vicious how
mott man sweet child in time living in the deep purple experience of sonic density... pass the boone's farm, please 000120
old hick I was a child once. I grew out of it. 000127
Matthew Overgrown in this body with its extra parts and paltry civility that has been stuck on by the sediment of the stream of life. I watch the people go by and act as tall as I can but inside Im a child crying and screaming to have the needs I so desperately want fulfilled. 000621
Shae It felt like my insides were being pulled out. It felt like a peice of me was being removed. It felt like someone had walked over my grave. And when it was over, the doctor asked if I wanted a lollipop. Like I was some little girl, and not a woman who had aborted her first child. 000827
syn I was a cute child. Long blond hair.. cute little smile... chubby little cheeks complete with dimples. I was skinny too! I shared my toys and liked school lunches...
So, now I'm an "adult" all different looking... well the stupid cheeks are still there... I hate it when people pinch them. I'm not 3 anymore.
Mlle Avril Child = honesty. 001223
Angel be respectful and caring to your child, as she/he will do the same to others. Pay attention to your child. 001229
babybat just a child he thought he could play with,
his backup plan if the other didn't work out.
the angel over your shoulder als das kind, kind war...
(when the child was a child)
Trix children are crunchy. 010102
meara I'm still a child. People tell me to grow up, but I don't listen to them. When you're young, it's so easy to have easy to view the world with easy to be untainted in thought and easy to appreciate small things...and I don't want any of that to change. I can be a child and still be responsible and mature. Once you cross the line into adulthood, there is no going back. You learn "that carnal knowledge that's chipping away at my soul." I realize that, so I haven't crossed it. I want to stay on this side, where I can be safe and happy, have simple faith and an untainted soul. Children are like that, because they know that the dark side of the world exists, but they know nothing about it. What you don't know can't hurt you... 010102
trazlo a relm of innocence attained once again as i play zoo animals with trillian.
she lives in my head and hasn't grown since i was 12
Mana i had a child once...
i had three

had i not been so young
and so foolish

maybe they would have lived...
maybe they would have friends
and walk through parks with flowing hair and bright eyes and live with the confidence of youth.

maybe they would not have been sucked out of my womb by a
im nobody who r u r u nobody 2 ? Man, Meara, you didn't realize how hard it would be, did you? I used to know you, but I'm not even sure if I do anymore. They say "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Yeeeaaahhh right. Well sort of. Whoops. Download is complete...must go... 010730
Kati i often wish i was a little girl again.
although life was unexciting and uneventful, that made it comforting. as a little girl my life was complete. i felt fulfilled and didn't have the constant urge to go further and move on, as i do now. as a little girl my world was concise, it was safe. my world has now extended to universal limits and is scarier than ever. i want to be a little girl again; where the highlight of my day is catching the ice cream truck, and the worst part is dropping my popsicle on the sidewalk.
89x A child at play is noisy and ought to be noisy.

A child is a noisy little animal with an insatiable appetite for noise.

A child is a nuisance to a grown up person.
nameless oh we oh sweet child of mine 020223
coral carrying a child is the most mystical experience i can ever think of 020502
pontifier ...until you
drop it on it's
head. Then what
is it? Not mystical,
I'll tell you
that much.
theonegodforgot cant you remember it? being a child was the best thing, you had no worries, no knowledge of the terrible things going on everywhere else. you had so many dreams, you were gonna be what ever you wanted to be. you were counting the days until you were all grown up, only to find out that when you got there, you wish you were back where you started. and the only way i think i can gain that back is to have a child of my own. one day, maybe, one day 030202
Syrope i asked him if he'd pay for my abortion if i ever got pregnant, and he said he would, which surprised me because he said it so easily and fluidly as he thrust his hips to mine...

i really don't want kids.
no one should put something as volatile as a child in my care for longer than a week at a time.
scorpion heart i'm the child you see left behind in the department store-
my tears dripping down my wet face into my purple sweatshirt.
eyes wide, i search for somebody i recognize, someone that will put my hand in theirs.
im so lost.
. i wish i was one again 040118
. i wish i was one again cuz i feel jipped. i want to be small again. i want to be held and comforted. not yelled at unmercifully. 040118
xyz i was never too fond of being a child. 040118
oldspeak a child is evolution before our eyes, children are the one true way to change a society...and the only thing we can ask of them, is that they dream 040202
her royal highness the quirk as soon as i walk in the door, nine of my nineteen years are washed away like dirt from a cut. 040313
...AntiqueClocks... Am I one? Its hard to say.... When your in the middle.... All I know is I'm NOT an adult. 040313
Pinknana He has been the light in my dark
I would never give him up
he changed my life for nothing but the better..
he has made everything new again
I feel life where there hasn't been any for years..
nonlucid i feel like one sometimes, but realise that i no longer go outside to play, and can't be anymore

and neither an adult, implying maturity, merely in the in-between stage which causes confusion in all who go through it, each thinking that this feeling is unique to them, perhaps one day seeing it's_all_been_done_before

but children have no worries (beyond they want a cookie) and childhood is idealised, tears are dismissed as transient, but it's soon forgotten that it really, really, sucks when you want to go the park and everyone else has better things to do than go play in the sand

and then kids are forced to spend summers learning, trying to get a head start, be better than the other kids

more important?
nonlucid but i don't remember being a child, i realise

remember it happened
an event here and there
don't remember what it felt like
don't remember what anything felt like beyond the recent past
maybe it never really happened
and i'm just a robot, with implanted memories
wheres Jimmy ? wheres my favorate daddy gone ? 070505
LoverOfLight You are a child
But also a creature
A mix of woman and childlike wonderment

*he taps his finger on the tip of my nose similar to the man on the shark week documentary who put the great white to sleep by pushing down on it's nose*
no reason i don't have any desire to have one (at least not right now) but i wonder what it would be like to have such a strong and permanent distraction from everything else 100210
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