sisyphus a dignified profession full of the same words and different thoughts - walk too far down the road and maybe you'll end up seeing God, too.

or not, you know.
otto pilate a long forgotten aspiration.

i'd be pretty good at leading a congregation astray, but that would be more than a little counterproductive
amys sacred profanity (sorry) to make things easier, for me (so this is selfish), you either are one, or you're not one. it's all binary and shit, which is a scary disasterific thought.

and thus, i can make all kinds of slanders if i really truly wanted to. but generally, and to be really, really, really discriminating, priests are better. i just like the word priest better than minister, but i suppose it doesn't really make a difference. imam, that's a nice word, too. i like priest as a word perhaps that would be my whole deal on the subject. overall, it's a boring subject.
what's it to you?
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