jeff hell is what you make of it. forget fire and brimstone and whatever ideas have been pushed at you in times previous. hell is here, hell is now. hell is when you are disappointed in someone or (even worse) yourself. hell is life without meaning. hell is life with (or without) ideology to lead the way. who can truly say that we don't beg for the hell we are given? why would we set ourselves up for it so often if we didn't? 980905
big ...is other people -Sartre 980908
emma oh no! life without meaning is wonderful! it frees you up so much because you don't have to live with the nagging worry of whether you are significant, because you know the answer. that is far from hell. 980922
amy yes, one should be free to be alive, since you are alive, aren't you?
And if that means that life has to be meaningless, than so be it.
Ravansara we have to eplore hell to leave it behind, to know where we came from so we can go to what we don't know but need. we have to feel, breathe, live it to transcend our own hell and heaven. to reach nirvana is far deeper 990224
adam i don't believe in it, except in math classes. 990305
kyo If I only get off that guest list.. 990328
daxle so very tired, equations, notes, no understanding, laugh when nothing's funny, let us go so I can get lunch 990506
stephen living with your parents... and sharing a room with your brother... when you're twenty-one years old. 990606
steve Seems like a really scary place to me. 990623
jordan hell is now, hell is earth, they try to make it sound evil and horrible but you can't find a place with more evil and hatred than here,the people try to put all these thoughts and images into your mind when your young to try to get you to do the right thing.......but what they don't know is that we know.......life is the only true hell 990709
steve HELLo.

Just a state of mind. Nive place to meet people. They're a bit over cooked mind.
ME GO TO _ _ _ _ 990817
kim hell is whatever you make it. it may be eternal satisfication for one, but for another it could be hell. (no pun intended) 991014
confused emma, you bother me. 991028
Nate Higgins The thin flimsy walls I spend so much effort covering with my fears and hatreds so that they may parade behind my eyelids every night denying sleep and twisting my intestines with intense self loathing and pitty. Worse still are the rediculous fantasies that follow dangling the unreachable promise of hope forever beyond my grasp. I am Tantalus forever denying myself what i starve for purely out of spite for myself. That's a little chunck of the hell I find myself in every day. 991031
|sCaRReD*disTrOyeD| Hell is many things. Loosing love. Being in school. Being completly and utterly uncomfortable. Being beaten. Being depressed. No matter what kind of hell you are in, it is the worst place to be. 991127
valis hell? well, it'd be worse than you can imagine, wouldn't it?

so i guess you should live happy, knowing that at least you're not there.
camille being alone on this planet with no one to talk to, or speaking and no one hears. Your left with the rainbows screaming in your head 000103
deb i am in hell!
i live there. apparently.
no matter what i do,
no matter how i try,
nothing is good enough for jenni~
she always finds something to bitch about
so i wasn't in the room for a whole fifteen
big deal~
i was on the phone, trying to keep my sanity,
is that so bad?

sorry- done venting (or so i hope)
she's a LEECH
i swear it

doesn't want me to see my bit of
sunshine ~
take me away from here? or should i say, her?

(i'm really done now)
::smiles:: see?
riot Love. 000113
tuiviq For every action there is a reaction. For where you believe hell is, paradise is close by - it's just harder to see
It is to often easier to pull the trigger than to say 'I forgive you'… 'I LOVE YOU'; …
Hell sometimes is just more comfortable.
old hick My family fears I'm going there and taking a bunch of people with me. Oh well. 000122
Moravian Piglet Hell is the feeling of unrequited love.
Hell is the yearning to be loved for who you are, not what you have.
sean ... is drowning in anger, a dream deferred, middle school, unsatisfaction with oneself, being dependent on someone because you love them so much. 000126
fucked is heaven after a millenia of doing nothing but being happy. 000220
BoofPixie props to emma. hell is trying to infuse every second of your life with "deep" meaning. synthetic. pretentious. or maybe those folks really just make my life a hell, while they hover and sneer in their own smug heaven. 000313
dean-bean I used to think the idea was obsolete, till I heard the old man stompping his feet. 000313
birdmad FAUSTUS: Tell me, where is this place called Hell?

