Quintessensual Sometimes bitter is suitable for the soup, but sweet is all you should taste after the dessert. 991202
andrea bitter is my mouth
chaste is my soul
as i awake alone
damp with sweat and trembling
from the cold and the dream
that has just rocked my bed and
shattered my mind
Shar must be found in a poem for it to be a true teenage angst anthem 000130
gloria lost myself in my own bitterness
it was falsely comforting
like a nasty religion
marjorie people often describe tears as bitter,
but in reality, tears are just knives.
they cut.
when hot,
they burn your face
until you're covered with scars.
and your eyes are permanently glazed over
as if you had been absent from your body
for a very long time
and somehow you got lost
and you cannot find your way back
so now you cry
bitter tears
silentbob my world was cold
there was a torrant snow storm every day
all i ever wanted was some peace and happiness
but i couldn't.
my emotions wouldn't let me.
and then one sunny day
my emotions were shared with another person
and i began to feel sweet
she had made me this way
SrM my language is bitter and the people i listen to has bitter words too. 000710
gwyllynne and here i stand before you breathing in the murky air of angst ridden bitterness and what am i supposed to do suddenly finding myself a 21 year old cajun female without a driving force or that eager connection the only thing mind you that comforted a small child and what am i supposed to do when lovers turn their back with cold icy resentment directed at me who once gave them so much the monster really who i see before me as i gaze into this shattered mirror?...disciplined i was brought to my kneesand i will never forget the smell of those whips brandishing me....leather to skin...producing that intensity which is so craved...disciplined i thought i was and one day i too will be a princess for all to admire and none to touch filled with smiles and tender thoughts...yeah one forgive me if my words leave an empty taste in your mouth it gets so hard to always be the good guy walking away as they cast their stones at my bleeding heart....cornered like a caged animal but it doesn't really matter because i am just a nothing can really affect can affect me as i crumble to the floor where have all the saviors gone? empty apartment filled with pent up emotions too strong for any structure to bare it'a no wonder that the unrelenting sense of doom abrates my tender flesh late at night leaving me without sleep ..... without dreams... and not even i can fight my battles for me as i clean up somebody else's mess is companionship worth such a price? when nobody knows how to treat their fellow (wo)man and our children...the voices of tomorrow's future...are being raised on violence "billy, why don't you go out and play?" "but mommy, the parks aren't fun anymore and these cartoons are sooo real to me"...who is to blame when children treat loaded gunsas toys abd shedding blood isn't even worth shedding a tear?...Not that matter and here i stand before you with my weary eyes offering to you all that i have simply because i can and if it isn't offered it will be taken out from under me....offering myself...what have i got to loose as i bare my soul to another person waiting to rape me of the shreds of dignity i so desperately hold onto there is no room for pride here...but i am a loving happy lemon fresh person and this i a true offer butonly if you want to touch my pure soul and feel the wounds caused by so many other....and what am i trying to say here?...and yes i earned these scars and don't you take it for granted these scars are me....piercing...branding...cutting my coul in beautiful hues...come dance in my fire.....and what am i supposed to do here?....where am i supposed to run to? i crawl back into myself the dim recollection of things half forgotten glimmers in my mind's eye i take a deep breath and step aside. 000713
Colfax Bitterness is not evidence of intelligence or greater understanding. It is not proof of a hard life.
Bitterness is the easy way out.
Bitter is what you've chosen to be in response to your disappointment.
Bitter is the flavor of the decade for teenagers. So join the crowd and curse the sky. Revel in your mire. I'll stand by, watching you torture yourself and whoever else you can bring down... and I'll be sipping on something sweet.
lovers lament is the taste on my lips. as i crawl to sleep at night. cold bed, fucked up head. can't ever get things straight. bitter about the tragic loss of him, and how i never even said a proper goodbye. bitter that they were not there on my day of victory. it consumes me. wraps me up in a cool blanket and coos me to a reckless, restless, bitter end of the day. 001122
unhinged "why are you so bitter?"

"why do you tell everyone that?"

i will leave my violent intrusions to myself and stop looking for disappointment but i so do like to be disappointed

isn"t that what everyone lives for?
rah-sis-boombah yeah i'm bitter.
big deal.
i have a reason to be.
i take that back..
i have many reasons to be.
but dont we all.
sure sure.
me on the other hand,
I put the bitterness of myself
I dwell on this..
on the inside.
Christy42 Yes, dear, your silent departure upset me greatly, though I'll be the last to admit the fact to you or my pretty public. In my glowing naivete, I swore that there existed between us some rare, powerful chemistry. I truly believed I sensed something extraordinary, but now I realize that though your radiance and strength warranted the receipt of all my eager, antsy affection, it promised nothing reciprocal. 010910
Norm How can you be so bitter so early in the morning? 010910

bourbon brown
and whiskey green
all the colors in between

coffee black
and morning bleak
empty mouth, i cannot speak
unhinged it's been so long since you
left a mark
i forgot the biting comfort of steel
the irrational being of new scars
not yet healed over
one is never enough
and the excuses of tomorrow are
easily hidden by long sleeves
every season needs a reminder of
my inevitable weakness
i think i have cultivated apathy to
a skewed degree
but when i say that it's
only a lie.
a bitter lie
Becky Yep.. very. Oh so god damn bitter. I pretend I'm not because no one fucking cares. They didn't care then.. they don't care now. I don't matter. 011004
Rhinna me. 011031
kerry i try so hard not to be. sometimes i get in such an awful mood or i just wake up on the WRONG side of the bed and i can't help but be a completely bitter little asshole. 011229
ClairE It's everything I am NOT about. I don't want to be. Sometimes you realize, not only does life not work for you, but it doesn't even matter. You know? It makes no difference...and since I still care anyway, I end up a little hard to swallow at the end of the week. 011229
ClairE Now I can say I'm_sorry. 020107
Mahayana: Zakah: Gammas
cooking chocolate
i found
in the fridge
one day
i though to myself:SCORE:

