You might want to share your thoughts with me?
elimeny maybe
just maybe
oh God i dwell in the house of hope...
hope sweet hope....
better not,
i'll only get crushed...
that smarts.
but perhaps....
perhaps your fickle mind will betray your decisions yet again?
oh God, please....
i'm still here...
and whether you want to hear it or not,
i think I'll always be here
no matter what you say.
so there.
valis perhaps precedes predicament 991227
troy ..but not "Aliteration". 000106
frippy Perhaps one day I'll stop being so indecisive...

neville Those curls...
Espagnol, quizas?
Atrocious medley and my eyes are slinted.
mucking around in the muck until I get to shower.
Fuck this noise.
ladybird I will live in a parisian garrett and write novels and he will go to vienna and compose
and perhaps we'll meet one day when we are a little older and maybe sadder but we will make each other young again
because we will remember days spent lying on warm grass in the sun
kim maybe, but not quite sure 020114
jessicafletcher you only tell me...perhaps...perhaps...perhaps. 020522
lou_la_belle perhaps it will
perhaps it won't
perhaps i do
perhaps i don't...
perhaps i'll make up my mind,
stop tip-toeing around,
finally decide,
and leave all my 'perhaps's' behind.
sissy wheres my hooligan brother gone ?

i can't find a job, i'm a waste of space, it's shit feeling like this.
why doesn't my brother have a laugh with me for once. ? you don't need alcohol to have fun you know ! childen don't drink alcohol and i remember those were the best days of my life.
spoken it doesn't matter
cause i'm packing plastic
and that's what makes my life
so fucking fantastic

-lily allen : THe Fear
perhaps I love it
maya perhapses
sinks into your stomach
makes you numb
true words glow inside of you
but you are nothing
i don't care for perhapses
asylumsatellite perhaps I'll write that dissertation, that novel. Perhaps I'll be Fantine on the stage, or ANYONE on the stage. Perhaps we'll start that folk band. Perhaps I'll teach folklore. Perhaps I'll become a respected author, or speaker, or perhaps a beloved singer or actress. These are several options, life. Please take your pick from among these. 110617
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141205
what's it to you?
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