SomeoneElse I think I hate you. This is the most frightening thing to me. I don't want to hate, that makes me too much like you, but here I am writhing in a sea of negative thoughts about you. I want to hurt you. I feel sick and I want to cry. I wish I had never even met you, let alone seen inside of you. I feel infected and bitter. How am I supposed to funtion and be nice to you when I harbour such feelings of malintent about you. I hate you and I am afraid of this feeling. I want to let go of it. It seems that I haven't let go of you, as if I had I would be feeling anything toward you. God, I am a liar to self and that is the worst one of all. 000428
yummychuckle penguins coming at me with pitchforks and assorted neon bandaids. 010602
piercedjenny i observe the deafening silence
and taste the chaos like bile in my throat.
feeling the plate mirror i realize the most frightening thing is having no sense of self.
Clarey The most frightening thing is that hate is so close to love, how easily it switches from love to hate. How one person can hurt you so much that it makes the most precious gift you can give someone turn to a will of death & destruction. It makes you writhe with pain & it makes me want to die xx 030612
hilARa Frightening... the way i love to be the way i love to frighten others and fill them with the raging fear that tears their bodies from their minds. The true emotion of fear that will never be overcome by the nonsense of bravery... everybody is frightened. No one is secure... everyone has an insane portion of their brain just waiting to jump out and frighten the hell out of people... Saying that you are not afraid is bs because the true endpoint is that everyone is frightened. 040426
K@T in the H@T
vague flaming arrows
in the forest of night
ignite fright

fight your spite
get right

don't bite
what you can't
what's it to you?
who go