amy at some point, didn't each and every person feel lucky to be alive for what we've all come to recognize as the millennium? what will you feel like when the 1900's are history and what we've got are nothing but 2000's? nothing but 2000's. what do you feel like when your childhood is just over and it's all adulthood from there on out? do you know what it's like to be an adult? 991227
lizard i was at that football game, wasn't i? but blessed is a better word... less uncertainty about the vast odds. would it have happened if i hadn't gone? i like to hope so. 991228
old hick Cooper obsessed over luck. Which numbers were lucky, which were unlucky. Ladders, cracks, shadows and cats. Everything. He claimed to be the luckiest person he knew. He didn't know that many people. 000122
marjorie You are lucky to be alive
You are lucky to have what you have
You are lucky to be human
Luck. No. there is no luck.
there is not live, no having, no human.
Nothing but the sound of the wind
When you have lost all semblence of your former self
silentbob im the luckiest man on the face of the earth because i have everything i want. it might be somewhat late, it might be somewhat stressful sometimes, but ive been happier ever since i read her typing_the_hints last april. my lifes never been the same. 000704
Sintina Yesterday we lay on the couch in sun, watching tv.
And he said: "Oneday I hope I'll make us rich so we can do this everyday."
And I said: "No. Don't go around trying to make us rich. If we get rich, then we're lucky, if we don't..."
And he said: "No. We're already lucky. Whether we have money or not, we're the luckiest people in the world."
We sighed together.
like rain. out of all of the could-have-beens, you picked me.

out of all of the could-bes, you picked me.

you picked me.

let me keep choosing you not only as the combusting sun slips below the horizon but as darkness falls, as morning breaks anew, as the rest of our lives are forged day by day until it is all like powder between our figertips.

love must be able to find its way.
. mmmmmmmm if it's ment to be. 010524
unhinged bonne chance mon ami 011021
ClairE me 011216
ellen cherry charles its lucky that there's a site called blather where people can post threads on topics such as how often do cats mensturate 020106
dondeestanlosjaguares I feel so lucky to be able to accomplish the things that I can with the help and/or support from those around me. I just love the fact that I have so much to thank for. Everything is as much as a blessing as the last thing and no matter what it is that I do, I know that I will not be doing it alone. I have such wonderful friends and such beautiful people surrounding me. Of course, I am not saying that it is all too easy, because then I would get bored. It simply wouldn't be exciting! What I am saying is that the challenges that are there, are certainly worth overcoming and something that I could feel proud of once I have done so. If in any case I happen to fail the first time around, I know I have support there ready to jump into action, watch my back and take care of me while I recover. Or, if they think it is best, than they let me be and let me stand on my own. Learning to walk all over again, is one of the most benficial things that you can do for yourself. It takes a lot of devotion and self-respect. Knowing that just because you have tripped does not mean that you have lost your legs, cut off by misfortunes, but instead more of a "if it doesn't kill you it only makes you stronger." Crippled, yet able to walk, is worth the respect and dignity of any man to his fellow brother.

**quicknote: i don't mean to be sexist, I use the reference "man" and "brother" as general terms, for all you ladies reading this, I apologize, I mean it in general and it does apply to you as much as any other person. Sorry! :)
phil today 020729
trin to my first:
you know, i'm happy for you.
you're lucky.
no, actually, she's lucky.
i knew always knew i couldn't keep you forever, but in the back of my mind...i always said "maybe."
i'm glad there is no bitterness.
i'm glad that we still talk.
i hope you'll always let me love you.
even if you don't, i still will.
even if i never say it, i do.
and if you ever want to come back.
i vow to drop everything for you.
i'm here.
and if you don't, that's ok.
i'm not expecting you to.
i just want you to be happy.
and for you to be there for me too.
User24 there is no such thing as luck, only differing probabilities. 030401
niska a horseshoe up my ass - i always get my way. i was told it was my birthsign, but i'm not really into the mumbo-jumbo.

