i i say whatever.
... i invariably end up using the word me far more than i should. me likes cake, me likes cookies, whatever, i just say it too much. 980819
... There's something ironic about me trying to figure out how to keep from fixating on myself. And it's quite frustrating. Not that fixating on anyone else would do me any good. 980819
eric yellow 980903
blind a name i call myself. 980914
jack saturn it would be the sound between rae and
fa, except for the fact that i think
it is spelled different. i should
know, i was in choir for seven years.
Dallis is all that I ever will be. Changing constantly but always me. Whatever I may be. 981118
emma is what i become when you look at me. 981119
k gypsy dreamer universal sprit lost somewhere in there 981121
Matt look at me! 990204
Rainer Krauss depressive daydreamer, doesn't have a clue nor a plan and even makes typos all the time. 990205
adam and you would look good in an silverado speeding through new jersey going anywhere as long as it's away from new york. 990212
amy doin' my thing. Yeah that thing.
do do do that thing thing thing
Chris now wee 990313
kyo myself and I 990328
meir it stands for "myself" but it's also a part of my name! whee! 990416
allie or you? 990501
andrew the chilled winds blowing through the eased darkness of my being while flowing out of my heart of my pen
in gobbling blobs and globs of thick mindstuff and detritus
the passion’s fire searing and rearing my bloodstreams into boiling fervor and tearing into my soul in a rape-like voracious frenzy leaving me violated, timeless, breathless, exquisite
the wandering minds of selves’ alter-egos drifting in and out of my body stealing time, conscious, humanities to emanate pure void and artistic ecstasy, souldrive and beat-grind…
…compounded into a swirling and twirling and whirling mass:
the me.
Lamont that is i said the fly 990626
bfnh click me 990701
benji I am a process. 990723
alida are you really? or are you just trying? 990921
David The only constant in my life. Parents abuse or divorce, Lovers leave, Bestfriends betray, and Psychologists ambigously alternate and perscribe, and those who love you most will die.

There is only one constant in this universe, and one I can count on to get me through,.......
Drennan I've changed dramatically in the past few days, I've started shouting at people a lot more and listening to vicious, evil sounding music at very very loud volumes. The world's so full of such bloody annoying people these days. I seem to be angry at everyone nowadays, I think I'm gonna take a swing at one o them one day soon. I think it must be from listening to all those party political broadcasts by the conservative party, that wee hague needs a good kicking. I tell you, hangin's too good for the likes of him, a good boot up the arse is what he needs. 991010
missydissle something that I am not familiar with. i don't know what that means. I don't kow who I am, so in saying "me", I confuse myself. 991028
me? you
who, me?
Claire I love to talk to my three best friends, they're always around, you might know them, me, myself and I. 991203
Quintessensual me?
or not me?
that is the question
jennifer mirror eats my reflection hungrily
like a ravenous worm
sir jim i love me 991206
jupiter the dreamer, the poet, the lover, the giver, the taker, the ocean, the sky, the streath, the hurt, the darkness and light. 991208
emily b the one thing i just cant't seem to figure out 991211
alicia this is a song. by me. called "me and the pope". sing it with a swingy punk beat.. G C D C G.

oh no, here they come again
its 8:00 in the morning
i don't know why they all come at once to the window
to buy stamps

"whats the zip code for australia?"
"i wanna mail this letter to my mother-in-law in oklahoma!"
oh yeah

i hate this postal service life
i hate this postal service life
i hate this postal service life..

well, you know, theres a guy
over in the vatican
and he can go sailing whenever
and whereever and however he wants to, oh yeah
well i think i'm gonna write to that guy in the vatican
and ask him if someday i can go sailing with him
in the carribean
oh yeah

me and the pope are gonna go sailing
me and the pope are gonna go sailing
me and the pope are gonna go sailing in the carribean

well the pope, you know
he goes sailing sometimes and he
watches the birds, watches the trees, watches the clouds..
and then one day, one day the pope looked up
and you know what he saw?
yessirree. he saw god.
and the lord looked down at him and said,

"hey mr. pope what are you doin down there?
hey mr. pope, what are you doin down there?
mr. pope.. i want you to go back to the vatican
and cut your hair!"

the pope with a hippie hairdo?
what a site for the lord to see!
the pope with a hippie hairdo?
it was a travesty!
..but you know what?

me and the pope went sailing
me and the pope went sailing
me and the pope went sailing in the carribean

well you know, its not so bad
being a postal worker man..
cause you know, i've learned something while sailing with the pope,
and that is that..
life's not always cracked up to what its supposed to be..
(yeah, thats what it's supposed to be!)
cause people should always just be happy for what they have,
you know?
even when you're a postal worker!!!!!!!
andrea the dew on the grass cools my feet as it makes me slip & fall on my journey. the touch of your hands could bring me pleasure if pictures of a drunken man still didn't fill my mind. hindsight is 20/20, they say. what good is it if i never look back? i love the feel of a boat on the waves. but cannot stray far from the shore. i'm calling out for comforting companionship, but will not be happy without my independent ways.
nothing tastes better than sheer happiness, though my stomach cannot tolerate it. i enjoy dancing in the rain, only if i'm not the one who gets wet. i'll scream at the top of my lungs if i'm certain no one will hear me. the pain from the sharp words is welcomed, as long as i'm numb to it all.