MEPHISTOPHILIS: Under the heavens.

FAUSTUS: Ay, so are all things; but whereabouts?

MEPHISTOPHILIS: Within the bowels of these elements, Where we are tortured and remain forever. Hell hath no limits nor is circumscrib'd in one self place, but where we are is Hell. And where Hell is there must we ever be. And to be short, when all the world dissolves, and every creature shall be purified, All places shall be Hell that is not Heaven. "
birdmad from Marlowe's "Mephistophilis"

i'm reasonably sure there's no standing copyright
Free It seems to me most of you are giving a discription of life, not hell. So why call it hell at all? 000405
amy hell's a joke
what the hell!

as transient as all get-out.
out out out
other way!
get out!
MollyGoLightly Everybody: read No Exit. 000406
candle on the path of the divine, i tripped on The Unholy. I excused myself from Satan, but i did it rather slowly. 000414
magan cason it exists
sometimes i live it
feel the cold burn of it on my skin
starting at my toes and ending in my breasts
the sickening horror of life unlived
fairydust it is only what you believe and make of it. such a cliche,tisk,tisk,tisk. 000509
friedchikken ...my house between June and early October when the AC isn't working right. 000509
ted you think your going to hell?
think again!!!!
you're already in hell.
hell is just a place people talk about to make their own situation look better.
hell used to be a good imginary place it made people scared and made them be good.
that was way back in the day when anyone gave a fuck!!!!!!
Silent Bob hell is living a perfectly normal life but never being happy with it. heaven is living a fucked up life and enjoying every minute of it. 000615
The Schleiffen Man this could be your lucky day in hell.... one of my favourites by the Eels... i also like Flowers and Susan's House 000707
Zoe i don't think that i believe in hell. if god really loved everyone do you think he would make them spend eternity in fire? i don't know. my best friend is afraid to love someone becasue the bible tells him that if he does, he will be sent to hell (he loves a male). he's ruining his life all because he's afraid of hell. 000717
caite i saw gustav dore's picture of dante's hell
satan, black bat wings, coiled in a cavern of frozen stalagmites.wow.
i'm such a little sadist
caite oops that would be masochist 000914
evi I hope you go there.
Because it's the only way we'll ever meet again. And because you are the only one who can show me the way out.
Barrett I'll see you in Hell!
from Heaven that is.
kreeyiss well then... you can go to heaven, cus you know who'll be there... all those damned biblethumpers that try so hard to save the pure people who are actually on the same side as them...
if the only people going to heaven are white males who thieve and rape our physical earth, and their minority and women subordinates who are too fucking weak-minded to see the truth themselves, then i'd be glad to go to hell, because that's where all my friends and loved ones will be....
if you go to heaven, which part will you go to..? the white, black, asian, or indian part?

in conclusion, i would like to agree with everyone who has said hell is what you make it... cus your heaven would be my hell... who wants to live believing that eternal salvation awaits them in the cloud-land of bigots and earth pillaging capitalists? i should sell my seat in heaven on fucking e-bay, it's worthless anyways....

you know what?

fuck heaven and fuck hell.... i vote for a third option,

when ralph nader becomes president, we will all finally have another choice besides heaven and hell

challenge the two party afterlife, it gets us nowhere but into wars and disputes... shouldn't religion unify people anyway?
Barrett I was Quoteing Reverend Lovejoy from the Simpsons.
Odds are I'm gonna have a suite in Hell.
Ariadne hell is without you.
or, by the definition of those who "love" me, hell is my happiness.
danielle this is what we are. we make hell. we design it. we are the blueprint and the paper the blueprint is sketched on. 010123
Jessie Hell is...
White walls
White ceilings
White floors.
Hell is...
White corners
And White Shadows.

Hell is...
Black walls
Black ceilings
Black floors.
Hell is...
Black corners
And Black Shadows.

You can't see either of these.
They don't exist.
You can't touch them.
You can't hear them.
And they don't care.
You can't reach them.

These Colors, can't react the your eye's retnas. Unless there is something to support it.

