ChickenPotPi like a nothing, but depressing. 000311
Marjorie fill it up
with anything.
even the worst of something
is better than the emptiness
because it's very hard to feel
and sometimes,
only blood will do the trick.
narc0ma i feel empty.
i feel it in my soul. my blood.
i feel it will never be enough. nothing will ever fill this void.
not even coming does it anymore. the one moment of bliss a male will ever know. i have not even that.
i have so much in life. ive earned it. its taken years to rebuild myself from the ashes of my past.
and yet the human desire to self-destruct remains in whole. perhaps i thought all would be perfect? perhaps i am an idealist. and it will always come crashing down...
chanaka the cup may be half full
but there isn't a thing i can do about
it sits on my desk reminding me
of my pure empty nature
i have read that the human soul was
never meant to be
then what am i?
Jeff Powers I revel in emptiness
Bless me with nothing
with empty

Surrounding myself in the void
is Everything and All

The world in an empty cup
forgotten every time you look into my eyes, it grows, but it isn't until i try to leave again that i feel it... 010117
kx21 Somehow related to NOTHING.

Please cklick the following for some
new finding about NOTHING:-

* In_search_of_nothing
mushroomman Somehow related to
Interscope Records
Casey i touch my palm to the left portion of my chest, and i can feel my heart beat. Yet as i stare at my computer screen, i can feel a void deep in my chest. A void that may never be filled 010602
cwn annwn jesus is coming

act busy
mer o is a line around emptiness or nothing noshamanofi cantake the boundofbond blathering the essence of the emptiness 010604
blue and now i am empty...
now i am dead..
you did this to me are u happy..
how do i go on and fill the void within when u wont let me..
blown cherry please let me come back.
It's not just about filling the emptiness.
Let me fill your emptiness too.
Photophobe loves Billy Corgan You can't.


Just like me.
lycanthrope if it's not supposed to be filled, it's not a cup, if it's not supposed to be drank...it's not a cup.
Accidental walls, accidental filling,
they're nothing unless someone is drinking.

Sure the glass if half full, it's also half empty...but all i wanted was a straw not a philisophical debauchery
oodles when you are with a group of people, yet still feel lonely
and when you intentionally do things that you know will eventually hurt you
and when you are damaged, wounded
when the only person who has ever made you see real beauty is indifferent to your presence
when you let people hurt you over and over and do nothing to protect yourself
you are left empty
a shell of the person that you once were
velvetdesire i can stand the pain and sadness, it's the emptiness that i can't bear. 020612
no reason seeing you
but not
Dream_Electric void



dreamy white spaces to float in and just

Syrope "we don't really know each other any more at all" 030407
seeker is what i wish to feel no longer
i want to be happy
i want to shed this cloak of sorrow
i wish that my life was more simple
sometimes i have to step back and look at things in a differnt angle
and convivce myself that my life isnt that bad
Pixie emptiness is lonliness and lonliness is cleanliness and cleanliness is godliness and god is empty just like me 040107
minnesota_chris I was visiting a friend the other day, who was nice and hospitable in her 18-year-old way. There was a break in the action, so I stopped a minute to unwind and regroup.

I sat down on the couch, in an empty room. If you want to be happy and well liked, what works for me is sitting still, and staring off into space or doing something to make yourself happy, like singing or playing guitar.

What I chose to do was look out the window and muse. And when I had released my mind from cares and stress and expectations, without thinking I got up and went into the next room, where my friend's sister was trying to cram Holocaust facts for tomorrow's final exam. I plunked myself down and started quizzing her. It was fun, and she told me that I'll make a good teacher.
minnesota_chris what gets me is, when I took a moment to stop and clean out my head, I started being the most fun, genuine person ever. 040603
a "point" destiny_of_the_zero 040806
Syrope even the new wave of disgust didn't help
i'm so BAD at this

i tried to clean the bathroom, at least
sameolme I'm full of it. 041214
smells like christmas tarts desperate to be filled
searching in desperation
filled with longing
longing to find what im searching for
minnesota_chris my mind keeps going back to the thought that I want to go to bed with a nice someone and hump for days, my feet only touching the floor for occasional showering and food.

I have no idea how to make this happen, though, and doubt it ever will.
unhinged who you are fills everything around you with existence, meaning. your perception is just a reflection of your self. 080628
unhinged (so have i heard; this is the path of no expectations.

i've been getting scriptural lately)
joey EMPTINESS hmmm it really fucking sucks 091004
joey people on blather have helped through some tough times in my life thank you all 091004
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