nameless we're always looking for something.we dont always find it 991217
nameless pretend like you didnt read the last blather i wrote, it was kind of a stupid thing to say. why do i keep say and do stupid things? what i said, i actually said it because i had nothing else to say about that word 991231
somebody well then stop blathering endlessly
or keep going
who cares if you say stupid things once in a while
i wish i could find an answer once in a while
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frostyflakes silence, lest you be de"find" 010428
ferret i find that the real fun is is seeking something. not obtaining it. 030615
ferret i'm having trouble finding some poems i wrote not too long ago :( 030623
Glory Box I'm trying to find myself. 031006
JF i need to find love i used to think you could easily obtain it by using money or doing things you didn't like for others but found out that it's in an ingenious hiding spot somewhere in this thing called our heart 031103
grey shift my hands are grasping for i know not what. 031103
sc where is my mind? 031218
JIMMY I really haven't all that much to discuss. Have sat in front of this life sucker all day. Should I get up? maybe go outside... wait someting just might happen if I'm away for to long... I'd better stay here and stare at nothing... or perhaps, nah nevermind I have nothing to say.. 041124
hsg a game 041208
Amy-Jane Hannah yes lots who thinks anthony rules!as much as i do!i love him poor dude his life well his childhood sucks!poor dude i feel for him i would if i had a hart!lol 041219
i hate that word find
i tried to find myself once
in a christmas ornament my dad saved
a pretty rocking horse
pink and yellow
for a second i was found
that was years ago
where the hell have i been
im done
sylvia we lay on layers of clouded flannel,
sweat-soaked from nights before.
and now drawing us into

winter familiarity

we colaborate in this unspoked duty
neither can deny.
arms. legs. sweeping
smoothly then fiercely.
bones kissing. and

lips becomming lost,
while my hands awkwardly grab for
that bridge of solidarity.
a stability i find so easily
in your shoulders
and your spine,

but am afraid to find in you.
sylvia unspoken, even. 060617
the awful truth i'm trying 060619
no reason it would be nice to be able to find everything in anything
anything in everything
unending satisfaction
adjust your vision everything in anything
anything in everything
unending satisfaction?
you can.
no reason yeah
often easier said than done, though
what's it to you?
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