copyright 2000
amy hiding eyes dry
(several reloads)

i am tired of this game with Destro (the computer) or maybe it's god. but if it were god, i would have to give it a capital g, now wouldn't I? i would not like to do that, so would the real wizard please step forward? thanks.
snarky sharky wonky freak maybe
maybe not
Fucked keeps dragging on and on and on. Me is not really me at all, just a projection of the old me that died a long time ago. There is no me. I begin to wonder if there ever was. 000220
Whit Who is me? Does anyone know? Doew anyone know who they are? this life is so short. We are here a few short years, and then we die. But in the process, we are supposed to figure out who we are, what we want, and how to get it. It's all to complicated for me. 000222
eve don't worry about figuring out who you are
who cares
if you stop thinking about trying to find out
we can live a little
smell the magnolias
sigh as we grow old
c-spandrea. the only thing you can't be. 000226
calliope me? me.
Leann Everywhere I go, there I am! 000321
girl and adam are all i have left 000326
rufus there was no such thing as "me" until we narcissus, even he didn't know who he was at the time 000330
camille a moist mist, simply passing through 000414
tynnkrbel myself, i, and that other guy.... 000627
jeffrey I ma what Ieat
and I eat words
huge chocolate cover'd ones
that melt
smorish cheesy
pizza overcooked in a microwave
words like glutmous maximas and spittoon
and these make me up
Me a word
me a being
am i at all
without my language within
I will show you
I am
and am not
loving laconic lost livid laureate languid lushish lastly lacerated
and who knew I was that
logois and ladders
I was and they spew
out of me
and it occurs to me at dawn
my prophetic existence
the word
was in the begginning
it was flesh
it lives in me
and pours out of me
like a flowing river of words
of my soul
of my salvation of words
of me
somebody somebody nobody sees 000801
birdmad the person i hate most in this world 000801
If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be, that we're all ok.
And not to worry cuz worry is wasteful
And useless in times these.
I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear.
stan When i first found this site, i was in a foul mood and signed a rather embarrassing entry as "me" under the word "desperation". I would not have done this if i had known that the entry would be attributed to someone else. My apologies to "me" (a strange thing to type indeed) 000803
stan would have been more personal, but the me-mail address didn't work 000804
moonshine Cross between a goddess and a hippie. The Girl next door, and the girl your mother always told you stay away from. Old soul in a young body. Sheeps in wolfs wear...The outcast the fits perfectly in. 000928
Barrett I like moonshine, she's neat. If I had two beers, I'd give her one. 001103
bloody potato chip dan dare who's there? 001202
Megan Depressed, angry, frustrated, Irish, ugly, beautiful, vibrant, lethargic, mournful, boisterous, smart, stupid, a drunk and a lazy assed DOB with no direction, no future, and a 99 on her PSAT. 001210
b0 thisisme:

n0matter what
i d0
n0matter wh0
i screw
n0matter where
i am
n0matter when
i'm in

can(n0t) escapeme;
can('t) eventry
can(n0t) uncapeme;
can('t) evenlie

still y0U
can(n0t) rapeme,

and y0U
can(n0t) kill

the me
that i camefr0m


n0r/can i
event0uch me
t0 change . . .
. . . n0--thing
t0 be-c0me
my ran-ge
scottyboy I am me...
Yet, I am what you think I am.
If it were not for you...
there would be no me.
allaboutme I am me. No one is like me, although I see shades of my wackiness in the eyes of some children. I love children, and they love me. 001223
Quiggz Who's me? Beats... uhm.... me, I guess?
I don't think anyone really knows who they are..... but I do believe that my band is called The Drawstring Shoes..... SHAMELESS PLUG! BTW, I liked that pope song up there....
So did me, whoever that is
the conveyor Me, Me, Me...Is that all you ever fucking think about?!! It is, isn't it? I'll bet you never once thought about how it would ruin *MY* day if you kill yourself. Did you? No! You're such a goddamn worthless, selfish bitch. Get away from me. 010109
La La loves Look at me
Who am I supposed to be?
Look at me
What am I supposed to be?
Look at me
Oh my love
Here I am
What am I supposed to do?
Here I am
What can I do for you?
Here I am
Oh my love
Who are we
Oh my love
Look at me
Oh please look at me my love
Here I am
Oh my love
Who am I?
Nobody knows but me
Who am I?
Nobody else can see
Just you and me
Who are we?
Oh my love

Erin You know Im pretty
You know Im happy
happy happy happy!
You know how I speak
You know how I dress
You think you know everything about me
Well you may think im always happy
You may think you know me so well
I'm deeper than you think I have so much more to tell.
Do you know my dreams my troubles
Do you know where I want to go
That I want to have dinner in NYC
paint a picture, travel, read
Do you know I right poems
That no one understands but me?
Do you I know what your thinking
Since you really have nothing to hide
I feel its better to hide some things
And if you feel the need to share them with someone
And share all of them all the time,
Then you have found your true love...
hoodrat me

just someone
someone with a story like everyone else (see the_beginning)
someone with feelings
someone with fears
someone who wants something else to happen
someone who wants someone to hear

this is what_i_want_to_say_but_can't
me Just spill it already........damn! 010119
moonshine Post-it-note of the bleary past. 010120
inoculatedcities Searching for something I will never find, but the point is the search itself. And that's the double-truth, Ruth! 010201
god don't hit your lamp, ruth 010201
ni-yeev... i dont have words but i have thoughts manifested as words. it comes at the strangest times, or maybe these times are strange and they come at normal times. no. i lost myself. bye for now. 010205
me the epitomy of the gestalt theory. 010208
raechel I know there are others like me.
I know I am not alone.
So why are you so mean? So evil?
Taking away the very things I own.
I know there are others like me.
But I wish there were not.
Too much problems. Too much pain.
Never enough time for thought.
I hate you.
I hate me.
Deputy_Mayor I know how you feel raechel. I feel the same way. I HATE MYSELF!!!!!!!!! I wish i could just die sometimes. 010212
amy i've been confusing myself repeatedly over the past few years. the best way to deal with it is to stay in my own little world. 010226
mikey 28 male in CA. 5'8" shaved head, goatee. earrings i love silver got 4 silver hoops! got my left nipple pierced. 1 tattoo of twin entwined dragons on my upper right arm like a band.

philosophical, intellectual, silly, emotional, hopeless romantic, witty, sarcastic, deep thinker, realist, logical, athletic, poetic
elana if anyone knows, please tell me 010307
nicole me mee meee meeee. Who is me? trying to figure that out still... 010308
nocturnal liz
pob=nola (upt 4 life)
senior superlatives=wittiest girl (only claim to fame)
brutally honest (except w/ myself)
red hair
not the person I make myself seem to be
firehunden i shave my head
i don't smoke
i like animals(not that way pervert)
i don't like slow drivers
i listen to trance
i drink pepsi
i are smart
i am not a 'cutie'
i have blue eyes
i wear baggy blue jeans
i am firehunden

....(that's me)
florescent light I am magic.

I touch people with my heart.
I share with people my silliness.
I wear stickers on my face.
I am introspective.
My beauty shines for you through my eyes.
Nature is my best friend.

