amy capping the year.
love in one form or the other makes it feel worthwhile (in case one doesn't feel that way already)
jennifer I broke the "e" and the "l" off of my mom's christmas decorations... so now whenever someone comes in our house, it proudly displays "no" 991206
valis merry christmas, everyone ... or whatever excuse you're using to suck down the nog this year.

all the best
bob chrsitmas
Christ + Mass
Jesus? I thought he was dead? Didn't they nail him to a fence or something?
ThE gRiNcH worthless commericalism. the amount of trees cut down for baubles to be hung on. a pagan ceremony that has turned into marshmellows on a wait, that woul be a good thing, that has turned into...evil bureaucracy!!! A tool for merchandising. Happy children... 000106
aschool why must we exploit everything. christmas is the definition of exploitation, it stems from the church which expoits for control of the masses.

is it human nature to exploit?
MollyGoLightly Christmas in California sucks. 000522
moonshine Christinamas 000523
Seth My favorite part of the year. The american spirit experienced by everyone around you. The snow on the ground. Corporations telling me what the perfect gift for those I love is. I believe them, too. It's easier not to think about loved ones. So I let the corporations do it for me. Easier, perhaps, because when I do think about them, I realise that they aren't as loved as the corporations would have me believe. Then I get confused. So I buy things for them, and stop thinking. I love America.

The journey continues.
christmas fanatic my absolute favorite time of the year.
snow, santa, cookies.
lots of love
giving them
going christmas shopping.
the twinkle of the christmas lights
the smell of the tree in the house.
the feeling of giddiness, of being a little kid again... all the excitement
even though i am 16 i still get very excited. the best is the quiet snowy night before, going to church and the singing everyone is happy.
splinken please stay that way.

Barrett Yes, please stay that way. The moment you let it go, you'll never have it again. 001113
amy Stay very quiet
Suspend disbelief
Innocence still there.
I think so, anyway.
tazfab i see the countless christmas trees
being put up in union square
with tiny lights, like heaven's stars,reflecting on the snow
the sight is so spectacular,
please wipe away the tears
i am spending christmas
with jesus christ this year

i hear the many christmas songs
that people hold so dear
but the sounds of music can't compare
with the christmas choir up here

i have no words to tell you
,the joy their voices bring,
for it is beyond description,
to hear the angels sing

i know how much you miss me,
i see the pain inside your heart.
but i am not so far away,
we really aren't apart

so be happy for me, dear ones,
you know i hold you dear.
and be glad i'm spending christmas
with jesus christ this year.

i sent you each a special gift,
from my heavenly home above.
i sent you each a memory
of my undying love.

after all, love is a gift
more precious than pure gold.
it was always most important
in the stories jesus told

so have a merry christmas
and wipe away that tear.
remember, i am spending christmas
with jesus christ this year
datura i don't mind it.
i'm an american; i'm trained to ignore all the
crass commercialism.
see what capitalism does to you?
can't spoil christmas. i don't think.
chanaka i read somewhere that jesus was born in september. i wrong? 001204
Shugarhi fake smile 010523
camille 010806
santy claws graham cracked bellmelba toast crunch 010807
baby satan that broad santa's know, his mistress chick? she rocks my world. 010808
santy claws yew been fuckin' my bitch?! shee-it!

(git off the shitter an' git out here ethel!)

if this is true, you gonna owe me a chicken an' a jug o' yer best shine!
Jenna Went to the mall a couple of days ago and Santa was there.

Are we at that time again already? I've barely paid my debt from last year. Errggh.
john Its Cliched to be Cynical at Christmas 011210
Norm Christmas sister Sandy.
Traditional Christmas ritual.
Absent parents, crying phone call.
Expensive presents, they can't buy her love, they could have it with a hug.
Christmas drinks, christmas drunks, followed by a christmas brunch.
Let's change this with a room, hotel love is what she wanted.
I do love my sister Sandy, my Christmas sister Sandy, but how could I be her comforting Christmas bro, if I would...
Napping on a bed, gentle and content, as I slip out of the door.
Home I check the phone, old friends, new phone calls, sinking in the same boat.
Pick up some liqour, rescue the drowning.
On a desert island with my Christmas sister Sandy and my beautiful artifical family.
silentbob Bart Simpson: Christmas is the one time of year when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ. 020325
i think im ready give it to me gently. 020824
Strideo ahh cristmas! the most secular of christian holidays
camille none of it makes sense. why am i suppose to worship a man on a cross again? 021224
minnesota_chris Late one night recently, a friend said that she loved Christmas. She is a mom, and like my mom, she spends the whole season screaming at and manipulating the people she loves. She pretends to hate the screaming, but I think that most of the joy she gets out of the season is playing dictator.