Live your life Colored,
don't support those walls.
beck uhhh.....im looking fo the mutha fuckin amy lase page i hear that she is hot like her grandma. or is it your mom. oh well it all smells the same. 010301
h1) Who is the creator of HELL?
kx21 Hell is in the eye of the beholder... 010302
chiidi all that is not heaven is hell
nor are we out of it.
kx21 PCA for h1):-

HEll is Created by MAN...
kx21 h2) Who is the creator of Hell for COW? 010321
Nerbus Maximus Hell exists where there is no God. Hell is the crap of this Earth multiplied by infity. We can't even begin to imagine what hell is like because God is here with us now.He is even with those of you who don't believe he is! For those of you who like the idea of Hell please talk to me, i would like to help you think otherwise! 010406
nocturnal um, I don't think anyone really "likes" the idea of hell. but for me, I don't believe in god, so I don't believe in hell. I think that hell, if there is one, is not some burning fiery place or whatever it's supposed to be with all the tortured souls screaming all the time. I think it's some variation of what is the worst thing for each person, on an individual basis. or it could be like in No Exit where you're stuck in some room with obnoxious people and you can't sleep. eternal lack of sleep would definitely be part of my hell. and silence and being all by myself, forever. well, it's more than likely that there would be people with me that would make it even worse than solitude, but that's kind of iffy. or maybe it'd be people who wouldn't talk to me. they all got along, but left me out. I hate being left out, that and being ignored. yes. my hell would be one in which it was impossible to ever sleep, it was dead silent except for the conversations of the people who would be in there, but they would completely refuse to acknowledge my presence and just hung out with each other and left me alone to watch them have fun together without me. and no tv, no computer, no books or other reading material. no art. blank white walls. I'm gonna have nightmares just thinking about this. If there was such a thing as hell, and that really was it, I'd become a nun, just to be sure. 010406
mutilatedsadist why imagine a worse place than the exquisite reality in which we all seem so content on leaving. There is no hell. just another lie told to children to scare them into there place. some children nevere grow up and with them the idea of so called "heaven and hell" becomes a reality for them. The need to believe in a better and worse place makes people feel that this world is not quite so bad when in fact how could annything be worse than this miserable little existance? 010419
aka % you want to see hell? just look out my window. 010429
kinkazoid hell has nothing to do with what is already set for you, its what you make it become. Believing in God means either you go to heaven or you just die off (as others believe), not believing means going to hell or dieing off. you decide which one sounds more worth it.

suicide is bad!
kx21 h3) Can you name someone who chose to be in the Hell rather than in the Heaven? 010503
Satan Satan Satan *Mark Twain,
*Anton LaVey
*Whoever creatd boy-bands (he doesn't know yet, i wanna let it be a surprise)
*same for the guys who came up with "Reality-TV" shows
*The guy who invented the mullet

or as it was put best by the Bloodhound Gang a few years ago

"...and if i go to hell
well then i hope i burn well
i'll spend my days
with JFK,
Marvin Gaye,
Martha Raye and
Lawrence Welk
and Kurt Cobain,
Mark Twain,
and Jimi Hendrix' poltergeist,
and Webster, yeah, Emmanuel Lewis,
'cause he's the anti-christ"
meloh "The only place outside Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is hell." C.S. Lewis 010505
noone go there! now! 010507
SaxyWeed My cubicle.
It is my hell. But a hell the i rule.
Is it better to rule and burn or to kiss ass upstairs?
To hell with it all.
kx21 h3) Structure of the Hell

What is its average temperature?

How big is the Hell?

Who is its designer(s)?

Who is its CEO/ MD?
BrittStar this is what i am in right now, and i've never felt worse 010527
kx21 It's like Heaven, an illusion of life and a state of mind... 010613
nemo i'll see you there 010614
baby satan greetings, everyone! make yourselves at home. 010614
freak_of_the_week Hell is doing something only to find you did it wrong. Or if you happen to get it right no one notices at all. Hell is relative. If there is a Devil would his hell be heaven? I don't think of hell as a place but a state of utter and complete defeat. A lack of will power or the urge to live. Yet if it is just a state of mind then I have been there scratch that I am there.
Why is it so hard to escape a mental hell if it is only in our heads. Maybe it is the other person in our heads, residing in the flip side of the collective consciousness, punishing, hurting for some wrong caused by our actions.