I am logical.

I like to swing on swings under the moon.
There is a part of me that is sad.
I am mellow.
I will give you a hug
I don't converse well in crowds.
I like to watch people.
I like to jump up and down on the couch.
I need to spend a lot of time by myself.

I don't fit in.

I am analytical.
I like meeting new people.
I like taking walks.
I like ice cream.
I ask a lot of questions.
I am sincere.
I like getting inside people's heads.
I think a lot.

I strive for knowledge.
I am honest.
I am always left out.
I am openminded.
I must wear colored socks.
I like cranberries.
I have gummi bears sitting on my window sill.
I am unorganized.

I am strong.
I am weak.

I am misunderstood.

I am magic.
for20 Angel is deeper than any ocean

with mirrored walls like a fun house of pain

shattered and broken and fallen to the ground...

and still stands beautiful on the tips of my toes.
for20 Angel i like men with big balls 010324
abms scared 010330
Chrity go to:
Robin If you believe in God
let me go
If you believe in fate
let me go
If you love me
let me go
tassadit and he asked me, "who are you?", to which i replied, "i am who i am-- nothing more and nothing less",
and this was the beginning of the rest of my life.
like rain. my hipbones through my sweater are the only thing i'd like to save.

i wish i was daddy's little dyke who dreamt of the future instead of dwelling on the past.
crissa no characterization (spelling?)
just me. they say they are intimidated. they say i am beautiful. they think i am outgoing, and have great hair. they love my blue eyes, and tell me i'm sweet. they say i have a great body. why can't i see it? all i know is of my fat thighs, skinny hands and overwhelming lonliness to be closer to someone that they say i deserve someone better than. this is me, as far as they can see.
No Words Maybe its just me. Maybe Im selfish and Maybe this is dumb. And, I know its over. I think, maybe, Im just jealous that I never got so much attention....
Dont get me wrong, I dont want you to be upset, ever, like i said, im just being selfish. But when someone hurts....because of someone else...does not the more you hurt and the longer define what they meant to you?
For me the scar is more than skin deep
But for you it was as if I had scratched you with my broken hands with the nails bitten down to the bone.....nothing....
and the worst part...i that even if you read this, even if you know who it was, you wouldnt talk to me about it, it wouldnt phase you, because I am insignificant in your life right now....

SadProfessor I sat there wondering who this was and so distorted was my soul that I didn't recognise my own being. Then I reached out my hand but I moved away from myself. I tried to look inside myself but I wouldn't let me, there were bricks of pain that couldn't be moved as each was perfectly placed and bound by lies. I saw myself dying, as my breath was stolen as I said these words: Forgive me 010510
ladybird I am rain-loving paris-dreaming dizzy wordcunt who drowns in deep eyes 010515
erin eternities are going by until u think of me ,pick up the phone and call ,god damnit!

*I always do this if he doesnt call or does its a test of if he loves me...i am pathetic*
yummychuckle a bisexual bulimic self mutilating loser wannabe punk with nothing better to do than make labels for myself. 010601
nemo someday i'd like to meet this "me" person everyone keeps talking about... 010605
person pick me! pick me!!!!!!!!!!
please pick me......
kingsuperspecial careful what you wish for, kid... 010612
platinumpimp me---its sometimes the hardest thing to believe in. When u know there r billions of other people in the world. if i were to die today, would i have made a differnce? or would the world be the same without me. i would like to think that i have made a small inpact on at least a few lives...but in reality, people will forget no matter who you are 010618
mike me 010618
Sheena well..thats kind of a hard word to talk bout., its who i am. its myself. i believe in myself. maybe not as strongly as some people but enough to keep me going. me..a word thats used to describe myself. a word that i use proudly. a word that we sometimes use without thinking and we can ruin our lives forever. ME---SHEENA!;-) 010618
biomechanoid IS NOT YOU, FUCKER


you all sound so worthwhile

you're all poets and thinkers and the kind of person that i'd like to talk to in the back of a volkswaagen for a night and a half

and you all say that you can't understand yourself

and you all make songs out of your imperfections and lifetimes looking for answers and

i wouldn't know a worthwhile question if it bit me in the ass.

and i'm yelling at you i'm sorry but i can't even label myself creatively much less be the kind of person that can put beauty on a fucking computer screen...
care I do not believe in God, nor will I ever. That is because I never believe in something I cannot see. I have a scientific mind, I am logical. I don't belive in heaven and hell, I belive in me. Me is the most important thing there is. I can always trust in me, I do everything for me. Me is what is here right now. I don't see God anywhere. So, I am left with me. And that is just fine. 010820
Zy me? Don't ask about me. I don't know him. 010918
Zy me? Don't ask about me. I don't know him. 010918
Zy me? Don't ask about me. I don't know him. 010918
Zy me? Don't ask about me. I don't know him. 010918
Zy ah, I relize now that clicking the button four times will result in four posts. I am one step closer to enlightenment. 010920
Euan Why do farmers and things say "me" instead of "my"? Its like "oh no, me turnips" thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard it should be MY turnips or something shoudn't it?

Yeahgwar Me is what I see everything through. 011016
KammeO That which I am. 011106
Mike Me is too limiting a word when we are all apart of the great cosmic energy. Accept we as me and become a step closer to Bog. 011110
Aaron we all have our "things".... i'm a man of being, of religion.. faith.. of sorts... .. and my life.. scares me sometimes... it wouldn't seem to amount to much... in most peoples eyes.... but to me.. its full of fascination and wonder... at ever day.. and night.. my mind.. is a dangerous place... but i have had many many good times.. and they usualy are worth all the problems that i cause myself... life (or what appears to be life) goes on... and i (live?) exist here.... and just keep going.... for i do not know what the future holds... i might see things comming... but i don't know for certin all the little facinations and enjoiments that await me... 011110
piercedjenny Being me makes me like you, and like her, and like him, only more me.
I am more me than I was yesterday, and I'm working up to being a better me tomorrow.
I accept that I am creative and a smartass and smart yet naive. I know that I trust too much when I shouldn't and not enough when I should, that the word me doesn't just encompass me, it defines me.
It's what I say when someone says "you are just too cute" or "wow, your piercings are really sexy". "I'M ME" I used to say I'm Just Me, but then I realized I was devaluing myself.
I am JUST alot of things, but Me isn't one of them.
I'm the best me I know how to be at this moment in time.
h let me show 011118
CJ carlyjo ;- 011123
florescent light (me) 011128
SoUlTEAR Why do these things happen to Me?
Is it just Me they happen to or others too?
It makes Me wonder
Everyone has thier own Me's to worry about
But do they think like Me?
Do they wonder like Me?
Does thier Me look at Me and contemplate what is going on inside Me?
It makes Me wonder
ClairE The only way I know others have described me is as "an angry_quail".

