auto cross reference system Like some foods.

See cherry.
girl_jane I love my red hair 020519
sarah intoxicated firework surface
dream sucking spew

alive on the pillow
werewolf i feel comfortable in my skin today, and i wanna make use of it.
We all know how to be sensual, it's just a matter of remembering to forget all the things we try to remember and concentrating on how our bodies inform our thoughts, if that feeling is terror, surrender to it, let your pulse race, to be sensual is to express yourself on another person. Just like that, the slight tremble of my hand has changed into the quivering of her lower stomach. Just like that we are one step closer to inviting the novel into our soul, to open the windows to air out, to scream at the emptiness of a house we thought cluttered. Sensuality is when we do not long, but that we long presently. When one does not attempt to contort their senses, ones senses overun all fear.
Syrope the past day or so i've felt so electrically sensual. i don't know if its being off the birth control, or the emotional situations i've been handed, or the opportunities that don't come around but so often. of course i was playing along all night, but at some point i realized you could have me if you wanted me. and you kept offering to be alone with me, but it was so surreal. like i wasn't myself, but i liked it. i've never wanted to tease someone so badly. part of me wants to talk to you, compare notes, because i know you felt the tension...but that might destroy some of the mysteriousness of it all :) if i say anything about it to you it will be to thank you for the painfully suggestive flirting that never amounted to anything. damn, that's good for me.

i have a hunch that this new tingly sensual feeling has a lot to do with my new confidence in doing things *for me*...being selfish has done wonders. your smile makes me smile, i will have your screen name. you make me feel bad about myself, i want out. you threaten to hurt me, i don't need you any more. you show up at my room alone when i clearly invited you up with a group, mine for cuddling. you tilt your head at just that angle when i pull my hands through your hair, i finally get to taste the skin on your neck (god, i was scared i might bite you...i swear i could feel your heartbeat with my lips - you don't know what that does to me)...

my insides - everywhere - feel so perfectly warm and liquid. i want to be cut open and touched in places fingers can't reach.

but one) i'm going to have a lot of explaining to do if i decide to get more seriously involved with one of these guys and they happen to read this and realize it's not all about them and two) i'm gonna have to start blathering under a diff name if i want anything but a terrible reputation for being a whore (i do want to talk about these things to people, but not everyone who reads my blathers can keep their judgements to themselves)
jenny enny dots Is a scent, that's intoxicating. Makes you feel like a different place and time, and a younger person 040118
egger . 040119
lovechild it is never wrong in itself. 040219
you and in this they all screamed
and claimed that flesh
offered something
often dressed it up
sensual they say always
they say
what's it to you?
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