[[it may look 'like' chocolate]]
[but 'taste' is another sense]
[[that overides any another 'sense']]
elana i wake on the wrong side of my bed and am bitter. then i realize that there is only one side to my bead. 020107
*nat* black coffee, very bitter but the sort of bitter that wakes you up, black coffee is wkd on a monday morning, but i can think of way better thing to wake up to every morning than a cup of black coffee, like you, no not you, YOU, you know who you are. 020825
~gez~ is it i lord, can i go lord, i can hear you call me in the night. i will go lord, if you need me, i will hold your people in my arms. 020825
oak barrel it's an emotion that some people hold against their -exes.... I don't... but I know someone who does 020826
Nathan88 am i at a family which seems to fall apart everytime they get their shit together...who are you to get upset that i spend time with my dad when i havent seen him in 7 months...go back to your lonliness i no longer will try and help you 021225
niska you woldn't feel this bitter if you didn't invest so much sweetness the last time. 030301
niska you wouldn't feel this bitter if you didn't invest so much sweetness the last time. 030301
j i l l i a n a word i use to answer the question "how are you?"
by far a favorite word
frazzled is up there too.
amanda and these bitter tears, i swear they're filled with salt... 040627
gemaniacal you think you have conquered
you have succeeded in destroying
selfish bitch
all to prove how wonderful
and sane
and balanced
and healthy
and self contained you are.
everything is about YOU not me
it always has been
your rules
your timetables
my eggshells
my pain
make me your subservient little bitch
just like your mother
did to you
good enough.
I hate you sometimes
and my heart my spirit my very breath
twists in my chest because I am alone
and without you
a black death
gemaniacal Im not done yet

youve hidden behind the computer
yes you have
and talk big words
about how tough you are
if it werent there
you sliced me to the very core
had me doubting
every word that left my mouth.
you crumpled before your "husband"
1200 miles away
you were fucking 10 from here
and you wouldnt see me
because it would upset
HIS travel plans
but I am the one at fault
where were you that night you told me you were going there?
but I am the one who is wrong
I am the one who
harbors secret resentment
well hell yeah bitch
who are these "friends"??
powerful fucking "friends"
one minute its no Im not mad baby
the next its how dare you even consider
but I am the one who is wrong.
do you hear me need I scream
how much I fucking love you
adore you need you
how deeply the black knife twists
without you
Harlequin Hah. 060418
hsg medicine 080101
anythingbutcryptic "dont be silent just because youre bitter, babe."


the taste in my mouth, sometimes.
unhinged better to be silent and bitter
than loud and mean
pobodys nerfect "better to be silent and bitter
than loud and mean"

well...not necessarily. =0/
i've been silent and bitter for a loooong time about 2 particular people who used to be in my life who are nothing but scum in disguise, and my being silent has only helped them to continue to be phony with mutual friends--while it eats away at me. I'm a truthful person, and i know that some of my friends would be disgusted with what they did, but on the other hand i don't want to be the "bad guy" either.

I've tried to let it go (many many times *sigh*) but i can't. And now it's kind of at the point where the whole situation is just depressing me. I wish i would've just been "loud and mean" a long time ago, and risk letting the chips fall where they may...if i had done that, maybe i wouldn't be depressed right now.
anythingbutcryptic ive been bitter and silent
and ive been loud and mean

neither feel particularly nice

1. my childhood friend changing into a shallow, private school bitch and me being bitter and silent about it. we used to carve hearts out of rocks. now she laughs at emos and worries about looking ugly in the daylight. i want to hit her. i could be loud and mean about it but hell, the girl worries about being ugly in the daylight.

2. a girl made the mistake of being slightly nasty to me while i was going thru this weird pre adolescent depressed/emo/nihilistic phase. i made the mistake of being loud and mean to her and made her life hell for a year. i found out three years later she was still taking her revenge.

probably being loud and mean can have its advantages, though ive never found myself in a situation where things are black and white like that. as in to be loud/silent
unhinged i'm not particularly good at either myself
i mumble under my breath
auburn not anymore.

I should be more proud of myself than I am.
amy oh, yes, i guess i am... but look at this way: if I had more mental energy, I'd be cynical. given my experience, that would little (or a lot) more tragic.

thanks for your empathy, I won't be asking for sympathy as long as my soaking-in-it parents are in business....
suicidalchinadoll I require bitterness as a metaphor - or my palate is unsatisfied.

in a physical sense, as well as literary, poetic and musical
though perhaps not spiritual.
perhaps that means I am growing up.
. bitter is good
bitter is alkaline
. bitter is illegal 120211
not not not really gotta love those mixed messages
hel i have bitter words and thoughts
it might be petty, but i feel i'm entitled to them
sometimes it's not so big, but sometimes it's a fucking betrayal

soon i'll be out and my soul can start healing

unhinged tirelessly 130823
e_o_i I miss the curly lettuce... but naturally, I relinquish food choice when I am not the one paying for it. Still, there are abundant dandelion leaves for free, though it takes some searching to find the chewable samples. 130823
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