How should I be able to describe the way I am?
bzzmel all by myself 011206
Toxic_Kisses Me is a word I find quite hard to say for some reason, I honestly don't know why but I'd prefer much more to say you, your, she, her, them, they, him and he than ever to say me.. 011231
peace writer me. is that singular or plural? what else is there? me, i could gossip about you but if i did that it would simply be telling you about me. gossip is my observation of me and how i would see or do things. often i do not have the courage to do so i point to the other who does. the other looks better than me so i must get you to see me different so i gossip. it is all about me. 020208
girl_jane air...thirsty 020208
talkfast a word i use far too much in my head. most of us aren't selfish on the outside, don't talk about ourself all of the time, but in our heads nothing else matters. Or is it just me? 020226
blasco I just can't help me 020226
sp0rkf00 I'm 25. I'm from New Orleans. I'm scared to grow up. I'm scared to look around long enough to realize that I -have- grown up. I'm a graphic designer. I can say that now without it mostly being a lie, finally! I have a cat, Kibby, who I really wanted to name Walter, but the Little Boy wouldn't let me. I love documentaries and lately all I've been listening to is The Smiths. I want to make a Columbia costume one of these days. You know, the little tap dancing outfit she wears in the Time Warp scene? I have no idea where I'd wear it, but I think it'd be fun. If I could have anything in the world, I'd want a big old house in the Garden District, full of ghosts and memories for my mom to live in. Well, that or some sort of musical talent. Or several billion dollars. Or omniscience. I have this strange rockabilly fixation, but I'm too geeky to wear it well. I think most people see me as a total freak. Which I'm not. I love my family. My favorite dogs are terriers. Particuarly Schnauzers. I really want a puppy. But I'm scared to ask the Roommate. I'm scared to drive. Even still. And I do it badly. I'm pierced. I know how to say really foul things in Japanese. My favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese, and no one makes it better than my Sister. She also makes a superb Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I try to not let anyone know that I can speak French, because I'm insecure about my verb conjugation. My IQ is 172, but I really know that I'm a moron most of the time. I can make a mean Shrimp and Sizzling Rice Soup. I am uncomfortable with my sexuality. I know all the words to the movie Great Balls Of Fire! I really want to go back to school. I wish I could communicate in a way that people could understand me better. I learned to read when I was 2. I didn't walk until 2.5. I'm left handed. My left lung doesn't work. My right foot is on wrong. I have asthma. and sometimes when I'm under considerable amounts of stress, the left side of my face doesn't work. My body sometimes seems like its my worst enemy. All I really want is a partner in crime, someone to take over the world with, and make it an adventure. I believe in love. On Christmas morning, I still believe in Santa. I wish I could find some flavor of religion that makes sense to me. I like to bake bread. I paint. I prefer Jan to Marsha. Macs to PC's. Mary Ann over Ginger. Elvis to the Beatles, however my favorite Beatle was George. I love show tunes. I own a Mac G4. I drive a Chevy S-10 Pickup. I wish it wasn't the cheesy beige-silver color it is, but whatcha gonna do. My youngest sister is my Hero. I wish I was as beautiful as she is, inside and out. I wear too much black. I prefer clunky shoes. My favorite sport is Sumo. The last book I read was "Weird Like Us" by Ann Powers. The last movie I saw was Harry Potter. I like who I am. I think I'm happy.

I'm beginning to think I'm not such a failure after all.
yummyC not who i said i was 020302
Webley "Me" meaning "You" when perceived by "You" as coming from "Me" 020506
phil I guess everyone eventually finds themeself somewhere in a song lyric
this is mine
Country Sad Ballad Man - by Blur
Mahayana in NY doe and rae aint got nothing on me 020512
Erin Have I ever been abnormal
Or extroidinary to one
Remained steady in someones mind
As an unusual human being
Or an average everday adolescent
That passes them each and every day
Numerous identities to signify only me
Run through the minds of each encounter
I have unwillingly become in contact with
To some I could linger in the wings
Of their brainwashed automatic minds
To others I might be the entrance to their true selves
Helping them attack the kidnappers of their real feelings
Reaching out and catching them before they fall
To some I am just another nobody
Yet to the others I am considered somebody
Never will I be able
To decipher between the two
Since I choose not to know
Those who will never know me
jane someone once called me
nightmare hippie girl

i don't really feel like that's me
PEACELOVESHEEP wouldent it be great if i were two people? i'd be my best friend. I mean, i like all the same movies as me, and all the same music... wow. now THAT would be cool. 020628
PEACELOVESHEEP wouldnt it be great if i were two people? i'd be my best friend. I mean, i like all the same movies as me, and all the same music... wow. now THAT would be cool. 020628
brett self. aware? loser. outsider, lone wolf perhaps. is that what i am, or what i want? a "skater" that can't. paradigm. false image of happiness, quite believable. well, am i? yesterday, embarrassed, but vaguely, until the end when i was alone in my bed. poet, but, unfortunately, i know i'm not. boring life in retrospect. only permanent thing from the last six months is that I am now six months older than I was when it started. 020703
Casey This is me. It's all I'm losing. 020703
blaber mouth ME im all most gone but im still here here with me here for a reason here for a purpose here for a feeling waitng for a reason! 020709
good people yesterday, i found myself eating some mushrooms and smoking lots of pot. as i was babbling about some sort of swamp-creature, i realized i was only fifteen. how the fuck? fifteen. and smoking kb and eating shrooms. when did shit like this start happening? when i was in third grade, i knew i would never smoke. now i smoke weed almost every day. i knew i would never do drugs. now i do shrooms whenever i can.