I'd like to take all presents away from Christmas, and 90% of the food. Serve sandwiches and talk. Just so we had lots of wine and beer.
niska why does my grandma explain the modern advances in technology to me? Like how to use a microwave or a washing machine.

in our house?! you're visiting here. I haven't been gone that long that it matters.

it gets on my nerves. i go back to the place i loathe to be, a week early, cause i loathe to be where grandma is any longer.

Merry christmas grandma - i love her.
even if dhe does drive me to drink!
Satan Claws You don't have to believe in anything to enjoy Christmas. You just have to be greedy. 030711
ferret cristmas is great. i could care less about presents, i just love the feel of it. it's such a happy time. of course, presents are a plus but it's hard to know what you really want. live in the moment, be spontaneous, your friends will thank you. 030711
daf see also: mithras 031114
Mandijabster christmas is the bestest! especially when it snows and its all white outside. but i dislike my friends new tradition for xmas. every year she "borrows" a DVD and then re-wraps it and gives it to me for christmas. well just hmph! i really wouldnt mind if she stole..i mean borrowed..a DVD i didnt care about, but she steals the good then i cant wait for christmas and am actually happy about the gift!

yea...bah humbug
falling_alone well...i think its a wonderful tradition so PAH!

my family basically stopped caring about the decorations in my house so for the past 2 years i've had to put up our fake tree and xmas lights...

Jane Doe A constant reminder of the time when Daddy fooled us all with his recovery, for two months later he was found in a bathtub with a gun to his head, the same bath tub I sometimes take my depression (which, "coincidently" my father had, genetics...) out on my body with any shart object I can manage. Why do I fight it? It's become addicting where I have found a pleasure in the pain.

Then theres the day when Mommy found a new boyfriend and proposed their engagement the morning of St. Nick, completely vanishing my father from existance. No, I don't like Christmas...
Erin christmas makes you homesick even if your home 041224
falling_alone happy christmahanakuhkwanzaka...or whatever the hell the corporations are calling it now. 041224
her royal highness the quirk waiting on my test results
waiting on her test results
remembering the slut incident from two christmases ago
we're a family but we hide from each other in this house
missing you
monee i think jesus was probably a nice guy when he was alive,
but christmas is a strange thing.
Bitter-Sweet I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! 041225
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl merry christmas blather dudes!

it's really quite sad - blather is the family that i chose.

i've been here nearly a year now.
Staind_And_Souless Another one without you looms on the horizon. 051017
Lemon_Soda I hope someone new comes to this christmas... 051017
BitterSweetDream *sings* I dont want a lot for christmas, there is just one thing I need...
Laura, Brooke, myself. Spotlights and singing.
I was MADE for broadway!

I just pray you realise that.
epitome of incomprehensibility Hello, it's that time of year again- hope you all have a good holiday. I live in Montreal, which is somewhat closer to the Arctic Circle than lots of places, and we just had 30cms of snow. No need to dream of it. Anyway, I've always wanted a purple Christmas. 051216
nom do i want to be here for christmas? 061215
Windowpane I remember one Christmas morning - this is all I remember.

I remember events of this Christmas morning - this is not all I remember.

My mother descended the stairs, clad in furs of opossum.

"My dear child," she said, feigning a wan smile, "my dear child - opposite you, at this present moment, do you see a fire poker?"

"Yes, madam," I dutifully replied.

"Excellent. I would like you to take this fire poker, and I would like you to strike yourself in the head with it, as many times as you can, until such time as you are no longer capable of doing this. Would you do this for me, my dear child?"

"No, madam." I replied.

"Very well. A new boy is coming in the mail tomorrow. He will do it for you, and do it quite well, I am confident. He is from another country, where they work much harder."

"I work as hard as I can, dear mother."

"You might, but it is simply insufficient. Expect your dead body to lay in a dumpster not too long from now - but remember your mommy loves you very much."
Risen I hate this time of year. It is the time of year where I think about people who leave. People who die. Dead things which are cold, like the dark corners of my memory and the air in the house where my father died.

Two years later, and my aunt is in intensive care, at death's door, and I am getting ready to fly out to Spain to see her, possibly for the last time.

I hate this time of year.
unhinged i celebrate the solstice instead

i bring joy to the darkest day of the year

this year i am giving myself a massage appointment and sushi
what's it to you?
who go