We can fool ourselves all we want but everything will never be perfect because their is a flip side to every coin a yin to every yang a good to every evil

Not everyone can live in the same space/time continueum and be happy maybe that is the worst hell of all...
chocolate bootay we all know the Bible is the real Word of God

we all know we're sinners.

and as we continue justifying our doings (or not-doings) our conscience is shoved further and further away.

this is crazy to think about.

God is truth, and holy, like the Bible says.

and when we stand naked before Jesus, and he goes through our entire life, judging it, our conscience is going to agree and agree and agree with Him.

and then our own conscience will step from our sides and beside the Prince. Our very own conscience will point its finger at you, and say "DAMN YOU"
and you know its right, it agrees with God, while we burn and die in a hot sticky sweaty dark stinging etc etc etc place. cramps, burns, claustrophobia, discomfort, and no company.

no smiles
no movement, youre stuck
no blue skies, or its fresh air
no hugs
no compassion
no one

and you know its forever.

no hope.

Ive felt eternity, even within seconds. drugs have the capability of doing that. and if youre man enough to remove the oxygen from your brain, you'll pass out and awake into space and time. geez, God could do anything to us.

and when he hates us, I hope Jesus doesnt hate me. I better give anything I can. *sigh*

I find myself unwilling.

yeah I'm on a highway to hell. yippeeee! 010823
god i_gave_birth_to_a_sperm_whale 011020
rip Hell is my house and everything in it 011118
whoknows fuck the world. everyone go to hell and leave me the fuck alone 011118
ClairE ...is where_the_heart_is.

No, I don't know precise directions, but I hear the road you take there is ::leans in for conspiratorial whisper:: paved with good_intentions.

I got to use that phrase in conversation the other day. Online. I felt like such a wit.
bandaids go to: my_story 011221
(damned) cube The surest way to hell is to compare yourself with others
(see: justification)
sweetheart of the song tra bong "Road to Hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs" - Ernest Hemingway 011222
kx21 The Net_Present_Value (NPV) of Religion = (Heaven + Hell) / 2
(i.e. Nothing or Zero) ?
Encased in Ivory When I was little, my grandmother would want me and my cousins to go to bed.
(We never wanted to go to sleep)
Nevertheless, she'd put us in bed.
She expected us to sleep and do exactly as she said.
She called me a hellion because I'd never conform to her rules of going to sleep at midnight. It just wasn't me.
She would tell me that if I didn't, the boogeyman was gunna come get me and take me away.
I was always more afraid of the coyotes outside than I was of the boogeyman stories.
...shakes head...
Man, those were the days.
phil you are a flame 020201
Rael One Cloud Seems to me so-called Christians give this devil thing a lot more power than they do their god. It seems a convenient way to write off your own bad deeds by saying 'oh, Satan made me do it." & then pretend because you've confessed you're ok. I like to take responsibility for my own violence, lusts & suchlike, myself.
And all this judgement? Seems in church they show you a story about a man who says "love everyone, & leave judgement to God", & then proceed to hate everyone and judge them.
It's sad. I'd like the idea of someone who looks out for me, but not some kind of Intergalactic Bad Dad who wants to punish me.
Like Fox Mulder says, 'I want to believe'. But I can't believe in THAT. NO thank you.
phil My braindead friend and his brain-dead friend turning ourselves off in a room


Not bad. It just means I didn't think a lot. Like when you've found someone you like but then let them walk on by. When did EYE forgive myself for you???
I don't want to be down here, walking.
Knowing the miles are a different kind than the ones that I can walk. Either your heart dies, or you can just never wake up. So many other possibilities.
I guess I was never any good at saying what is on my mind. Everything chokes my throat up. And makes me feel lost. I just hope I will be remembered some.
I really doubt I could act suprised or happy to see them again. Or them too.
I will always be in next door but they will never come and visit. We'll just get stoned and stay through motionless hours, like fish in a glass, no plans,
and then I will go home and wish I had been doing something. And think about things. While I was with you, in soul.
I keep hoping for a reason why. Maybe someday you could pay me back and then we'll get along better, maybe we could even have some fun times. Story dies.
phil My braindead friend and his brain-dead friend turning ourselves off in a room


