daxle you are not supposed to read this
if I'm silly for wanting to hang out in the bot then you are silly for reading my entries
if I wanted to say something to you, I would
The Prophet Awakes Good point. 010308
Syrope We agreed that it was over
now the lines have all been drawn
the love we shared began to fade
but now its gone
put our pictures in the shoebox
and your gold ring in the drawer
Im not supposed to love you anymore
I shouldnt care or wonder where you are
but I cant hide this hurt inside my broken heart
Im fighting back emotions that Ive never fought before
cause Im not supposed to love you anymore
Ravenia I'm not supposed to be surfing the internet during work. I hope my boss never reads this. 031108
nonlucid when I was a kid, I thought the way things went was you go to elementary school for 7 years, high school for 5, university for maybe 3, then you get married and have kids and work and stuff

and it's simple

things never work out the way you plan them, do they? ever? please?
unhinged one of the words that my 'yoder' accent becomes glaringly apparent. damn wisconsin/minnesota accent. it makes my skin crawl. i hate to hear it coming out of my own mouth. 040720
Robert_R supposed to be selection of finest fish 060912
Keil It seems we all particpate in that were we are designated not to. I suppose that this is why we do it to begin with. Who cares about what we're supposed to do when there is so many things we can do. Why take the time to do something seemingly meaningless and unimportant when there is so many good and virtuous things that can come to possibility if we wished for them. But not just wish either. We must act! We must do what we wish! I am not being a dissident, im not instigating war or riots, I am motivating all of you to do what you need to do and asking you to do it soon! Live for the moment, not for tomorrow's moment. What if tomorrow never came? You would look retarded in eternity if all you could credit yourself with was "listens well to others' orders." Now I beg and plead you to earn your bragging rights so that eternity wont seem so long

Or would you rather do what you're supposed to do?
what's it to you?
who go