Brad a minimun of 730.5 days. 000611
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wish463983 you know i just needed to blather....only ranom blatherers are awake on a night before the work week begins.....

that old what's-his-face
called me Sat. night
but i was staying the weekend in roserito-baja
and it's be a year since i've had to rush home just to hear his voice
years since i first met him
years since i could go out and party without wanting him there with me
on the drive back up from roserito this sunday i wondered if i could hold back from calling him all night
as you can see it's 1 am and i'm still thinking about returning the call
i'm trying to not play that fucking message on the machine again
i want him to wait years before i call him back
um the moon
but i can still so see g o n e 030317
skye don't let them leave you wondering where they went. 031107
dead mans paradise years carry changes you never expected.

they slowly work their way over your body and through your mind, shaping you the way a river shapes a canyon.

subtle, but deep.
illusionary_reality floating down the memory lane...having seen the years go by with frightening slowness. and now...i'm dying. those years seem to have rushed by now. 040612
me i think about the last 18 years of my life alot. i wonder, if i added up all the moments in those years that i can remember, how close to 18 years worth of time would it add up too?

how much time has passed that left no memorbale mark on me?

how much time passed when i was not aware?

you've only been awake for slightly more than half of the time you've been alive.

i've been alive for 9 years.
ofsuch so much has happened in so little time. what do the next few bring with it?? 070112
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