Not bad,. It just means I didn't think a lot,. Like when you've found someone you like but then let them walk on by. When did EYE forgive myself for you???
I don't want to be down here, walking.
Knowing the miles are a different kind than the ones that I can walk,. Either your heart dies, or you can just never wake up,. So many other possibilities.
I guess I was never any good at saying what is on my mind,. Everything chokes my throat up,. And makes me feel lost. I just hope I will be remembered some.
I really doubt I could act suprised or happy to see them again,. Or them too.
I will always be in next door but they will never come and visit,. We'll just get stoned and stay through motionless hours, like fish in a glass, no plans,
and then I will go home and wish I had been doing something,. And think about things. While I was with you in soul.
I keep hoping for a reason why,. Maybe someday you could pay me back and then we'll get along better, maybe we could even have some fun times,. Story dies.
Michael doesn't have to be you're ultimate destination. Find Jesus, Believe in him, and you will be saved! Don't believe for one second that since you live a good life you can tell a perfect God you are "right". You are nothing but filthy rags. 020219
phil yay, I get to be a rag! 020219
optic discretion why worry about going there after death ... you're in it already ...

earth is hell enough for me at least ...
yummyC "hell don't know
my fury..."
"Ancient Pagan" Hell and Heaven are merely the states into which we personally mould our inner lives or collectively mould the world. We are ALL responsible for the state of the world and all that occurrs within it. The degree of responsibility arguably varies but to disown responsibility is the sure way to...HELL. One part of existance is intricately tied to the other. 020509
FNP90 you are changed into the most prissy wussy girl you've ever met in your life. 020510
Pink Hamster Army Queen ummm, uh (giggle) it's a bad place and I hope I'll never go there...the end. 020510
phil trying to fix or change something, only guarantees and perpetuates its existence. 020515
kx21 The darkest side of Heaven... 020515
thinkaboutit some lie the church made up to scare people and make em give money to the church in order to get all the sins they did forgiven. it's so sick to play with someone elses' fear. i believe the church is the biggest kinda maffia out there. 020723
ghast363 this world could be another worlds hell, or it could be another worlds heaven.
just a thought
phil I am a loser in heaven 020730
optic discretion hell is the feeling of emptiness, being torn between two ends.

the choices we have to make in life ... ::sigh::
cresentwhench i never pictured myself as the type of person to die
i never thought there was a place beyond life
beyond living in peace with nothing
in the way of death i found myself
cold on the slab
darkness surrounding everything
new hope
new life
another chance to prove that im not worthless
The creator It is all encrypted into our lives. Nothing is as simply stated. Everything is in fact 1 simple thing...you call it God, I call it code. Think of the movie matrix...this might help you understand that i am trying to say. But when you do finally realize it. You'll be amazed at how you view life from that moment on. Unfortunatly you can't fly and do backflips 50 feet in the air. But you do realize life and it's meanings are only etched in by people who life on it's surface 021009
god some people think it's in austrailia. 021009
lynsey moir from orkney is the world today..... all the fucking hate. if you dont see it now... you'll see it soon..... world war fucking three... 021017
splacky (but not honk today) praise_cheeses 021017
birdmad damn the white screen 021017
Reverend Lough somebody let me out of here...... 021214
Rickster Hell is the place I wish to call home, I know after the sins I have done there is no other place for me to go. I found your God and he spit in my face, to this day I have in my mouth a fowl taste. Damn your God to hell and bring him to me, I'll show you some mercy, bleeding for more. You think you died to be my fucking savior? Didn't you get it, people don't know what is behavior. Training the monkeys yet you only tried twice? Don't you know monkeys take at least twent tries you fucking imbecile! I curse your tase, you applied your message wrong, I do not doubt you exist but every man's bible is wrong. Keep your faith in what you want, just remember the real meaning, for the lack of faith I find rather disturbing. I looked for a God and none would accept me, perhaps it is because I would choose to have no mercy. Pity me now, pity me not, for I am nothing more then just a normal cod. Nothing greater then flesh and bones, only a weak mind behind the infinite telephones. Away I flee to my hole in the ground, desperate I am to no longer be falling down. 021225
11:00 pm Hell isn't a bad place to me. It's where I live. Me being in heavan would be like you being in Hell. Got my point??? 030103
Nathan88 very well depicted in the movie
What Dreams May Come
11:00 pm Exactly right my dear Watson. 030117
Diamond Hell came from the Greek word, Hel - which means death or grave.