shit gets fucked up fast. next year, i will be a junior in high school. fuck. i grew up. i am no longer little alex, i am some guy.
phil "Everything's coming up Millhouse"

"Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich"
phil "Malkovich?" 020709
punkrockchick17 being john malkovich, i watch that movie too. it's great isn't it. just like magnolia.

me is me i am i and you are you. but when i change the way you are, am i still me or just you.
Boymansonbowie "me" is someone i wish i could be and still have him love me, instead of having to lie and supress things. i am so tired. 020807
J the leprechaun says, "suck ME dick" 020826
hello me is very confused but ich habe keine lebensmittelvergiftung. 020830
me Anne loved.
She was a creation
But not even she
Could tell exactly what kind
She was stranded in the
Middle of a huge crowd
Of fighters and dreamers
And vain hope and dry desperation
Of struggle and desire
And downfall and death
Anne tried to help
As she was able
And had a few fall in
Love with her, love
That yearned for
Something to resolve,
To live for
Because what they
Couldn't touch would
Never suffice.
Something to live for
because their individual
selves could never suffice.
They had already lost what they
knew of themselves to
Other greedy and wandering souls,
Anne could try to restore
Them, but she would lose
Little pieces of herself
Along the way
Anne could try to pacify
And put the ones
Who loved her back together
But she would die a little
If she did
The difference was that
She knew that what
She couldn't touch would
Always suffice.
So it was all equal
And we all lived
Happily ever after.
God I am that I am. 020926
Liz the thunder herein
my battle alone
against this fear
I never have shown

I feel you near
but I am so cold
I feel like stone
I feel so old

so close they are
I fear to stay
as they come close
I run away

so please forgive
if I fear to speak
but this is just me
and I feel so weak
mE Here's a way to sick someone out...I can't wait for you to contemplate this.
You are a cannibal. The body of a king can be consumed by a begger. Worms eat the dead king, worms are caught and strung on a fishing line to catch is caught, you eat the eat the king. Yum
didnt-make-it-anyway well, it just sucks to be me, im a person that "really has deeeep thoughs" maybe because i shout up all the times i want to say something to you, i think you found something interesting on my pain, because you know damn well what i feel for you.
so.- mike. i love you.. and i hate you when you fuck me with aaaall of your crushes that pass me through like if i were invisible, and i am to you. iknow .. not enought pretty,not enought fun to smoke pot all the time, you want me to spare time when you dont want to say "too much" with your friends. but fuck that shit!! i do that everytime with the rest of the people i dont care about, so fuck you because of your untouchable heart, and fuck me.. because i still love you.
hell. (thank god for not saying this to you)
you two even adopted myself i believe it to be the best thing in the world and i my self would love to adopt when i'm older. any child deserves better than hell on wheels! but its your choice save a child or have one its not all grace and beauty! 021114
Steph*A*Knee Label Me Steph*A*Knee.... since that is my name 021115
you me i an interesting thing. what if me were to do a thing or two? would it be any diferent then it would if I did it? 021121
me theres lots of cool people on here. im not one of them. but im still pretty happy with me. and theres about 10 people on here who sign their blathes with me. ha, and im one of them. 021201

Windows ME.
ME is just as a monopoly as all of the other entertaining and/or workaholic bearing programs.

No, Don't die! ME!!!!!!
angie i want to be me
so i can be free
oh please let me be
then maybe you'll see
nosotros means we
i like to drink tea
my life suddenly
fell into the sea
i ate a small pea
and counted to three
my doggy went pee
i can't pay a fee
you are a he
i am a she
that is the key
now get on one knee
i golf with a tee
oh come all of ye
Rhin smile through tears
walk on the breeze
gather my roses
and sing to me

kill the last tiger
kneel on the ice
feel my silence
and talk to me

show me your soul
dance when i say
give me your warmth
just be with me
me Empty soulless and meaningless what else is there? 030109
venus it's all about me. 030211
me can ya help me
can ya help me
look into these eyes and tell me
can ya help me
can ya help me
cause i don't wanna live today
I woke up this mornin'
to the sky above
didn't wanna get out of my bed
when I was dreamin
I was so in love
so in love I wished
that I was dead
is there somethin' worth livin' for today?
~Ape Hanger- I Don't Wanna Live Today
megan i'm a little bit...
maybe because i sit indian style in skirts,
or because i feel lonely a lot.
maybe because when you hug me, i see stars,
and because i feel small when you look at me.
when i walk down the street, i'm afraid people will watch,
and they'll see me trip and fall,
and bust myself.
because you loved me, i am the way i am.
mo me mo me mo me mo me mo 030222
niska going to find me. sorry, but you can't come this time. 030301
pipedream a big bunch of tangled wires...some know exactly where to go, some wander, some shine in solitary randomness.
sunshine, shadows, and chocolate chip cookie recipes on a chocolate stained, eggy-finger smudged, much-loved piece of paper.
i like me; crazy notions, socialist leanings, flyaways, bobbled sandals, shitty math and all
RossQ don't call me baby. 030314
me who is me
what is me doing here
prz why not? 030414
eyedream why not? because madison avenue reserved that right. could any of you possibly fall in love with me? 030507
god jesus thinks i'm a jerk 030529
drunk with rum and lonely lovely confusion Do you understand what you're doing to me? Do you have any idea? You're killing me inside...every time we talk, it's just simple conversation. We talk about anything and everything that has absolutely no depth, no substance. Can we not talk about our feelings anymore? Can we not have feelings anymore?? Well I do, I have feelings and they're pouring out of me all the time. Screaming to get out. Feelings of fear, loneliness, hatred, love, pain, intense pain. I miss you. Do you understand that? And do you understand that you're not the only one who was hurt? You were killing me...she was killing were killing me through her. Did you think I wouldn't figure it out? You talked about her all the time. You talked to her all the time...more than you talked to me almost, and she was a few hours away. Did you think I wouldn't notice when you started acting differently? Did you think I'd just sit there and take it, be the nice person I'm supposed to be? Well I'm not that person anymore. I'm sick of being that person. I'm ME! I'm whoever the fuck I want to be! I can do whatever I want, be whoever I want. Isn't that why I went to college? Isn't that why I got out of this stupid town? So now I am year I'm going to do whatever I want, with no worries. I don't have anyone, or anything, holding me back anymore...except that I still wish you understood, but I guess that's up to you. 030604
Fire&Roses I thought I'd try to describe my self who I am where I come from wha ti'm about.