let's just call me lucky and leave it at that.
nomatter lucky you||deftones
they'll come soon
i keep waiting...and i wait...won't me... and if you're feeling lucky,
come and take me home
and if you feel loved (if you feel lucky/if you feel loved)
you've cross the walls
further along through their hell
all for my heart
i watch you kill
you always have
you always will
now spread your wings and sail out to me...
so if you're feeling lucky, come and take me home
come and take me home
come and take me home
come and take me home
come and take me home
yeah if you feel love... (and if you feel lucky/if you feel loved)
crossed the walls
further along through their hell
for my heart
i watch you kill
you always have
you always will
you always have and always will
you always have
you always will
spread your wings and sail out to me...
(if you feel lucky/if you feel loved)
marjorie finding four leaf clovers
rabbits foots
pink unicorn of d00m
number 173
i met you
lucky I define lucky as... knowing you. Let alone loving you, forever. 040731
. 040731
iamme i am not lucky 041103
Splinty {stealing lyrics} I know we are...we are the lucky ones ~ Bif Naked 050101
tr you're lucky if you are lucky 050201
me hmm.

when i about five, i wondered what it would be like to be 10, because 10 seemed so old. i thought i would miss my childhood, and i wanted to stay a kid. when i was 10, i realized i still felt the same, still a kid, and i wondered waht it would be like to be 18 because 18 seemed old, and i thought my childhood would be over. but its not, i still feel like a kid. i hope i always feel like a kid. i think i will.
me i am a lucky person 050519
janehead I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll
This time, I feel my luck could change
Kill me Sarah, kill me again with love
It's gonna be a glorious day

Pull me out of the aircrash
Pull me out of the lake
I'm your superhero
We are standing on the edge

The Head of State has called for me by name
But I don't have time for him
It's gonna be a glorious day
I feel my luck could change

Pull me out of the aircrash
Pull me out of the lake
I'm your superhero
We are standing on the edge
eff pot...?

whats up ?

wheres that lucky writter gone ?
yay i was looking for the lucky writter ...
but they seem to have disapeared these days. anyone know any thing about this?
i was just wondering.

"beleve in wishing the realway
pick & mix once you see the front door"

it was from my word hat.... found it !

what else is n this book?
see ! here we go... from word hat...

... they are quite fun actually ...

"some strangers steal you destiny
never fold-over
provide decent help for searching
think high
play old style
breathe some better questions"

"you dramed like dying tears
why was a sexy future hurt ?
only sensational stress drives combat
people concentrate and watch huge mistake"

"the serial mind wish is in my leather bag
the world wanted
to runway from want
without seeking a bad experience"

its all random words......but quite ummm...
look at this one ! ... this one is the best !

"the full story is found in the ordinary day
who heard
how the little secret can contact love
it is calm real and exciting
so escape the killer and centre on the
like earthy breezy soul silk "


"glamourous accident had skin contact,
impress newfound enemy without attack,
be open to ride with them
and ask criminals to share
a taste of his own medicine. "
wondering but something is hindering me ....
it was a dream or an imagination ...
to do with ... being lucky?
strange... i don't know what it is but...

oh nevermind.. i'm too tired today..
not making any sence at all.
Syrope he said "keep your head down, do what you can, and hope at the end of the day you're lucky and it's been enough"

he said this has happened before, 7 or 8 years ago. i guess i'm kind of oblivious. people are struggling to find a job, and i just added a second one, for fun. but really, at my main job, no one knows how to do what i do. they're idiots if they think i'll train someone on my way out if they fire me.

i see help wanted signs everywhere. i list the places and all they can say are "no, i don't want that kind of job"...which blows my mind. what kind of job is worse than no job?

i suppose i have been keeping my head down all along. and doing my job. i don't know that i believe in luck. if i keep my job, it's due to what i've done. if i lose it, it's also due to what i've done. what else is there to say?
emily i wonder if it's possible to be lucky and to appreciate it? 080722
mamawolff After reading old blather entries I've posted (under a different handle), I'm really lucky I'm not who I used to be.

Life takes you on a wild ride.

At least I've got losing my virginity VERY well documented on here.
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