floors smiling, shuddering
for this joy and also beauty.
purple tzar Q: How many germans does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Nein!
girl adam 000327
Rummy i feel joy everytime i here his name and everytime that we play games,friendly ones though. and all the times i catch his gaze, i feel amazed, and ill never have to worry about being alone cuz he makes my day. 000601
WingedSerpent Division

"Twenty-four Hours"
youla joy is a dancing fool at the bottom of my heart and worn on my shirtsleeves. 000601
moonshine Oh JOY!... joy joy. Joy would rant and rave , scream and moan and finally she would flood the bathroom with tears and lock the door. She kept easter bunnies under her Christmas tree in late june. She would lay down a blanket in the front room before the tv and sleep. She danced with me once. The night she told me how she was pregnant, she was drinking a beer. 000602
girl my dog that lives at my parents house is such a joy. hes a year old and hes most likle a pit/boxer mix. dumb as a brick but hes a sweetheart.

my cat isis is also a joy

my almost 11yr old brother is a joy buy im glad i dont live with him, he maybe wouldnt be such a joy if i did.
ClairE Everything.


Also Lisa's middle_name.
notalice This is an exciting thing. I understand now. Yay for me. YAY. 020812
cheer-up-emo-kid everyday I love him just a little bit more
a little bit more
a little bit more
and he loves me the same
bethany rennnnnn
where's stinky
stinky left
and he's never coming back
i.n.f.i.n.i.t.e. things are so beautiful. there is *so* *much* joy to be had. but i have never in my life felt the joy i that i would feel if i could kiss you. and be allowed to kiss you even unto death. so much joy. 030910
imposter ". . . found myself falling out of that desire and wishing I were back in it . . . it is that of an unsatisfied desire which is itself more desireable than any other satisfaction. I call it Joy . . ."

Suprised by Joy
C. S. Lewis
misstree most of what is required to experience joy
is being open to it.
not just saying, yeah, if it comes along, i'll take it,
but keeping a grin tucked in the corner of your mouth like a toothpick,
learning to ignore the cynic that criticizes the moments with traces of simple beauty,
making Play a way of life,
not being self-conscious that someone might think you were weird for grinning at inappropriate moments,
and generally just tacklepouncing the universe whenever it has its back turned on you to deal with *dun dun dun* Important Things.
cynic i looked around at everyone laughing. i didnt find what they were laughing at funny. they were all struck with joy, and i stood motionless. it slitely irritated me. my mind told me it was humorous, but that didnt suffice. i would sometimes laugh, but there was nothing there, and i realized i was completely devoid of joy. i was serene, but alienated, and i didnt know what to do next. as soon as music ceases to give me my fix, i think ill put a bullet in my head. 040321
, capacity for = neoteny 040322
duckling he gave me a lot of it. 050708
Lari if only it was neverending 050802
Chinese Proverb A single joy triumphs over many a grief. 071208
f If you seek attention it is because you long for love or care, it is when you take without being given, it becomes a battle.

If you ask someone for something it is never the same as being given something voluntarily, it has to come from ones heart therefore demanding attention is never a genuine gift. I guess we all make that mistake when we become desperate for help?

I have often noticed that giving yourself attention, being kind to yourself, doing your best to find contentment within yourself is a way of getting attention. It is very peaceful when you can find that space to just be with yourself.
blown cherry joy one minute, utter, utter drowning despair the next 090615
hsg say, "lo ve"

but itz worth it
Risen The other day I was in the chapel of King's College, Cambridge. This really iconic place. It was my birthday. The lights flickered against the shadows of the ceiling, and an orchestra played Dvorak. I was inside the music. It was a transcendental moment. I found tears rolling down my cheeks.

I have found my joy again.
flowerock Sincere innocent joy.
The moonlight sparkling and glittering on the tips and edges of the moving sea water. So beautiful and intense that I questioned if it was some other light, floating lights washed ashore or some bio_luminescent creatures in the water. Just moon light dancing, hidi by and seeking, skipping and frolicking on the waves. Pure light and water meeting and rejoicing. I just about cried feeling the love. When did I lose that energy? It's not lost, but I need to rediscover where it sleeps and tickle it awake. Funny_dreams. Little emotional beavers built sturdy damn homes in my heart space. Hibernating_heart.
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