But I don't know...

I'm not beautiful, not pretty, not even attractive really. Perhaps my body is desirable, slim and tan, I've got elegant cheek bones and soft lovely eyes of a slightly greenish blue color, my nose is huge... the mount everest of noses and I have gargantuan pores. My lips are often smiling but just as often slack as my eyes glaze... I am a dreamer... I'm rather short and my hair is neihter sleek nor elegant, but a thick once blonde color. my name means princess, but more often I am the tomboy a rough and ready person who takes life as it comes usually with a smile, but sometimes with a raised fist. I'll try anything once... I don't scare easy I do love easy though. I know within minutes of meeting you weather i like you or not... I'm dazed and confused but i usually manage to muddle htrough it... I love well and i hate well... I am just me...
Princess Lola

shoupy ME ME ME ME . It's all about ME. It's my party and none of you are invited. Hey you are you still there no don't go I'm talking about ME. You've had your turn. I am the reincarnation of the eternal ME. The most ME. ME in excelsis. at the right hand of god who is me and I'll gladly fuck you all in order to assert my meness.ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME EME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. 030730
Sarah I am a very tired person. I wish I could go to sleep. 030817
Rakeri me too 030817
shoccolo i am a very bored person.

i wish someone - anyone - would show me his value as a person.

but i keep throwing the someones away. none of them are what i really want. when will i deide he's important to me?
TheMarrymeGirl me has words but
me cant get them out
me wants to skip the next few years
me wants to get married but he hasnt asked
me yet
me tries to be chilled but
me fails all the time
me likes baked potatoes and
me doesnt like me sister
Spare Change Everything I am, all the good, all the bad, the cards and the poetry, the laughter and the understanding, the anger and the violent rage, the apathy and unsympathetic words, will always be together. I have tried to evolve, to change to become better that I might be good but even the Yin has a bit of the good in it and likewise the Yang has a bit of darkness in it. So you see my evil is not so great that it drowns out the light, but my good is not so much that it smothers the dark. I am one and whole, the Yin and the Yang. Good and Evil, Everything. 030904
Ni who i am
i am me
yet to you, you are also me
'me a name i call myself'
i am Niß yet someone else has that name too
they are not me, they are their own me
i almost feel offended that i am not the only me
i feel as though my individuality, my identity, has been stolen
somone has taken me
but they cannot
for i am my own me
good or evil, happy angry or sad or perhaps all of those at once
i am still me
a name is just a label, a way to help identify a complex structure
as is 'me'
jewelZ Cuz i realized i got
Me myself and i
That's all i got in the end
That's what i found out
And it ain't no need to cry
I took a vow that from now on
I'm gonna be my own best friend
beyonce knowles - me, myself and I
pipedream such a small word, and yet becomes the biggest..fades away, melds with another me sometimes, turns into a granite post sometimes.. 030927
once again They say I have a high IQ and that I scored well on my S.A.T.s, it is my genius that I am not smart. They say I have a great body, well built and shapely, it is my allure that I am not beautiful. They have said I was shy, that I talk too much. I have been called a "liar" and it has been said she is "too honest" They have said she is as a child and carries herself so maturely. They have boxed me and bagged me and to each his own slot. Thay have tried to own these parts of me, by passion, or artifice, or some other trickery of the flesh. They do not comprehend; however, that all these things are one. To say that I am pleasant is to ignore my anger. And to deny my deceitfulness is seeing only what I present. When they said she is kind and loyal and well mannered they were wrong only in that they left out that I am also cruel and unreliable and impertinent. I know the truth, that I am what they say, and also that which they ignore. I am more then they percieve. 030927
pipedream fantastic, once again. wonderfully put and you manage to escape the curse of the rambling listen-to-me tedium of many people who talk about themselves.
reue i walk through my life
i think about how other people act
what other people do
how independent they are
i keep thinking
i have to grab at something i love
something that i want
can't just let life float away
what are you when you don't have anything?
but what are you when all you are is that other thing?
clinging onto what you believe can and can't be
if you have nothing, you are nothing
if you have something, your still nothing yet...
i wish i could understand
tell me i'm wrong
please tell me i'm wrong
i want help
but if i take it, am i not strong enough myself?
i dread that
i dread not being able to put things back together myself
i try to remind myself... as the pieces fall it makes a new picture
but sometimes i feel that its just so ugly... so distained
i know the picture won't look right until its done
still sometimes i'm so afraid
i'm afraid of what it could be
am i walking down the right path?
you can't just turn around at deadend streets
i just want to know
aswell... i know i can't
feel so helpless...
i want to be independent like all those other people
i'm afraid i'd be alone
where am i?
cuyler what is it? AHHHHHHHHHHHH... hello? hi. what was that? the clouds. the make noise. these ones do. 031029
wiat and c i'll be back 031123
wiat and c i'll be back 031123
nomatter I am who I am and I'm content with that. I wear bug repellent everyday because I am afriad of West Nile virus. Guys that always seem so wrong for me seem to fall for me. I want my lip pierced more than anyone can understand. I like to spend time to myself. I don't have many friends, but the few I have make up for it. I believe in fat, love at first sight, and astrology. I hid my emotions much too often. I enjoy mindless television. I am not fashionable. I hope to be sucessfull in whatever I chose to do with my life. I can't wait to find "Mr. right" get married and have babies. I wish I were more trusting and not so damned cautious. I wish I could live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow. I feel awkward and clumsy most of the time. Christopher makes me feel like a million dollars. I want a tattoo on my foot. I enjoy learning. My family used to be important to me, but it all seems to have gone to hell. I love to laugh and smile. I can bend press my own weight. My hair naturally curls out, all the time. I like to wear long sleeves and dark colors all year round. I hate the winde but love windchimes. I love to look at pictures, no matter who they are of. I love flip flops. I love to travel. Cherry wood makes me happy. Candles incense and piano music makes me feel at ease. I wish people had more appreciation for poetry. I hope I never disappoint anyone. I love the feeling of infatuation. I enjoy make up. I drink too much peppermint tea. I wish I lived on the coast. I will never like cheerleaders. I love my scars. I am easily scared. I hope to travel to Florence in the near future. My bedroom is my haven. I could live off bread. I am a cat person. Nothing is wrong, shouldn't I be happy? 031125
IZID You, I, a pickeled penis pie.... 031202
GOD isn't it just oh too selfish to be thinking about me without considering, adding, putting in, you. isn't it a bit too much to just include myself and exclude the rest of you? i guess my greed will be my demise 031214
reckless poet hide me
envelope me
don't look at me
i'm invisible
just erase me
must i exist?
disappear from all record of time
tragic thoughts
hopeless ways
no way out
stuck in place
no where to go
nothing to fear
just shame in every form
every place
every minute
to get out
go away
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
cheetah what the hell is a pickeled penis pie!?? 031223
MeKoy lost soul
to slow
hate snow
don't know
just lost
not reall
so still
cant break
must take
music lover
brother sluger
mom domt love her
sister shit only thing i have

