CaliforniaRaiSun A second glance,
as we prepare to dance.
On a balcony above
we imitated their love.
Moving together
we were one with each other.
Once upon an island
you took my hand.
Though we went to a distant place
we came back unchanged.
Our eyes met across the stars
and I asked you to be mine.
You said "no, I just can't"
I said "it's ok, alone I shall dance"
Unnaturallovely ...only true way for your soul to show its smile 031027
acidshank in a hot room. with a hot guy. everyone around you is hot. sweat and emotion.
hottest thing you can do.. ever. so sensual
and when its slow, hold eachother tighter every few minutes. evenutally just melting into eachother.
what's it to you?
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