Hell is a 'place' the Christians created as a reason to fear God. Just another way of trying to control people and gain power.
TimmyisasTimmydoes Hell is but a beautiful begining of the end, and a new ending of a false begining. The depictions of this through books of our past is clear, we are to die, but where we go, will always be near. Inside your mind, is what you see, longing to return to your vast memories. 030407
tulip bruises watching you watching her,
waiting for it all to implode,
sitting here locked inside this prison,
sitting here locked inside this school,
hearing yourself laugh,
hearing yourself talk,
catching yourself by unaware in the mirror,
realising you could have had him before her,
realising you dont know your parents,
realsing you dont know yourself,
realising you wouldnt want to if you could,
deep shameful secrets that threaten to crack your world open,
waiting for the mirror to lie.
User24 They lock me up
and watch.
They bring me food
and leave.
They listen
and wonder.
They let me be
and "care".

I stay within
and cry.
I eat nothing
and starve.
I speak my lines
and think.
I live
and die.
User24 ( a poem I wrote years back that tulip's poem reminded me of ) 030409
zaxary i love hell. its warm. 030409
burned ... is getting to know me for who i am 030414
ferret the way it was described to me, it's not so much of a "place" as it is a state of mind. sorta. well, hell is torment. the way i think of hell is being alone in torment forever. In hell, you live out your own worst mistakes over and over, you are comepletely cut off from everything except your eternal pain. torment. you live out- i shouldn't say "live" you repeat your mistakes over and over with emphasized pain, and you're always alone. something like that 030415
jsut phil life often reminds me of hell
I don't think of it as a coincidence
I jsut think there has to be some truth in the bible and it's flakies, maybe not any way people talk about.
I mean after all is the stuff you're supposed to figure out, the same stuff people like to talk about all the damn time over and over again like it will never stop?
Imagine the world as it works, kids not doing school work, people slowly winding around the earth in patterns, accepting their meaningless fate, even returning to it. Never ultimately asking themeselves, just what the fuck?
The only reason anyone has any sense of pause and reflection, everyone is planning on, in the end, running the whole show.
I hate the city, jerome bennet, ice cream bars (the way you can't tell if you got the right kind), all sorts of salespeople, crappy brochures, books that suck, slinkys, most people, the police, cars, and sounds, but I like lights. Lights are good. I also like the thought of killing people. I like to eat bacon, and if I was a cow I would like to die in a horrible way and be served to some snobby kid. I wish I could rip the heads off little children. I wish I wasn't afraid of shotguns. I wish I could make a wish that would actually come true.
...People, in all their struggle, and listening to stupid people bicker can neglect all the good times you have to look at the sky, and just soak in the unending, and smash their head with a 4 iron.
That's right I said I'm gonna kill. I am going to shoot you in the knee take your face and drag it across a brick wall until something falls off then jump up and down until your neck breaks.
Oh yes, and most importantly of all, little kids in the audience, don't let your parents threaten you, buy a gun if they do and blow their heads off. Fucking adults love to trap little kids into this sick twisted fucked up world, they lie to them, and get them to believe, isolation and death, they say they won't take care of you, they say the world is a harsh place, but you don't need them, they need you.
me "this could be Hell" 030624
the game HELL hath no fury like me with no weed. 030714
mormon joe kentucky fried chickum 030728
geoffrey christmas with jesus 030728
the devious defecator lleh ellh? myyrhh? farp! Greasy strings of putrid hair buttered with shit hanging from the proverbial arse face of holy moses's arse.
And moses said "shit" thus resulting in 100% pure unadulterated pasteurised irony shit nut butter (clarified in lard).
Rowbes Do they wear nametags in Hell?

was here
heather pain can be pleasure. hell can be heaven. 031112
a girl wtih nothing to say i once when there...
then they kicked me out
MeKoy hell is what ever you make it out to be, why go to hell when you can make your own life hell just dont be who you really are.

other than that what is hell but yet your faith?
MeKoy lol why is blather such a jok eot u cant you see this place is felled wiht plenty of wisdom to learn from? 031230
june Everything written here is already known and available in all the books. Don't be silly, it's a bunch of regurgitated words held onto for a lack of inspiration to aim for the higher truth.