maybe some day a mother
no noway
cant be
never well be
cant you see
i hate me
want to end me
send me a note telling me to let go
im to slow
not fat
nor black
not even a hunct back
witchcraft but not black
hideing from my past
this life wont last
but why do i want to end
i hate me but
yet i still love me too
no not at all
lets be for reall
i want to lie hear still
always still
never to fell again
im going to make this all end
but why
why do i think i have to end me?
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl there isnt a me
me me me me me me me me me me me
i don't have a me
why not?
i don't know me
who is this 'me'?
will i ever know?
can i ever be 'me' without you?
do i want to be 'me'?
who is that person i am emulating?


i can't be myself
i end up being 'me'
people think they know 'me'
but they know nothing at all
i am whoever they think i am
and being 'me' is lying
to myself and to them


i dont know who i am
am i 'me'?
am i someone else?
am i?
do i even exist?
or am i somewhere else?
is this real?
when will i know?
is this part of being 'me'?
i'll never know
because everyone has a 'me'
different people
different 'me's
what is happening to
am i insane?
if i had split personalities
there would be more me's
i would hate that
i can't even stand one 'me'

you know?

maybe i should stop lying to myself
but whats the truth
and whats the lies?
i cant tell any more
there isnt a real me
because i am a lie
when i think of what makes up me
i cant
i always think of what i should say
what you would say in class
but thats not me
you wouldnt say it was you
i dont have an identity
i have a name
a body
a soul?
but no me
no person
no connection between the body and mind
i drift
and fall
into myself
and think


why wasnt i born someone else?
maybe i was
maybe i was supposed to be someone else
maybe i was changed
maybe not
will anyone ever know the real me?

i don't know.

MeKoy Goth girl all of that is so true. 031229
cheetah Eat 040103
Sonja As self pither and wiggling all the turned up daisies to topple. Minger and prather in junction with the the mountains. Seen under toe. Foot meadowed. Loorned and floated to see the resemblances. 040110
young pretender everyone has me. *prods in chest* that one. that's the 'me'. 'me' is shaped by everything around you - parents, friends, experiences. 'me' is who you think it is.
insecure goth girl - being insecure is part of your 'me'. being a goth is part of your 'me'. and yep, you guessed it, being a girl is part of your 'me'.

people only know as much of your 'me' as you let them see. but everyone keeps a part of their 'me' to themselves. it's a universal secret.

the centre of your being. the core. the base. everything else is just added on, like a sculpture. i am making sense? the ideas are a little foggy to 'me'.

things are as real as you make them. i'm still looking for a way.
maybe i'm lying.
i don't know.
but it works for me.

i'm sure i'm not making sense now. half-formed ideas...i'm sorry for wasting space.

we're all here for a reason. here on blather, here in the world. looking for answers.

we're all meant to be. if we were any other way, we'd be a different me.

i'm gonna stop now. if anyone understands half of this, i'd be surprised. but grateful. this is me.
minnesota_chris I see more about people than they want. I try not to show it off, though, it horrifies people. 040118
neesh young pretender, you're stunningly insightful for a fourteen year old, certainly not "wasting space". and half-formed ideas are a pretty good start, since trying to fully form important ideas could take a lifetime.

but i think "me" is innate and natural, not formed by experiences, and i would think that all experience and outside influence is the extra, the added on part. i also think that our innate selves aren't changeable, but that anything externally influenced or created is, with enough effort.

and i agree with what you've written elsewhere, that people are not unique. i've met three "me"'s; though we've all lived differently, we're fundamentally the same, we understand each other as well as we understand ourselves (and sometimes better).

wishes they weren't so far away
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl young pretender, thank you very much, i thought that nobody understood.
what you said did make sense, and i don't think that it was a waste of space.
i know i'm late replying to this but i just saw it and had to say something.

thanks for taking the time to read what i said, and i felt that i had to repay the favour, after you took the trouble to say your words.

me is feeling a bit happier, lol.
ice me doesnt feel good about me
me is not acceptable to me
me is a shame to me
i wish i could change me
but the thing is
me is so damn strong inside
even me cant break me
i wish me had a little feeling
its all gone
me is numb
me wishes it was dead
whats the point of living when
you are traped by yourself
minnesota_chris isn't it fun to pretend that you can't control yourself, that you are just doomed to failure? Doesn't that make life so much easier? I mean, you could just sit around in bed eating chocolate all day, because hey! You're a failure! 040124
Ida When i look at people there smiles fade away.....when i look in the mirror i see a minor shadow.... will things ever change? wlll my emotions fade? Will i reapear like i once felt before......or am i found? how i wonder..... how i dream.... of the day when i had fiends who treated me as though i werent around like a invisable streak of grey......Or maybe they weren't friends at all and just appeard to say they liked me.....when really they lie staright to my make me feel like i belong but made me feel worse as though i was fake, living a whole life built on lies....sadness and tears faded emotions.... i broke free to beleive what i beleive....feel what i feel now i base my life on how i feel and think....Im Finally Free... 040125
Ozh me is like you, but the other one 040130
Fierce I hate myself. 040203
her royal highness the quirk take me! take me! 040315
ice i read a response to my blathe yeah somewhat failure more of a screwed mind 040412
ice but i guess right im in one of those moods when just about anything pisses me off 040412
Some guy from the record comp. ... hi all? (no one EVER says hi....)


