I can't hold onto my thoughts for very long before I have to let go and move onto a new one. Is it that I have a short attention span or could I possibly just be a very rapid thinker?
anonymous coward Where am I going? The cycle continues and I cannot escape it any more than I can find myself inside it. It goes rushing by and leaves me, but it is I who am transient, and the cycle that remains. 000731
grendelus diabolicus outside the bank, before i walked in, the homeless man stood, dirt on his hands and a slight smudge across his face.

i saw the distracted look of someone beset by hunger and plagued by the oppressive heat of this city in the desert in high summer

having been an addict, i knew the difference and when he asked me, with shame in his eyes, if i could spare some change so he could try and get something to eat, i peeled the last five bucks i had in my pocket before i cashed my check and handed it to him

his eyes lit up like a child on christmas and he said "God bless you" as he headed for the cheap little diner across the street

under my breath, i said, "he could if he wanted, but he won't 'cause we're not on speaking terms"

after cashing my check and climbing back into the truck, my brother half-jokingly said to me, "hey, you never know, that could have been Jesus"

I said, "naah, jesus saves...this guy didn't have anything left"
The Glyph i have words. they start. they end. they do things i don't expect. mostly though, i run in circles looking for the beginning. i think i've found it. french toast. 011016
Arn I wanna pick up a transient and disect them. 021012
K@T in the H@T prince inert
not above

just isolated

transient creation
quite intangible


symbol voodoo:
a conduit

love is the

a pageant
of identity

seeping strangely
broken models limp
- you missed it

feelings connect
wizard canals

telescopes uncanny
are just yours

not dressed

is that
the cavern?
what's it to you?
who go