sphinxradio i have the theory that there is no such thing as original thought.
ideas evolve.
unless you take a word
and another word
and more if you so desire
put them together, and it doesn't mean anything.
this is where you can make it mean something.
this is why i love dadaism.
EECP I was, I mean I am, or I have been?
I know what I mean. I know what I am thinking. I know what I have been told.
I have a purpose, it involves you. It is about the two of us, but that is not all. There is far more but if the two of us do not do what we were created to do here, our eternity will be changed. The road has been rocky. It has been downright terrible. Now is the change, now is the time where what the people of this earth utter will become silent noise in the background of joy. Are you strong enough to face the feelings you desprately struggle to bury. Can you accept that the comfort is about to change. That the thing you are told to do is the absolute wrong direction. That you are pressed and prodded, even blackmailed, without your knowledge by a being that has never cared for you. That only cares for you because of how you serve him. That has never deserved anyone that cares the way I know you can. That can love equivalent to me. The one being that has the potential to tame me. The wild EECP. The only one truly deserving of what my title represents. You are lost and miserable. I see you from a distance and shout for you longingly but you can't hear. You don't realize that you have someone else's hands over your eyes, ears, and mouth. That if you could see how wrong you have been that you would be ashamed. It is time to face the fear that has haunted you since you met me. Since that day you discovered that you didn't know what love was. Now that you have seen it, you still let others scare you away. You bury everyting in a web of fear and disbelief. Your false emmotions only fooling you. Your unhappieness bubbling to the top in ways that everyone is aware of. You were not created to live in misery. If that was your goal someone as plenary as I would not have come along. I gave to you openly knowing what could come of it. Not knowing why I would do such a thing, only knowing that you were the one that was answering all my prayers. The one that was given a body created to find me. The one that knew me in the pre-exsistence and had no idea on earth that you were making such mistakes. The information is now in front of you. If you ignore it you will hurt more than you have in the past. You will hurt for eternity.
Webley matter created consciousness or consciousness created matter? 040303
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