deb three years i've kept my distance
thinking i was too
thinking i would never have a chance

and here i am
where i've wished i was
all along
apr!l is my lucky number....nothin' too philosophical about it...just a nice friendly odd number that carries an unusual amount of supernatural significance for me...... 000128
silvre a love triangle 000709
dug A magic number
The trinity
Hope, faith, charity
Past, present, future
Spirit, mind, body
Mother, father, child
datura when i was three, i moved to oregon.
i don't remember much about that, only that it was hot and sweaty driving there. it took us sixteen days.
Miner 3 blind mice
3 blind mice
see how they run
right into the wall

the first one gets concusion
and a pain in the bum
the second sticks his nose
where it dont belong

the 3rd mouse get saved
and stops just before
he ends up with his head
crused by the door
owko ......three,
from this balcony......
Miner Motorcycle riding to the south. 010511
kerry i had this electric orange hair that radiated warmth all over the place and made people scared to touch me, and these little swollen lips and porcelain skin and my fists clenched around my mom's finger when i hid behind her legs if i was feeling shy.
i was in love with flamingos and ballerinas, and my speech was babyish and laced with little strings of spit that little kids always have. three was the last year i was genuinely sweet... the final part of my life before i turned evil. hahahaha
zaina is special to me. 020117
schoolhouse rockin birdmad Three
is a magic number.
Yes it is,
it's a magic number.
in the ancient, mystic trinity
You get three
as a magic number.

The past and the present and the future,

Faith and hope and charity,

The heart and the brain and the body
Give you three.

That's a magic number.

(words/music Bob Dorough)
Jessica magic words that form the shape of
All schools canceled.. Unfortunatly they aren't I love you
blown cherry weeks.
Three weeks too long when they seemed an almost unneccessary break.
Good to go, but better to be back.
Agonising it was. So much of the time seemingly not worth the distance, not worth it at all.

Then I come home and ease back in,
and think about it all over again.
blown cherry years
of brushing everything under the carpet. of forgiving things before they became problems. So there weren't any.
A shallow pond of warmth.
eklektic he gave you his cigarettes and instructed you to give him three a week, while he was here at home.

we talked about smoking, and you smiled and said "wow. i want to see you smoke. that'd be cool."

you of all people shouldn't applaud my slight downfalls. you have more power than you think.
Strideo 3hree

juni what does the number sequence 123-321 represent? Does anyone know the meaning of the word trelock? 031202
acidshank o three. my three best friends. i love them all.they are amazing. its just so good.
1+3=4 very good very good
. 041129
fix 041129
sugar something about pie
and how you eat it with a fork
or maybe a spoon
cuz there might be ice cream.
why? three-three-three 333 051009
:( every three seconds some one dies 070130
what's it to you?
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