jennifer I remember sitting in my 8th grade biology class and being so afraid the teacher would call on me to say a passage in the book that had this word in it, and I would mis-pronounce it 000113
geega In the eighth grade, a friend of mine was answering a question and said "orgasm" by mistake. 000114
old hick My debate coach once scolded me for saying "If I don't stop masticating, I'll have an organism". Years later I found out that she was into some pretty kinky sex. I'm talking ropes, chains, videos, lubes, costumes - the whole works. Go figure. 000122
nameless I remember this singer that sang "come and join the mass debate" and I thought he said "come and join the masturbate" well you know how singers can get really crazy and it makes everything possible anyways I don't think it has anything to do with organism. and I actually think this song could be better if he said what I thought he said 000304
lasthought yes, that was me in your 8th grade biology class. i said orgasm *turns bright red*

and everyone laughed at me
other never forget

all you are is a bunch of cells
that figured it'd be a good idea
to hang out together
avoid being eaten
dries&hardens a system of organs, which doesn't fundamentally hold true for say, a unicellular bacteria which lacks organs all together

i've blown my biological mind
z organelles 060122
emmi a woman in one of my classes actually did mis-pronounce it and quickly corrected herself. but everyone including her seemed to just ignore it. it was really bizarre. perhaps i misheard it... 060123
what's it to you?
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