dosquatch In the evening darkness
The sound that overcomes
The singing of the crickets
Is the banging of the drums

All through the night
Until the morning sun
The thunder never ceases
This drumming that's begun

All through the morning
It builds its frenzied beat
All through the afternoon's
Scorching summer heat

On into the coming night
And all the nights thereafter
The thunder roars, drowning life
Drowning love drowning laughter

Until the end when none are left
To serve beneath the sun
Save the never-ending thunder
Of those who beat the drum
unhinged distracted
no quiet_realizations here
swears the misfortune I loved banging on trash cans when I was an icle. 070703
fuffle hello, well yes that was fun, we could have played together but i was probably more icle then you.
These days i play the cat biscuits and the vitamin pills, you can get quite a good sound out of them.
what's it to you?
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