amy In philosophy, the same thing happens as happens with the nouns in the northern hemisphere. The fact that any philosophical system is bound in advance to be a dialectical game, means that systems abound, unbelievable systems, beautifully constructed or else sensational in effect. The metaphysicians of Tlon are not looking for truth, nor even for an approximation of it; they are after a kind of amazement. 000111
amy Borges, 1941. 000111
Free Why do you identify yourself with another, with a group, with a country, with a system? Why do you call yourself a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddihst, or why do you belong to one of the innumerable sects? Religiously and politically one identifies oneself with this or with that group through tradition or habit, through impulse, prejudice, imitation and laziness. This identification puts and end to all creative understanding, then one becomes a mere tool in the hands of the party boss, the priest or the favoured leader. 000422
The Truth Systems are a naturally occurring phenomenon which would occur regardless of human participation. All things are related to each other though systems. They branch out and evolve into broader systems. All systems can be traced through their inheirant roots and concievably break down to One Origin [God]. The Source of all things flows through these seemingly chaotic channels, to ensure that perfect balance and order exist throught creation. 010411
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