Silly, and being alone doesn't have to be all that bad, if it must be done you can always try to find ways to make it better.

Now why won't he communicate with me?
He knows I need him, don't deny it, I'm sick of it, I mean I can't tolerate it.
Why are they going through this again?

It's really best not to mess with people's belief systems because you'll get nowhere and only stir up trouble.

--There's no hope for coffee now, so I might as well sleep it off.
taintedluv hell is the truth found out late..it is here and now 040127
kermits_perfect_rainbow_/^\ hell is an idea that I'm particularly fond of. The only way that I would be scared of hell is if it was boring. ANd yeah, I know my name does say something a little different. 040212
theNovie entwined thought of bettering and cancelled hope 040222
Twilight *love* A metaphor, simply and only that. not a place, but a thought. same goes for heaven, a temporary condition where you realize your dead you decide. Is this good?(heaven) or will you dwell on things gone(hell)

hell is spent in solitude, forever. no contact just bleak darkness ever edging on hunger and heat exhaustion and so on, but you cant die. thats the kicker.
himog then you awoke 040401
Peens bullshit 040407
Peens bullshit 040407
chmmh xhxhg 040422
Fierce My hell comes from inside
Comes from the inside myself

(modest mouse)
www.blackandredparty.de.vu hell is black and red ...
rot in the meaning of red rot
rotten black and red
www.black and red party. de .vu
Kassy say it don't spray it. 040504
Kassy say it don't spray it. 040504
Kassy say it don't spray it. 040504
kookaburra who the hell keeps putting that stuff up there?????
the goddam site is in german!!!
birdmad vs the Tricky CDs is around the corner 040504
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kx21 iLink:- The Hell of

bork the habitat in which satan dwells 040806
missy the actual concept of hell is fake
the real hell is on earth...some live in hell everyday
yiqin i wonder ,could we take so much pain that pian is no longer a suffering to us 050115
tr HELLo 050203
me i supposed you would eventually get used to it... 050802
Karli is watching the one person you can't live without, your best friend, your brother, slip away from his life and being able to do nothing but watch. When you've givin up your own life for this person and all you can do is watch. Watch them fall into another world where you are not. Watch them suffer to get through each day and then watching them lose their battle with life and death. Hell is everywhere and when all you want to do is give up, you are forced to watch more. 060116
*Amy* It`s your inside world, created by your sins, your guilty and your sorrows. It`s in life, not after 060116
Seraphmodel.03 Walk Into THe JAWS of Hell todaywasss a living hell




Too MANY soggy biscuits

too many too manys and ...'s

I want to go cold turkey instead of walking into the jaws of hell like its some kind of beautiful truth some kinda lifegiving truth some kind of living heaven

Lemon icing laced with arsnic and mad raving tory supporters, nnot suggesting all are but some are walking into the jaws of hellllll.
Violet Strangt hell is life.

this is everything and nothing. find your own answers.
Myrrdin doesn't exist 060922
Superfluous ...and lucifer was beautiful when he fell 070203
Ouroboros when my loving others causes them pain.
when there is no easy answer.
when i have only myself to blame.
Risen Is where the heart is 150308
The Message I can't comprehend why anyone would choose Hell over Heaven. Is Hell just a party and a lot more fun? Is Heaven boring with nothing to do but float around on clouds? I'm taking a chance that isn't true and I don't want to risk making a mistake that lasts for longer than forever, I chose the better place. Once you go the "hot place" you can't look over and say I wish I could cool off - as written in Luke 16:26. My words are a bunch of rubbish to most of you. Some people live life for the Heaven of the moment. I live for the Heaven of thr future, even though what I have here and now is very GOOD... 150309
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