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Fox drums are fun, they are the basis of any good music and make dancing much easier, how else would we find rhytm? 020212
no reason www.dannycarey.org 020726
phil today 020729
Reverend Lough drums are the liason between the soul and rhythm. drumming can open up new doors of perception.
drumming at the edge of magic.
no reason i love you. 030116
stomach acid this irritates me:

the braggart who thinks, "hey, if i can play the guitar, i can play the drums! it can't be that hard!" and then proceeds to sit down at my kit and play so loudly and horribly that i have to fight myself not to get up and start strangling them.

you cannot just smash random drum heads and sound decent. it's a lot more complicated than a lot of people assume. some are born without any sense of rhythm, some are drunk when they attempt to play, and some have egos as bloated as they come, effectively causing anything they do to sound magical. "lookit me go! i's makin' noise!" even one who can bang out a rudimentary 4/4 beat annoys the hell out of me, because they often hammer it out until their arms fall asleep, or i force them to stop. what about polyrhythms? 7/4? 10/5?

STAY AWAY FROM MY DRUMS! i don't want a hole in my snare drum. volume does not necessarily equal talent.

Kids in the Hall "My drum! I've lost my Indian drum!!"

"I have your drum, *bang*
your drum is mine. *bang*
I have your drum, *bang*
she's doin' fine." *bang*

"But my drum!! I've lost my Indian drum!!"
F. Lee Ukulele :: Atty. at Slaw what is a fifth note?

i'm genuinely interested and could find almost nothing in a web search.

ps i'm familiar with standard music notation, so couch your answer with that in mind.
stomach acid 10/5 was a typographical error on my part.

i was speaking in terms of time signatures, and how few drummers outside of the jazz camp employ rhythms other than the universal 4/4, 2/4 or the occasional 3/4 or 6/8. it should have been 10/4, along with 7/4 and 5/4. i know there are other, even more unusual time signatures...9/7 and 12/10, perhaps? most of them seem relegated to avant-garde and avant-classical music, along with more out-there jazz. i can think of only one "contemporary" artist that employed some of those time signatures, but his best work had nothing in common with conventional pop or the mainstream. hence his obscurity.
mo i wanna be cool and learn to spin a drumstick around with my first 2 fingers...but i dont even play drums. 030430
no reason sigh...
i give up.
stomach acid give up playing? i hope that's not the case... 030520
no reason no...
well, not permanently, anyway. i was just pissed off because i was experiencing intense suckage. so i took a nice, well-needed break.
no reason i still love you.

not even YOU or this feeling that you
cause and that i pathetically let you, can ever change that.
ivyducktwilightseto Drumming
Thought I was so good
Couldn't match up with shit
Don't know jack about music
Can't play worth a damn
Suck balls I'm out of this

In case you couldn't tell, I think very poorly of my percussive skills. I've been playing tons of drum/percussion instruments as well as piano for about 6 years now, and I suck. I grow tired of my large amount of suckage. Just make me want to quit. But if I did that, I wouldn't really have anything to live for now would I? I'm out
nom i used to get mad at my dad
for waking me with his drums

the other other night i
had a dream my dad had
set up all the drums

he never plays now
small_girl_with_purple_hair the more i learn about playing drums the more i realise how bad i am

especially with jazz. you can play rock or basic swing rhythm and feel like you know everything, and then you hear an amazing jazz player and see how much you suck

it makes me want to practice hard
hsg nin's "fixed" has some of my favorite drums. 061020
no reason today i said "give me a call if you need to jam with drums again or if the drums get lonely"

i hope they do and i hope they do
no reason i miss playing
must play
no reason i don't remember who i said that to but i could guess 100222
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