myself nothing but nada 040421
myself nothing but nada 040421
myself nothing but nada 040421
sibelius he wants to scape, she looks like Margaret the Rat, the holy baby is getting me mad. 040524
naive artist If this is your topic, it must be rather self-obsessed. But I gues it's my topic as well. 040617
dhanan a creature filled to the every reach with energy and emotion. from love to despise, creation and life inside a kind cage of gentle skin and fragile bones 040725
love & hate me... something i do not wish to be and have wished with everything inside of me that i could change, perhaps be someone else. Live another life as mine is too far gone to be able to recover. I have failed, i have failed at this miserable life, existance which we must go through. Take me, whoever or whatever is out there, take me please for i have no will to live yet others deserve so much more and a second chance. I do not want what has been given to me, take it from me and give it to another who will appreciate more than i ever could. Please wont you take me away, whoever you are.... take me. 040725
datkeedfrmdefinyard i'm still trying to find it 041011
skimmer . 041012
skimmer . 041012
[~SLAYER~] I am me and that is all that matters. 041212
nighean_siofra i want you to be with me
right now

and always

me again I feel so depressed and i have no reason. I am a computer scientist and perhaps the last years i have overdone it.I know i have no fucking reason to be depressed but deep inside me i know i have fucked up my life. It gets closer to the point that the computer becomes my only friend. I cannot do anything about it. I continusously fall deep inside into me and push away my friends. I strive for happiness and try to find it inside virtuality ... If this goes on i 'll end up really screwed up. I hope i can find the strength to be a human again. I am psychologically addicted to binary. I want to cry now oh i wanna cry so much i feel so lonely ... 050118
sepia me again I feel what you feel, except I immerse myself in literature. Sometimes I feel isolated but it helps to know that I connect with the world on a divergentlevel, and that's not wrong, just different. What helped me regain a personal connection to reality was activism. 050205
colman and you forever 050313
trox me is a continual mystery me feels like me is conected to all like all of earth is one being 050411
me holly 050605
Asylum Bound Does anyone get me? 050606
DIFFERENTIAL Depression is a result often of bad diet (not enough raw food) and unknown dehydration. Modern Western man needs at least eight (yes, eight, the cliche number is true) glasses of water to even strengthen the immune system above a poor (that is, average) level. Fast food is a great culpret in causing unexplainable depressions, as are computer excesses themselves (Man was made to live naked and walk half the day, modern man lacks vitamin-D from the sun and sits half the day!).

Order from bookstore: "The Sunfood Diet Success System" by David Wolfe. see also hope that right!
mat matt halen from howell new jersey
email me if you know me.
matthewhalen @
ninecat you
wont forget about me
as long as you live
marjorie i wander
a lot
the beauty is in the sin
the costly price
the price i pay
to save face
to save you

i'll send you a postcard
you know i will
it's just so hard to remember
so hard to exist
troxx help only no im lost help 060201
ANSwer833.33 For it to work, you have to brake an egg. And that means you. 060502
Random Think I'm not so sure who I am, but so long as I have my food_money, I'm happy. 060711
Random Think I am me. I am me. I think therefore I am.
So long as I have my food_money, I'm happy.
hmmrrrr dissumulate forever 060927
Bam Laden Against Me! 061107
lalalala...not listening The only subject. 061116
QuietChaos One can confine,
One can set free.
One can't define,
What is truely me.
flakes like butter this is not me.
i don't go to therapy. i don't have a church i regularly attend.
this is not me.
me is a mother. me is the ex wife that never calls. me is the daughter that needs a hug.
that was me.
me is the clerk that makes fun of you. me is the student with straight A's that doesn't get it. me is the coworker that doesn't measure up to standard.
this is me.
me is the neighbor you want to have over for a bar-b-que. me is listening too much and hearing too late.
that was me.
. it's called the past. 070323
. it's called the past. 070323
hmmmm History is history, if its crap then don't hold onto it, keep the best of everything the good memories and the experience. I just worry because i know some things might never change, how do i stop the worry that is all i want to know. 070902
Asylum Bound Did you fall in love with me, or the idea of me. 070906
one of many In the end, I'll be what I will be.

Deal with it.
self I kinda hate me 071231
hsg me be i am juSTARipple of someone who understands things better than i. 080114
anythingbutcryptic basically: I FEEL.
-the way i feel
-when i feel
-how i feel
-what ive felt
-what i feel about
the way when you keep on saying feel it loses its meaning and starts to sound like a type of fish, maybe because it rhymes with seel. oh, i mean seal.
aji I remain unread like the "i" and many "i"s which many eyes see blindly 080820
iPsycho haven't beaten around the bush in almost a decade... this might be fun. 120123
Phil Came here to talk about finding myself and found this Phil person identified with these song lyrics. I have never heard the song but I too identify with them. It is strange but it is not unusual.

Country Sad Ballad Man by Blur

Yeah I found nowhere
It got to know me
Let me sleep all day
Spent the money
I haven't felt my legs
Since the summer
And I don't call my friends
Forgot the numbers

VIP 223
Have my chances
They have me
Now stay up nights
Watch TV
I'm a country sad
I'm a ballad man

I'm on a come back roll
Yeah I'm a bizzard
And in my motor home
Sweat on my pillow all night
R15EN I am getting to know me again. Who am I, myself, who am I when she is no longer here? Who am I when my compass no longer has a magnetic pole?

Or maybe it is just that we do unto others as we have had done unto us. She was told by others that who she was wasn't good enough. So she changed herself. Sanded herself down to fit.

I did the same. I was too terrified of losing her love that I couldn't bear to do anything she might not like. It was like living on a knife edge. She does it every day. I do not envy her.

I am just... so tired. I am trying to remember who I am. To find who I am. To write a new future for myself.

The irony is that if things had been different, we both would have found ourselves, but the past and the present and fear of the future.... It's pointless to even think about it.

I miss the love. I miss the support. But I'm forgetting it a little more every day.
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