract the swirls in the sky, creating new swirls we can imagine has been there all along.
Looking to our feet we see the cuts and slices of the years travelled in this thing called life.
We look to our hands and see the memories of those that touched them and then let go.
We look around and see where it brought us.
We look within to see the meaning of it all.
We look deeper, and we see nothing.
~gez~ im in deep, worked myself into it like a worm through moist soil. no i've been squashed, and i dont know how to get back out. no refernces for the faint hearted once said i 020826
and i LIKE it. relaxed,
di luce This love is like the ocean,
and all it's moody blue tides.
me how far can you go?
when can you stop?
will you ever hit the bottom of this in this darkness?
how are you going to get out and touch the sky?
is the blackness of the water pulling you down?
can you ever see the sunlight again?
or are you going to stay in this lie forever?
crimson has a comforting, safe sound to it

like he could crawl into my womb

like i could climb into his blood


warm and deep inside
celestias shadow 'deep and meaningful'

i don't think i've ever used this phrase and NOT been sarcastic.
/ red 040304
PolarizedMoonKat 31...30...29...28...27...26...25...24...23...22...21...20...19...18...17...16...15...14...13...12...11...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1. Now Breathe. 040409
suicidalchinadoll deep into the quick
down to the quick
blood bruise forming at the quick

and the nail

a void, oblivion
do not bid me return to my own state.

darkening eyes
in darkening gloom
o'er building skies
Dimitri Plabato Deepness is a virtue of the mind in which the soul reacts to. Without the concept of deepness then nothing else would not matter. Because all in the world is deep. 050409
metadoc deep sleep slumber
sliding away in decay
age yielding way
i'm very much dumber
though deeper
DropAndRiver Spiritual people make me sick
Deep people make me tired
Honest people make be irate
Liars make me listen
Addicts make me interested
Idiots make me horny

Depth is relative. Everything I say is shallow. Unless the mode of experience kills expression, it is diluted. We are all organic robots slowly being buried in the scrap pile.

Or something.
2_b_contd im not human. i dont want to be. but i am. deep is something only shallow people can only understand the disadvantages to. the see the danger to it. how you could be at the brink of deep and realize you borderline to enemy lines. to insanity. but when your there. thats when you find you can choke on everything over flowing on or above you. but its there you find the dead secrets that help you move on. the things that you wish you had never said. thought, or done. there only you could cry out and realize your past is there to help you up and bring you staring at the surface again. its where you know only ppl who can face it can be the ones who truely relate. but it means nothing at all? just a big big splash? something not wanting to be taken by the tide 050904
Lucky Depth is a blessing and a curse, as it were.

It makes us take a subject, an object; something. We take that something and we view it from so many angles. We gain a perspective on it that at first we didn't think we would. It sometimes comes out of nowhere. And sometimes, it is beautiful. We see that something from a different angle. For example - a broken heart. What if broken hearts don't exist? What if from the day we're born we build up a heart to a state of completion. And that feeling of a broken heart, whatever it may feel like, it actually the emptiness. he little gaps. the little cracks. That haven't been filled in yet. That emptiness is there, because your heart isn't complete yet. What id that were true...?

But sometimes, amongst those beautiful, inspiring and revealing thoughts that prevoke new angles on somethings, we slip. We slip into a darkness. A depth that we don't understand. And a depth that hurts. That gnawns. That scratches. That aches. And we find ourselves at a loss.
poet i like the word deep 060605
krupt how deep is deep? if someone dives deep its like 50 feet, if someone digs deep it could be as little as 20 feet. now if your having sex, 8 inches could be considered deep, and if you honk your car horn...well thats not deep... its beep! now if you really want to understand what the word really means, read this cause its fuckin DEEP. 070613
max i'll huff and i'll puff and i'll blow your house in ! 070614
~ME everyone wants a purpose; few realize they don't have one; noone knows what to do once they find out--What do you do?--I live. 071103
anonymous never let her happenes come between ur happiness 071106
fitzy ---BRAIN VOMIT---

I hope when you’re thinking of Hugh,
You will forget your seat belt
And when your brakes betray you,
Your head with crack the windshield.
Apparently fake laughter is the best medicine.


I will love this love forever.
My blood is cold, You could make it warmer.
You gave me life, Now I feel like dying.
Didn’t do the best, But I wasn’t trying.

I see her lips, calling out my name.
You can breathe, it was all just a game.
Don’t be scared, it wasn’t ending.
This isn’t real, why am I pretending?
Everyone who burns has to learn from the pain

I see only the picture now instead of through it.
It takes me nowhere.
I want to die happy.
She’s my inspiration.
Nothing more.
How things have changed.
How I have changed.
Light reflects seeking a place to land.
She steals my thoughts.
Runs them to death.
They scream.
They plead for rest.
Nothing more.
What more could I want.
Nothings never enough.
Seeking a place to land.
I’m drowning in regret but I can learn to swim.
Bullshit I never learn.
This passing thought seems to linger too long.
It feels good.
It never lasts.
Die now.
Die happy.
mishmosh the further and further down you go, the harder it is to get back up
so dont go further than you can handle
because you may never return to where you want to be
what's it to you?
who go